2022-07-10-Possibilities of Transformation

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Topic: Possibilities of Transformation

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



My friends, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. We are here today in the spirit of love and thankfulness for all that each of you do to spread the awareness of love and cooperation, of communion with our Father, of the brother and sisterhood that is possible for all to be a part of, both material and spiritual beings who exist in the name of, and in the service of, our Creator.


I am our Michael Son’s representative for this planetary mission of uplift. This humbles me and gives me a sense of strength and awe that I am able and trusted to be a servant of that very reflection of our First Source and Center for our universe. Recognize this, just as I do, that you are also a representative of the First Source and Center for your universe. Within you lies the very gateway, the very connective reality, that can bring you forth as an agent of goodness, of peace, and of truth.

So as you look to me, those of you who do, to be a way shower, a calming presence, a stabilizer and a leader, I ask the same of you, to do the very same thing in your life. Imagine millions and millions of our Father’s representatives, connected to the source of reality within, manifesting from that relationship the wealth of truth, beauty and goodness explored in the unique style of your very own personality, showing ideas and images and creations from that unique perspective that you have. If we can beckon all those who would listen to do the same, I sense in one generation it is possible to transform our world into the fertile ground whereby we can more surely manifest as the planetary representatives of the universal administration of Michael, our Christ, the very same son who lived and breathed on your world, who showed us all a revelation of beauty, of goodness and truth the like of which this world has never seen before or since.

Michael is ready for this to occur. We are ready for this to occur. But it will take the cooperation of his mortal children on your world to rally to the aid, to manifest more of the enthusiastic awareness of love and light and truth and camaraderie, rather than the divisive elements of splitting hairs over the meanings of various words in a book, or rather than letting the world and its warped ways infiltrate the real mission of truth seekers everywhere. “Be in the world, but not of the world.”

If it is not encouraging the transformative relationships of beauty and kindness and truth cooperating and moving forward toward the certain destinies of light and life, then it is not real, it is not valuable. We encourage you to set aside the petty concerns, the partisan rancor, the “I’m more right than you are” mentality, and to pick up the mantle of the true spiritual brother and sisterhood, characterized by unity, characterized by tolerance, and an openness toward all sincerity. Trust that those distortions you might witness peripherally in an otherwise sincere individual will work themselves out over time, either by your relationships with each other, or as we are able to more surely manifest in ways that Michael allows for the reclamation of this world and of each individual child of God that lives and breathes here.

There will be differences, but differences explored in a spiritual light can find a commonality with which to pursue, rather than frustrating and destroying over that which cannot. If you perceive the love in your sister’s eye, in your brother’s heart, then let go of the need to vanquish, to destroy that which is peripheral to the purposes of our building a pattern of cooperation and a momentum toward the development of bases and circles of influence that slowly grow and blend together and signalize the new season of spiritual opportunity.

Be vigilant, be hopeful, be practical, but more than anything else, be kind and love one another, and beckon those who will listen to come love with you and move forward in the exploration of what a band of diverse but beautiful souls can accomplish when committed to the outworking of our Father’s, our Mother’s, our Creator’s plans for this world and our universe. Love - emanating love, pervasive love, accepting love - is possible. This is what we encourage you to look toward and to look forward to as we move ahead in the days and weeks and months to come.

Gird yourselves. Do those things necessary to put your best foot forward in this arena. Set aside that which does not serve you and replace it with that which does. And know that as humans, there is always something you can do, regardless of whether you are a little child or an aging adult, strong in body or weak in body, whole or infirm, as long as you trust in the tenets of this mission. We trust you will find ways to contribute, whether through your thoughts, through your words or your deeds.


I share this from a place of enthusiasm. There are difficulties on our world, but they are not insurmountable. When goodness accepts its mission to be present and positive and moving forward, then evil has no place to go except to be subservient to that good’s will. As our Michael said in the flesh, “Get thee behind me Satan,” it is ever true that goodness, manifesting, can corral the evil. Although hard things and difficult things can happen in the short term, in the long term it is no contest. Good will eventually win out over evil. Trust this, believe this, but most importantly do this. Be good, be kind and loving, and be about our Father’s business to the best of your ability and to the best of your perceptions, my friends. Thank you.