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Just as Urantia has its midwayers, Jerusem, the local system capital, has the Material Sons and Daughters; Edentia, the constellation headquarters, has the univitatia, while the citizens of Salvington are twofold, the created susatia and the evolved Spirit-fused mortals. The administrative worlds of the minor and major sectors of the superuniverses do not have permanent citizens. But the Uversa headquarters spheres are continuously fostered by an amazing group of beings known as the abandonters, the creation of the unrevealed agents of the Ancients of Days and the seven Reflective Spirits resident on the capital of Orvonton. These residential citizens on Uversa are at present administering the routine affairs of their world under the immediate supervision of the Uversa corps of the Son-fused mortals. Even Havona has its native beings, and the central Isle of Light and Life is the home of the various groups of Paradise Citizens.

It has been observed that on the highly evolved and long seventh-stage worlds, human beings fully learn the local universe language before they are translated; and on a few very old planets, the abandonters teach the older mortals the tongue of the superuniverse. Additionally, the abandonters are the only beings who can equal the univitatia in artistic skill, social adaptability, and co-ordinating cleverness.