2022-09-16-Establishing an Educational Enterprise

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Topic: Establishing an Educational Enterprise

Group: Zoom Contact Group


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Simeon



My friends, this is Machiventa, and I am here tonight to share with you regarding our mission and the work you do. I know you distrust or question or doubt your purposes at times to receive, but we are here nevertheless and we do ask that you listen within. Because of your sincerity and your desire to hear what is needed, we choose to utilize your mobilization of your will powers toward the service of our Father so that we may be able to provide some thought patterns for those who may connect with this sphere of influence. Always and ever, to those who ask and sincerely desire, the truth will be offered. Believe this, even if you have doubts occasionally.


We know you like to hear that you are needed. This is a very human desire and it comes from decades and centuries and millennia of those preying upon the weaker or smaller, in person and in stature, exploiting and pushing them down, telling them that they or their thoughts aren’t important. This mindset of making others feel small so that you can be larger is something that is an inheritance, unfortunately, of your world. Unfortunately, those who chose to rebel against the plan of Michael so long ago, began from a place of thinking they knew better and that this unbridled freedom and free thinking would result in an open and blossoming environment, but in reality it created a split where those who had positions of importance could amplify their importance while assuming those who lived simple straightforward lives, working for sustenance and survival, were somehow weaker and deserving of their station in life and that those who are important somehow deserve that importance by virtue of simply being in this position.

You can see how this is perpetuated, even today, as those who have a lot and strive to have more can, without a thought at times, trample on the lives of others and toss them aside almost as an afterthought, or with very little forethought. This is the position we find ourselves in as we work to develop the plans which will correct these patterns, and yes, it will take time.

While we recognize the disparities in the mindsets, we also understand the importance of initiative, and so as you think about these things, you must recognize that taking initiative and finding beneficial results is not something that is undesirable. Rather, the fair reward for one’s efforts is a desirable outcome in a spiritually developing society.

I know this topic comes as a surprise, and I know you prefer not knowing the topic so you do not have greater degrees of investment in the outcome of the conversation. But yes, there is a plan to establish an educational enterprise, and I know this is something from a personal viewpoint that you have been considering and contemplating also. Our plan involves the strategizing for how to most effectively bring about the principles of spiritual growth into the minds of the populace at large, and you have had similar thoughts, not because these are independent realizations, but rather because you ponder these things in the stillness, in your reflection, in your quiet time, in your time of thinking about life and so we have provided prior inspiration in association with your thought adjuster and other agencies involved.

So I would hope, at times when the topic of conversation coincides with your thoughts, that you will allow this to unfold so as to bring about the potential amplifying of your perspectives with ours so that we may find the flow of the material effort working in consonance with the spiritual effort. Although what we ultimately will establish may look different significantly, it is quite possible that these efforts by persons, such as yourselves, will aid in the paths leading toward a coinciding point in the future where the transition is merely a step rather than a leap, is merely an acceptance of what already seems natural rather than starting from square one. We look forward to you developing your thought patterns along these lines. While you cannot see all of the elements of our administration here under Michael for this planet, we are confident that you have a balanced perspective and overview of the basic gist of how we operate from what is possible for us to share at this time.

So don’t be afraid to explore your ideas, whether as a solo effort to create, or as a joint venture with your friends and those to come, to see how multiple mindsets can mesh and produce together when placing those individual parts into the puzzle. There will be times that it can be exciting and thrilling when it flows and things just seem to happen naturally and the pieces of the puzzle fit magically together and there may be times where it is a tough slog of trying to decide which pieces fit where and slowly finding piece by piece to put together another element of the puzzle that is not so defined and easy to identify. If life was always of the first variety, then the satisfaction you gain from the accomplishment would not be nearly as strong as having the ebb and flow, requiring you to consider and struggle and act and contemplate so that all of the elements of your developing character can mesh with your personality and your Father within in your developing soul.

Think of your combined efforts in a similar fashion as to how you are when you individually are trying to find union with your Father. There is a consideration and a maneuvering that occurs as you consider, dismiss, accept and proceed on ideas of various kinds. You might see your working group you are establishing as having a sort of superpersonality or oversoul that can be developed as you find the ways that each can fit into the puzzle. In a sense, it is a supreme building puzzle to practice placing your individual awareness in relationship to the awareness that others have in such a way that the creativity can blossom and produce at a higher degree than what could be accomplished by any one individual alone.

We are working with many such groupings around your world, working in the areas of philosophy, science, religion, education, ethics and toward more egalitarian measures. Know that your efforts play a part in the larger picture to the degree that you find this sincere bonding with the purpose to uncover the will of our Father and to portray that awareness in your individual and collective lives.


We here are at work trying to establish these communities and to amplify their efforts, because this is the effort that will eventually lead toward what it is you would like to see manifested on your world and in your lives. We hope for and fully expect that at some point these various groupings and evolving efforts will cascade like a waterfall, bringing those waters of effort rushing down into an inevitable body of water that will manifest a new reality, borne of the sincere desires and efforts by so many who have gone before, who are here now, and who will come after.

I say this to all of you, my friends who consider these lessons and thoughts, I would really like to shake your hands some day, not simply spiritually, but materially, and thank you for a job well done and for your dedication to our Father, to your world, to our universe and for your undeniable faith ventures that you are all undergoing. We would love to see the realities that you imagine in your minds on the periphery come to pass, so that we can rejoice together and begin from there to manifest the plans of Michael in a way that benefits all those who would choose truth, beauty and goodness, manifested in Michael’s will for our world as reflected by our Universal Parents on Paradise.

Think about this. Know that you are all inspiring to the degree that you believe the principles of this mission, of its predecessor in the epochal revelation presented, and the subsequent desire to grow in that, to manifest the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and to bring about a higher view, a hopeful view for this world.