2022-05-31-On Loyalty

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Topic: On Loyalty

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Tonight we shall speak on Loyalty, the most perfect measurement of one’s progress along the path. Loyalty underpins a pursuer’s progress toward any worthwhile thing, for without it the path zig-zags in the many winds tempting the traveler away from his or her chosen destination. Loyalty is synonymous with the destination itself, for who gets to where they’re going if they don’t stay the course?

But Loyalty is also a measure of character, a test of the love the individual bears for their stated purpose and the other individuals who provide needed accompaniment along the way. Distractions will come, they will manifest and test one’s Loyalty at the seemingly most inopportune moments, but there are no accidents. Loyalty is challenged for a reason, a purpose: can you maintain Loyalty in the face of other pleasures placed in your path? This is the test you have called forth. Loyalty is the one true quality of heart that needs contradiction to flourish. Loyalty cannot be proven without a challenge to it. It is required if it is to be a polished, finished commodity.

The truth about Loyalty is it’s a hidden challenge, faced only by one’s self in the dark of one’s consciousness. When it flourishes, it burgeons. It lights up the sky for it encompasses two or more – the loyalist and the enloyaled. It’s a symbiotic relationship, one that brings out – ideally – the best in both parties. It bespeaks a higher frequency in its practice and it grows more secure the more it is exercised. Loyalty at its finest does not exclude others from being considered or from having their say, but the bond established between the loyalist and his or her object of Loyalty – be it human or divine – becomes inviolate with the passage of time and the outpouring of Love; the quiet practice of devotion and discernment (always being aware and considerate of the other’s feelings – again, human or divine); and a determined choice to grow through the holy adhesive, Loyalty.