2022-06-26-On Intuition

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Topic: On Intuition

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



This is Amanson. After a search for a subject for this evening’s little talk, it is Intuition that I would speak on. Intuition is the source of the pathways you are obliged to explore in the canvas of your life. Intuition is a corridor that meets your mind at one end and your heart at the other. Intuition is an interior light, an interior bracket in which much information rests. You can follow the information in this bracket to its source. The source is beyond your understanding but not beyond your conveying and dealing with.

Intuition leads you where you need to go but the clear path of Intuition is often obscured with other, conflicting, considerations -- conditioning, negative thoughts, over-thinking, weariness, and just plain disgust at the carryings-on in the world you see on a day by day basis. Intuition comes from beyond all that. Intuition is a heavenly nest in which rest eggs of inspiration, eggs to be allowed to hatch (to keep up with this metaphor) and their born birds followed. Keep them in your sight in their flight for they know where to go.

Intuition is the broadest palette you have to connect with the interior spiritual life. It exists beyond any religious training, any philosophical discussion. It exists on its own. It resides within, it is anchored above. It provides hints, it provides implications. It works first through feelings and feelings are ground- zero. Feelings are what gets interpreted through thought. So when the mind senses this feeling of Intuition it is the mind’s duty to listen, to pay attention to what it is being told. We cannot depend upon thinking to lead us in correct directions. Thinking is a mechanism. It is too superficial an activity to be given the responsibility of the reins. It’s a vital activity but when it is not in tandem with the feelings it can go far, far astray. And again, as we’ve spoken before, emotions and feelings: two different things. Emotions are as untrustworthy as mere thinking. But feelings, the medium through which Intuition works, are always accurate. You always know how you feel about something if you’ll take the time to (quietly) observe.

So Intuition is the gift of connection to the whole -- winks and nods and secret whisperings that “This is the way”; “This has perhaps happened before”; “This is something to be avoided”; “This is counterintuitive but the correct path”; all such answers, all such conclusions, can be drawn through Intuition.

Intuition is the heartiest of our interior powers, the sturdiest; the one least in need of an intellectual approach, a curious scholarly approach. It just is. It is God’s signpost to us all that yes, inside, within us, is a flashing light that need have no religious connotation, no specific denomination, no guiding saint or guru or master. It is a living, a naïve, proof of the Oneness. And the Oneness is the Greatness with so many names. But it is – we are -- all One and Intuition is the proof.