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Attunement - the state of being attuned.

For lessons on the topic of Attunement, follow this link.

Verb: to attune (third-person singular simple present attunes, present participle attuning, simple past attuned, past participle attuned)

  • 1. (music) to bring into musical accord
  • 2. (music) to tune an instrument
  • 3. to bring into harmony or accord.[1]

Today you are passing through the period of the courtship of your Adjuster; and if you only prove faithful to the trust reposed in you by the divine spirit who seeks your mind and soul in eternal union, there will eventually ensue that morontia oneness, that supernal harmony, that cosmic co-ordination, that divine attunement, that celestial fusion, that never-ending blending of identity, that oneness of being which is so perfect and final that even the most experienced personalities can never segregate or recognize as separate identities the fusion partners--mortal man and divine Adjuster.(110:1.6)