2022-06-02-Restoring the World to Universal Circuitry

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Topic: Restoring the World to Universal Circuitry

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Jonathan, George, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I stand in gratitude for this connection, for this opportunity we share. I invite any and all of our spirit comrades who wish to join in our circle, our circle of sharing in spirit, our circle of light and love. I encourage all to join and bring their contribution to the glow of our spirit fire. And now the environment has been created, the opportunity now exists and I would carry forth with the conclusion of thought, word and deed in the creation of this connection, even now. 


Jonathan: I welcome the invite my friend, I am Jonathan here once again at your bidding, at your request and at your invitation. This is what has completed the circuit. It is desire manifest. It is a connection forged and maintained and reliable and sturdy as any commitment of spirit can be. When we are able to gather in a fashion such as this we enjoy the great opportunity to express in word symbols. There is a great degree of interpretation and understanding and awareness involved in the relationship of spiritual growth. So many levels, so many dimensions of being, of self, to be unpacked and discovered as you bloom into the flower that you are meant to be, the expression of love as defined by your experience. 

So it is that I am so eager to maintain this bond, this connection with you all. This too has been forged out of sheer desire and has been built by the intention of the participants. This portal has been established and maintained and utilized and is now merely an aspect of reality, a creation, a joint creation. The manifestation of our desires to be of service created this connection and created this method, this technique we stumbled into or better yet, created as we went. With this troop of voyagers there have been many new horizons that arose before you in your journey that required the application of severe faith in order to simply press forward into the unknown. 

This is all why I am keen to respond to any suggestions of my continued participation in an open and active manner. This is my creation as well and I desire to maintain it for use by all, to maintain this portal for the good of all as an access point, a space of transition, a route to follow when unfolding your future. Throughout this process we have seen many changes arise and many opportunities come up for service intention and now you see yourself faced, and I keenly observe, faced with a new horizon before you, the latest and greatest in your series that you have already traversed. This one now available to each and every one is a new calling, a new direction, a new signal to tune into, a new channel of communion, of connection, the part with the whole. All this is now made more readily available to such a generation of mortals in the flesh. This upgrade in potential, upgrade in possibilities, upgrade in the strength of the calling, all are inspiring to lure all seekers to find this Inner Guide, this inner peace, a fragment of the whole. 

At this juncture in time and space, such an advancement, such a gift of grace is in accordance with restoring this world to the universal circuitry and enabling greater connection of all the individuals to the whole through their Inner Portal, their Inner Channel, thereby connecting all of mankind in spirit. Such a thing may seem like a dream, like a vision of a utopian Light and Life scenario but we must recall that such a vision, such an inspiration of divine grace exists if it has presented itself into your mind's eye as a vision. That is the first step in the creation and the continued support of any long term vision will eventuate its reality in the current time. Time and spirit are two distinctly different aspects and while time is oppressive to all of those mortals in the flesh who are attempting to plant their crops by the light of the sun, all the mortals are subject to the strict observation of time and its cycles and its passage and what needs to happen when, in order to be fruitful. 

I will share with all of you that the sense of dread or perhaps even impending doom one may feel as a mortal of the realm is in large part due to past trauma and past incidents that caused great fear and trauma; it is very difficult to react differently. After having reacted the first time there is a tendency to repeat the same old patterns of behavior. Even if they may not work or they may not be good for you, they are familiar, they are steady, they are the certainty of routine. As you go through your mortal life, you’re seeing all the challenges through your very definition of reality. In your very search for truth and facts you discover the gap in mortal awareness and spirit perception. It is easy to look at any life circumstance, how it has been approached before with the experience of others, to approach the unknown obstacle with a clear slate, a cool calm pool ready to reflect and attempt to discern truth, beauty and goodness contained within any expression.These become your benchmarks for interpreting life circumstances. Are they true, beautiful or good and if they lack these qualities, how many do they lack? It is easy to assess divinity and its direction by the amount of love contained within as determined by the amount of truth, the amount of beauty and the presence of goodness. The more of these traits contained in any circumstance, the more divine the circumstance is raised to. 

I once again appreciate being asked to join, asked to sit around and reflect some of where we have been in this journey of transmitting and receiving as we move forward into a new age of discovery wherein all may be guided from within, all may be contacted by spirit, all may be connected through our Indwelling Guides and all will be embraced as the parts of the whole. I will continue to maintain the integrity of this circuitry as I encourage you to be about building more circuitry, building current circuitry, expanding your neural net, your spirit net into areas of receptivity and connection. I leave my love with you all and my gratitude. Farewell until next time, see ya.  

George: Greetings my friend, I’ll take the opportunity as well, I’m one of the comrades in the troop, George from just on the other side. It is my great pleasure to utilize this forum, this channel. I feel as though I am welcome to participate in such an exercise as we have tonight because everyone knows I love a good spiritual exercise. The phenomenon of transmitting/receiving was defined and created by, how to say nicely, by rank amateurs at attempting  such a connection or attempting such a communication. They, many in the beginning, had such context for understanding the spirit dimension with the description from the Urantia Book but this awareness of the spirit component of one’s being was indeed rare. Spirit was considered something you didn’t get to or share except through holy ones who might pray for you because they knew how to approach the divine. 

