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Topic: Atheism

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



“Atheism” is an affliction of the mind that refuses to see past its own blinders. It’s not so much an unwillingness as an incapability, for the intellect will stunt itself in its conversation, its intractability, with the ego. It won’t loosen its belief in its own invulnerability, and this becomes a belief unto itself, every bit as much as any belief it dismisses. Yet it is not so much that the atheist refuses to believe in the notion, the idea, of God; it is that he or she refuses to believe their feelings, to believe in their feelings. That is the ‘mind blower’, as you say.

Atheism is the truest evidence of free will, for that will is not being forced into a belief in a Creator. But the atheist will pay this no mind for he or she believes (believes!) it is all mind, which, ironically, it very much is, but, alas, Mind capitalized, mind with a small ‘m’ being its surrogate in the less than full picture.

And yet many ‘atheists’ feel deeply; their hearts are full of the Love that represents – that is! – the Creator; but the leap to recognizing the one in the other is incomplete because, again, the intellect turns in on itself, and, in tandem with the ego, insists on believing only in itself.

The atheist becomes a metaphor for the uncompleted opus, the work of art left lying on the table in an uncompleted state, a masterwork to be finished at a later date. There are no time limits in this life regarding states of being, states of knowing (life and time being two different things, albeit the one is often mistaken for the other). And even that is a metaphor for our subject today – our limited thinking leading us to believe one set of values is the truth of the matter (“How could it not be? I have eyes, you know!!”) when, once glimpsed from a broader, seemingly hidden, perspective, the former’s limitations become glaring indeed. But, as has been said, it is an active use of thinking and free will that brings and allows the first conclusion, though as the atheist will happily learn, a conclusion that is not.

However, such a point of view [atheism] does bypass much of the misinformation – often disinformation – about God that mankind’s religions have put in the way of… have placed in the path between a person and his or her Creator. Consequently, much unnecessary obstruction is left by the wayside, which is indeed a blessing. Too much can be lost to the misled and misleading preachings of a fear dynamic pronounced from the altar of the “Firmly Established”. It is often this very subterfuge that has led the bold and free-thinking atheist away from their inevitable – and Joyous – rite of passage.

The Spirit reigns ever new, always fresh, Creativity itself. Its one demand is Love. Follow the Love. Just as your award winning movie famously said, “Follow the money”, the atheist will crack the code, solve the mystery, find the treasure, by following the Love. It leads out to your siblings and back to your Source. It’s a beautiful plan. One at risk given free will, but even that is emblematic of its Architect. Truth will out, whether here or there, it is all one. For it is indeed – and this will be their great discovery – it is indeed literally ‘all One’. There is much, beyond belief, for the atheist to come home to.