2022-05-19-On Solitude

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Topic: On Solitude

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Solitude. Solitude is the place where the two of you [yourself and your Interior Guide] are One. It is not a place of loneliness – far from it. It is that place where the universe makes itself known more intimately than in multitudes. It is intimacy with a peculiar slant – you are the one welcoming all that could ever be, but quietly, and in the guise of your one true partner, the architect of your journey. Or rather the co- architect; but one whom, if you’re smart, will [in any given situation] play the deciding card, be the deciding factor. No one knows you so well, no one has your well-being so deeply at heart, no one has so much riding on the outcome, on the decisions you make. These are decisions He oversees precisely because He (or She) Over-Sees: sees beyond that which you with your limited imagination can anticipate. And these decisions… or rather, this connection… is forged in solitude. Solitude is the foundry where the ore is smelt; where the fire turns gross matter into Spirit gold. Some people equate solitude with isolation but it is quite the opposite. Isolation can be felt deeply – despairingly – in a crowd. Solitude is crowded with Oneness. It is rest and recognition in one. It is, in a sense, the door to all that follows: in a day, a year, a life. It is where one retreats to, to realize the power that will confront, that will take on, all that is not solitude. The world, if you will.

Time is a different person in solitude than he is in the raging world. Time becomes gentler, easier to work with, not so prone to fits of narcissism and panic. Time is often erased in solitude, while in isolation time becomes a wearying jockey riding a horse in need of water – you!

Allow Solitude to be your drummer, the person in your band who keeps the rhythm, keeps everyone, everything, on cue; happily meeting the next measure, the next cadence, right on time, on the beat. Find Solitude to create the world you would like the world to be. And then extend what you have nurtured there out into the world and see how much closer it has become – it will become – to the world you would like it to be. Solitude is where the seed is planted. It might be said Solitude is the seed. Be water. Be sunshine. Watch yourself grow. Solitude is the garden in which this happens.