And there we have religions in general, the hierarchy of believers and powerful ones among them who will talk to God for you or counsel you on what God would like you to do. Even now there’s the yoke of this pattern of worship, of this construct of worship and prayer and devotion. This construct has been so engrained that the critical connection that people have been unaware they have to divine source within has been obscured. Once they respond to the calling being broadcast even now, to find their Inner Guide and follow them, certainly they will find that which they seek. They will build the connection and the network necessary to make the connection. 

We had some experience in these realms with building a connection, building a scaffolding to hold the platform that we would stand on to attempt to bridge the gap. All of our processes and all of our attempts were made in faith, were made in devotion and in gratitude and connections that were created that exist even now. That is the nature of connection in spirit, it is not subject to the restrictions of a time or a place. I applaud your efforts to form constructs of the moment, to create environments that are applicable to your work and applaud your extension of faith required to make any of this so and I benefit greatly from all of those efforts, all of the efforts of all who have contributed down this trail, this well worn path that we have traversed and that is sound and secure for us to travel; I’ll gladly travel it with you and enjoy the ride. 

That’s all I have to say. I simply wanted to pop my head up and let you all know I am part of this circuitry this evening and I wish you all well which I have come to understand is not as necessary as I once thought. Even now you might agree that in your experience, all is well and continues to be so. So be it even now. Good day to you all. 

Mark: I now make vocal petition to turn over my voice to my companion, my friend and my guide.  

Inner Voice: Thank you my partner, I do very much appreciate the extension of your liberties so that I may access these tools of expression and attempt to wield them utilizing the library of experience that we now have in regards to our life experience turned eternal career. So if this experience that we are having, almost as one, is what is accumulating and informing our growth and expression, then what experiences will you choose to take us on and allow us to gather more pearls of significance, more pieces of the puzzle of reality? 

Every turn in the journey before us has within it great opportunity that may be chosen and explored and each one carries with it the potentials of perhaps unlimited choices in that direction. In your growth process in life it may be noted that your entire process is a series of choices and that choosing is what remains a constant throughout the entire process. You must continually choose your relationship with everything around you. You must continually define yourself in relationship to everyone around you. You are a great star in the constellation of the heavens but your position is relative to the other stars. This is where your choosing to associate, choosing to accept and choosing to adopt propels you in the direction of your choice. Choosing to forsake, choosing to deny or failing to encompass some aspect brings you greater distance from it. It is in a sense, further from reality. 

Your choosing along the way is made more fruitful by the application of your spirit values, that is, your judgment and discernment of the circumstance looking through the lens of spirit and the components of divinity: truth, beauty and goodness. Once again these come to the front and may be used as a filter or a looking glass to see through to the real nature of the circumstance. With greater and greater awareness of the significance of your choice and the direction of your choice and the projection of your intention that your choice represents, these become conditioned by your spirit component who assesses all of this through the lens of spirit values and how much are contained within. As your spirit guide, we are ever willing to send a signal, to project an inspiration or to provide an insight and our efforts are increasingly augmented with your participation. As was mentioned, you are the pioneers of an age and perhaps a subsequent age. The flourishing of transmitter/receivers was never experienced, the construct of that method was not particularly successful in terms of being widespread. The new opportunity we are attempting to seize even now is the opportunity to make the connection and forge the pathway within, between the two components, and connect these two passengers together through the intention of formulating a circuit, to construct a method, a path. This is done by the sheer will and act of the creator who desires that it be so. 


Thank you all for the opportunity to join you in another fellowship, in another communion. We benefit by simply sharing our energy signatures and our contributions we make to establishing the connection and the circuitry. All is fine my friends but, to borrow a phrase, it could be finer. That is why we are here in such a discussion, such a search and it will be, it will come to pass and only time will have changed. My peace I leave with you, my encouragement always, my blessings for our journey ahead and my sincere commitment again, even now to our eternal journey together. Such a journey is a destination of experience. We are onboard at all times, we never leave our posts. We are passive in the back seat as is our routine but consider that you may reconfigure our pattern and bring me, your companion, your guide, your eternal associate, bring me up in front with you as a more active part of your journey.  

Those are the word symbols I choose to use at this time. I am grateful for my comrade for this opportunity. We certainly offer you the witness to a connection we share by overlapping this other phenomenon of transmitting/receiving. But while it may act as an example, it is only an outside example, the connection we are exploring is one within. Let us be about this exploration, the seeking and the finding, one step after another and the journey is made. Be in peace, know you are well and will be fine. Allow yourselves the freedom of your faith that this is so, that you trust your Divine Parents, that you demonstrate such a trust with your faith and so be it. Farewell to you all.