2022-06-26-Receiving Reconciliation

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Topic: Receiving Reconciliation with Life from Our Divine Mother

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Our Paradise Creator Deities, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son, and all of our wonderful helpers, we gather together in this circuit of intention to hold more spiritual focus for the dynamics of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE to pervade human consciousness at deep levels of mind and memory, elevating human awareness to the higher LOVE frequencies that you are helping us receive today. We thank you for your GOODNESS and MERCY extending to this planet during this time of great need, and we are here to celebrate together the joy of being your children, cooperating with divine WILL and collaborating together in this circuit of oneness as you connect us together through these circuits of Mind, Soul, Spirit and Personality. May we all be unified in intention. And as we receive in your LOVE through your MERCY and GRACE, we thank you for conducting and distributing this into those planetary circuits where you know we need more healing and transformation to prevail. Thank you, and may your WILL be done now.


NEBADONIA: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Mother Nebadonia who speaks! It is good for you to rest and relax in my presence as I administer to you now, my children. Allow the breath to deepen in your bodies. Let it circulate through your entire being. As you do this, notice if you feel more of my presence envelop you. For you live within the very container of my WOMB OF LIVE, and it is my pleasure to minister to you, that you may perceive more of who I am as your UNIVERSE SUPPORT SYSTEM, elevating your mind into those higher frequencies where you have greater access to your own Indwelling Spirits. Allow my ministrations to deepen in you for a few moments, helping you achieve greater states of physical relaxation to enhance spiritual perception. (Pause)

Each one of you has been given the gift of LIFE, along with the ability to make decisions about how you would engage your life in the greater context of LIFE all around you. This gift has been bestowed to you because of the Paradise Creator’s great LOVE that prevails throughout all of the vast starry domains of Deity creation. You, each individual, has an important role to play. You might consider this to be your divine life purpose, the reasons for which you have been created to exist as a part of the fabric of LIFE. You have been given a personality, that vehicle which allows you to be an individuated component of our Creator Parent, along with the gift of volition, enabling you to choose your path.

The ancillary gift of the Indwelling Spirit provides you with the spiritual guidance through the plans seeded in you, that you may achieve your divine life purpose throughout the long evolutionary progression of your life’s expression. Each phase of your life has certain objectives that you are encouraged to achieve. They are uniquely yours and yet, when you come together with others who are participating in the unfolding of their divine life purposes as you, there is a dynamic that brings about a greater expression of divine plans and here is how the evolutionary continuum progresses. Humanity is given an opportunity to participate in this and this is how you grow the planetary culture that reflects the divine ideals of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY.

What are the objectives seeded in you by your Creator of all? Your Father and Michael see this in you and we provide the supportive universe structure for you to achieve this. It takes time; it is not something you accomplish all at once. It is a steady, progressive unfolding of those potentials seeded in you that you make real into material reality, one day at a time. And this is how you grow your soul, the eternal part of yourself that continues to expand and change substance over this long evolutionary trajectory.

The first stage is to grow your soul during your human lifetime, awakening to the presence of Spirit Within and learning to cooperate with the inner divine guidance. And each one of you has your own unique place on the evolutionary continuum of life; even here on this world at the physical material level. It is a sacred space, and as it is uniquely yours, you can stand in this place of your divine life purpose, which you birth through your awareness of your spiritual potential and having a willingness to participate, cooperate with your spirit to lead you into the beautiful expression of your God nature.

Your Father and I understand the impediments that have been placed upon you through this system of consciousness that has deviated from the divine plans of evolution. Irrespective of that, however, you can still grow and achieve those objectives, especially when you use this wonderful gift of volition to stand firm in your resolve to grow in this way and to develop your potential. Your Father Michael so admirably demonstrated this during His human incarnation as Jesus, and you have His body of experience to support you as you undertake this in your own unique way.

