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While every page of content in a wiki is considered an article, the term '''Articles''' is used here to identify a format of writing in the Primary or Secondary Corpus. Such writing may have appeared in a periodical or perhaps a stand-alone section of a larger written work such as magazines, newspapers, academic journals, the internet, or any other type of publication.

Noun - article (plural articles)

  • 1. A story, report, or opinion piece in a newspaper, magazine, journal, internet etc.
  • 2. A member of a group or class, i.e. an article of clothing
  • 3. An object. i.e. a sales article
  • 4. (grammar) A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a, an, or the in English). In some languages the article may appear as en ending (e.g. definite article in Swedish) or there may be none (e.g. Finnish, Estonian).
  • 5. A section of a legal document, bylaws, etc.