2022-07-15-On The Truth of Things

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Topic: On The Truth of Things

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



Tonight we shall speak on “the truth of things” and why they matter.


The beauty of the Truth is that it rings forever true, it isn’t merely apropos of this situation or applicable to that set of circumstances. Those are versions of a truth to fit an occasion, reflections of the glue that holds things together, but circumstantial glue, a bond applicable to this moment and this moment only. Tomorrow’s moment may require a different version, a different reflection of The Great Truth, the One Great Truth that simply Is, that never alters, that has no need to alter for it exists outside the limited scenarios that call for a certain brief truth, one that will suffice to put the present pieces together.

But the ‘truth of things’ hides behind them, winking; hides within them, pointing; hides above them, coaxing. Life has been referred to as “Things-as-it-is”, which seems comic, odd, perhaps eccentric, and yet is absolutely the truth of the matter. Beauty, Truth, and Goodness are the three pronged approach, or perhaps the three pillars on which all life is perched, and without them, without a conscious attempt to include at least one of these three components in any given situation – be it a conversation, an interaction at work, an interrogation into a concern or problem – without at least one member of the Beauty, Truth, and Goodness clan the endeavor is doomed to collapse under its own weight, for there will be nothing buoyant, nothing of Spirit – of actual Life – to keep it from sinking into sheer materialism, which has no life of its own.

The truth you are seeking in any such encounter is the truth of Honesty, which is a reflection of the larger Reality, a Reality transparent in its intention, obscure though it may seem to you. It’s not. It’s very straightforward, although we make it anything but by our attempts to subvert the truth, to outthink it, to use it in hopes of fooling it. It shan’t be done. The Truth observes from outside these attempts to manipulate it. Truth is like gravity – you can’t subdue it. It may appear to have been manipulated for a time, but that’s only temporary.

So “the truth of things” is: they are a stand-in for the great benevolent force behind them. They are as a cityscape before a sunrise. The windows of these vast, tall buildings reflect the rising sun but that is all. Those windows appear to be glowing, burning bright with fire; but no, it is the sun rising before them that supplies the illusion. Though for a brief while you could read a label, a newspaper, a direction in this reflected light, that light is but a momentary stand-in for the sunrise. That is the truth of things.


I found this puzzling initially and asked Amanson to please clarify the concept he was presenting. He said, “I request this subject because the present-day geometry of situations and their participants have, in their formations, systematically attempted to obscure the actual truth of the situation; let alone the obscuration of that Truth that supports the entire web of creation, the silent sustainer holding all ‘things’ together in its all-encompassing embrace.”