So, as these words settle in, I invite you to place your focus on your Indwelling Spirit. Have that willingness to be more connected to your divine life purpose, especially where it exists on this evolutionary continuum of life. If you wish, as you focus on your spirit, see yourself standing in the words MY DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE. Allow the ministrations of your Spirit along with my presence and that of your Father Michael to uphold you as you calibrate in this to receive more spiritual current and help you perceive more of who you truly are at a foundational level. Simply receive and experience our LOVE for you as we uphold you in this dynamic. Breathe and relax and experience how deeply cherished you are as our children. Each one of you, a beloved child. (Pause)

When certain stirrings of your imagination are gleaned within your conscious mind, pay close attention to them. This is your Spirit getting your attention. Direct it into certain areas of your own personal development. Of course, it is up to you whether or not you wish to attend to these stirrings. We hope you will, because they are intended for you to achieve something beyond what you currently know and have experienced. Sometimes you rumble and grumble at what you perceive, but try to not heed that voice because it is of a lower quality of mind attempting to keep you in a state of complacency.

To grow requires effort and attention and to make use of the gift of volition, which is more potent that you may realize at this state of your development. So, begin to think about this and the ways in which you have listened to the stirrings of your imagination. Do you recognize where this is coming from? Or do you discount this and set it aside? Take a few moments to ask your Spirit how you may better perceive the divine voice and be more willing to cooperate with it. If it is helpful, you may certainly ask what are the things you are doing that are getting in your own way of growing? And as you do this, your Father and I will continue to uphold you in our LOVE, that you may feel safe and secure in this dynamic of inner perception. (Pause)

Spiritual development is part of the natural process of LIFE. Your growth is predicated upon your willingness to cooperate with LIFE itself. To feel safe and secure in this dynamic of LIFE is what we wish you to experience, helping you know at a very internal level—even down to cell memory—that you have a right to live, to thrive, and become more of the potential seeded within you.

The impediments placed upon this world to thrive in the dynamics of LIFE have taken a heavy toll on human consciousness. The circuits of mind have been distorted and corrupted by those who did not agree with the evolutionary process and the ideals contained within them. But that is now all changing on Urantia and within Urantian circuits of mind. We are restoring you back to what LIFE was here to teach you and to help you feel safe and secure; not only in yourself, but to feel trusting of LIFE’s natural processes which were created in the mind and imagination of our Deity Source and Center.

So, know that LIFE is safe. It is trustworthy, just as your Spirit is trustworthy, just as we are trustworthy, just as you have the ability to feel that trust in yourself. And so, as these words settle in, allow the natural process of LIFE to hold you safe and secure as we continue our ministrations in you. Continue to focus on your Spirit as we hold you in our LOVE and in LIFE itself. Drink deeply of these dynamics that will support the expression of your individual divine life purpose, especially here and now at this stage of your human life. (Pause)

As we have shared with you in the past, humanity’s creative spiritual potential is being activated. We are supporting your efforts at developing your divine life purposes and we support you in this beautiful unfolding of your personality expression. Now, we invite you to feel that willingness and that interest for all of humanity to come into a deeper awareness of their potential. For as more of you grow in this recognition, the greater ability you have to collaborate with us and grow these spiritual dynamics on the planet.

We have been encouraging you to focus on the RECONCILIATION dynamic that is part of this awakening and reckoning process. Now it is time to turn your focus into the collective, and holding that same willingness that you are holding for yourself to receive, for the planet to receive: HUMANITY’S RECONCILIATION WITH LIFE AND THE NATURAL PROCESSES for you to learn, understand, and use in the cultivation of a heavenly planetary culture.

As we have said to you in the past, we are giving this to you for you to accomplish as a collective body. If each individual living on this world at this time was to tap into their potential and have that willingness to cooperate with their Spirit, you would see such a blossoming of love and life that you could achieve great things in a very short period of time. Is this not what you wish to see occur?

Then if so, hold this focus now. Envision the world in your mind’s eye before you. Let these words spiral around the planet, counterclockwise, north to south pole: HUMANITY’S RECONCILIATION WITH LIFE, HUMANITY’S RECONCILIATION WITH LIFE, HUMANITY’S RECONCILIATION WITH LIFE. Hold this now as we move through what you are focused upon. This is a time to help more individuals perceive something deep within them of their true potential and to help humanity return to the organic ways in which LIFE is here to support you individually and collectively. And as you hold this, feel your love for your brothers and sisters and for this world to receive a mighty RECONCILIATION dynamic pour upon this planet, as our LOVE continues to support you in this greater universe system of LIFE. (Pause)

Humanity’s pain, suffering, and misery have been largely created by itself due to its misapprehension and misapplication of the natural energies of LIFE. In holding this focus today, you are supporting the RECONCILIATION dynamic to move into mind and memory to release human thought and feeling from these erroneous influences that have created such havoc on this world. There is a natural order to LIFE. It is intelligent and you can co-create in it, especially when you ask your Spirit to guide you in this natural order.

