2022-07-22-On Integrity

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Topic: On Integrity

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Amanson

TR: Mark Turnbull



We shall speak on Integrity, a requested topic and one worth a look-see.


Integrity is the spring of the universe. Not ‘spring’ as in ‘nascent river’ but spring as in tooled steel, wound and bound, keeping the nature of Nature taut and ready to… well, spring! Integrity functions as would a central heating system: keeping all of the various functions of the universe, and an individual, in ready order, at the proper temperature, balanced, with an intrinsic hold on the purpose to which a universe and an individual have been put.

No one questions integrity when it is fulfilling its function. It is obvious. It is foursquare. It serves notice that purpose has found its footing. Integrity speaks to the soul and character of a person (It is the soul and character of a person). The same is to be said of a universe. You don’t see a universe with all its individual systems go scattering off into space willy-nilly. No. A universe has integrity. And when properly possessed of their reason for being, so does a person. But too many are not convinced, not even apprised, of their reason for being. Thus Integrity becomes a wavering half-facility, not the ground and cornerstone of personality it should be. Too many distractions, too many temptations, come between a person and the deep knowledge of who they rightly are and why they should be – why they should be determined to be – who they rightly are. Integrity becomes just another concept, another philosophical idea to think about, amongst the many possible occupations or preoccupations on offer in society’s whirling panorama of carnivalistic mayhem.

Integrity is where such considerations should start. We set forth on our adventures full haltered on the steed of Integrity, freeing us from both false assumptions we would believe and false impressions we would be burdened with keeping up. Integrity, like God, says, “I Am.” Then let the world come round and display its pageant. But without Integrity the world holds sway and that is the very situation Integrity was designed to forestall, to combat, to defeat.

Integrity allows you to walk a path that only you can walk, the path you were born to walk, but a path that requires that deep personal grasp on Reality the world will admiringly call “Integrity”. Will some begrudge such a turning, such a noble bid to be whole as the universe itself is whole? Yes, some will resent the inability to pull you down from your ‘steed’, but that is just more of that world you would resist holding sway. Those of Integrity will recognize a fellow sojourner and wave in solidarity as will a like-minded universe.

Integrity is the hub from which all works extend.