2022-07-11-On Perfection

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Topic: On Perfection

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Perfection is an illusion but that’s its beauty – it calls you on and on to a destination you can never reach but Oh, What a journey! Perfection keeps you guessing and this is the wonder of it – it leaves you breathless as you approach its environs without ever stopping to ask, “Is anyone home?” Perfection will always exceed your grasp but your grasp is strengthened by reaching for it and that grasp can [then] be useful in so many different endeavors.

The love of Perfection is a tease, for Perfection is always changing its wardrobe - one day this design, the next day that one. It shifts constantly, although not in the abstract. The theory of Perfection is a constant but in actuality it can’t really be defined. We seek it, we celebrate it, we keep after an understanding of it, but it eludes us. There is a Perfection, a living and eternal Perfection, but not here. Examples very near it occur now and then in their own small way, keeping the idea alive in the mind, but Perfection actually lives, in its ideal form, in the Heart. But even that is a mystical embodiment of a distant reality, just enough to let you know, “Someday…”

Perfection is most encountered in Joy. Joy is the living frequency echoing Perfection in the human heart. Not a Perfection to be analyzed, dissected, put under a microscope to be diagnosed and branded in museums and textbooks, but an actual vibration beyond theory, beyond mind and its adjutants. Love, as it abounds in Joy, places Perfection within the reach of that inner sense beyond the reach of the five you traffic in daily. So you may seek Perfection with the mind, applying all the skills the human being is capable of, but it is only an echo, a faint shadow of the real thing – Original Pattern – until you come to the Perfection beyond “the perfect” - the very core of your being - perfect Joy, which is the Love that Perfection embodies, represents, motioning you onward. Follow its leading but don’t be fooled. [You will find] Perfection is the attempt, not the achievement. Yes, the more you seek the closer you come but ultimately it is the way of life in the divine seeker that is the Perfection, not the end it seeks. That [the end it seeks] is the beautiful – and necessary – illusion.


The Holy Perfection you will one day stand before will turn out to be but the ultimate representation of Perfection (however imperfect it seemed) that got you there. The closest representation of Perfection you will find now, in the Present, is Joy. And Joy is the journey. So make the journey Joy.