What you are holding today in this collective manner is a willingness for this world to receive this greater corrective dynamic that more people would become aware of how they have mis-stepped in their understanding of life and to return them back into the divine right order of LIFE that will encourage and inspire them and help them open to a greater spiritual dynamic of their relationship to all LIFE, especially from a spiritual perspective. So, continue to see this world being held in HUMANITY’S RECONCILIATION WITH LIFE. And we continue our ministrations, as well as those of Monjoronson participating with you in bringing about more of these dynamics for the expression of DIVINE JUSTICE to wield its mighty power of healing and transformation into the circuits of mind all around the globe. (Pause)

The divine patterns of LIFE replicate in many ways throughout the vast starry realms and continuum of LIFE itself. Just as you as an individual have a divine life purpose, so does this world. You have not yet fully achieved this, and as you might well imagine, this will take many, many millennia of time to fully accomplish. Yet, you are a vital component of this and a participant to the degree you wish to become in developing the planet’s divine purpose. There is a natural relationship between humanity and the world itself.

So, if it feels right, ask to feel this natural affinity between you and this beautiful world. It is a safe and sacred space and let this connection forge a deeper bond, as it will also help you achieve more recognition from your Spirit of what it is that has been given to you to accomplish during your human life incarnation. If it feels right, see yourself standing in your own DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE and let that divine life purpose also exist within the greater context of Urantia’s DIVINE LIFE PURPOSE. Feel that connection, and know that you are loved, safe, and secure in this vast continuum of LIFE itself. (Pause)

Oh, my beloved children, are you beginning to glimpse how integral you are to this beautiful fabric of LIFE that exists within the LOVE of our Paradise Deities? It is true. it is real. It is yours to develop, and we hope that you will pay closer attention to your Spirit that you may continue to unfold in those higher purposes for which you have been given this great gift of LIFE.

Let us now elevate our gaze to the Paradise level and take a few moments to appreciate this gift of LIFE that has been given. As you offer your gratitude to the Paradise Creators, allow for a few moments of reflection back to you, helping you expand into the mystery of what you are becoming through this organic dynamic process of LIFE that was created in such LOVE, such tender devotion to each individual, nurturing each soul so perfectly and so wisely. We support you in this circuit of worship as we engage with you there. (Pause)

As you receive from this SOURCE level of reality, invite the energies to move down into the planet, allowing for more of the RECONCILIATION dynamic between humanity and the world to achieve more of its objectives. And see yourself standing upon the world, expanded in your own perception of what it is you can accomplish here and now. You all have the potential to become Christ-like, just as your Father Michael was able to achieve in His human life as Jesus. The only thing that prevents you is your willingness. The natural process of LIFE will support this and give you more inner space to perceive the leadings of the Spirit Within you—that most precious gift of your Creator Father

And now, invite all of these energies to integrate into the planet, into mind and memory, giving more individuals an opportunity to awaken and reconcile within them, bringing them closer to what they need that they become more mindful of their miss-steps seek to repent and receive spiritual rehabilitation being offered to them through our GRACE and MERCY. We withhold nothing, it is a matter of you opening to receive it and feel that intention for this to become more pervasive throughout the planet. (Pause)


We have accomplished our objectives and our gratitude is boundless. Know that you have assisted us in ways that are greater than you may be able to possibly fathom at this time. We are here to encourage and support you in these dynamics, my children, and we hope that you feel more inspired to be about the ways in which you can grow in your own spiritual potential and be a healing light and balm to others.

As I leave you in this manner, know that I am always ministering in you and to you, for you live in me and my LOVE touches you in places where you need that MOTHERLY tender touch. And may you open to that more; feel how compassionate and nurturing it is to support your soul growth, and come to me when you need that embrace and I will respond. And you will grow and you will thrive and you will even surprise yourself at what you can accomplish as a human during this time of such magnificent potential of spiritual attainment. My blessings are upon you, and may you continually grow in that a little bit more each day. Farewell. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]