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Thomas Jefferson, in these letters to Americans and the citizens of the world, is as always a radical and visionary idealist. He is also outraged at contemporary America. Yet, his assertions are in the end even more shocking for their spiritual optimism. On matters of the human soul and spirit, his thinking has evolved well beyond where he is remembered historically. He is also writing to us cognizant of our future as follows:

America means love.
The word America means love.
It is time, at last, for Americans to know that meaning,
and not a moment too soon.

Mr. Jefferson has returned for the year 2008, a critical time of decision to reawaken and revive the ailing soul of America. The soul of every human, every community and every nation is that unique inner consciousness which serves to navigate the living vessel of each life back to the safe harbor of reunion with the divine love which sent it forth.

Mr. Jefferson as the author of the Declaration of Independence and the social architect of the Bill of Rights is a primary guardian of the American soul. Under the terrible pressure of losing the American experiment in self-governance to the forces of fear trending toward fascism, Mr. Jefferson has returned to empower individual Americans to rise up to their full responsibility to protect their souls and their personal and community potential for fulfillment in truth, beauty and goodness which together express love, the meaning and destiny of America.

Mr. Jefferson’s writings received at various moments on and after July 4th within the year 2007 are meant to be letters to all humanity. They are, however, focused on aspects of the American soul lest it journey farther from planetary potential toward planetary problem.

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