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140111 (Jan 14, 2011) updated by Oliver, Gerdean and Steffani

Active Groups

This group still exists.

George's group (not a TeaM group) is bigger and better than ever, cranking out quality transcripts on a daily basis. UB based. No nonsense.

Deborah is alive and well, working with TMN, as you suggested.

Willie moved from Main years ago, went to NM, then to Ohio, then to the South somewhere, where he is now learning to be a Methodist preacher.

Stephen died.

Colorado: Loveland, Co, with Daniel Raphael

I have not closely tracked Daniel Raphael's activities since 2003, soon after he connected with Monjoronson

Steffani: Suzi's in Mason, Cincinnati, not Columbus

The priest (Fr. Bob who introduced the Vatican to the UB) died; Jim moved away. Suzi R is still there but she serves through the aegis of her career.

  • 9. Corvallis OR, 2 groups with Thea and friends, and also with Marlene Olsen, family, and friends.

Thea died. The other group is rarely heard from.

David and Susan are in virtual retirement but we are fortunate to have Oliver alive and well in our midst.

Tara Logan died. Judy is on TML, has a great liking for George and his progress group.

Rick Giles died and his wife Barbara has not been heard from. The Coeur d'Alene group has morphed into a cyber-group which meets telephonically with members from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Canada, and Virginia.

Sandy divorced George Barnard years ago and dropped out of our midst.

Pastor Daniel serves through the Church Within.

Isaac died. Nancy Kelly is no longer Pickard. Virginia Kelly recently relocated to a townhouse. The Andersons moved away. Bob Devine dropped out. And I don't know what the Bob Schreibers are doing. Something good, no doubt. All these are great people.

No news.

Duane translated. Don't know much about the rest of this group.

They live in Texas these days.

Also dormant.

Dunno what Allene does on her own, but she meets with the Coeur d'Alene TeaM on Sundays.

Leoma and Randy are involved with the Lutheran Church and the Center for Christ Consciousness

Alive and well, in Mississippi and Florida.

Still no new info.

Rob is not in New Jersey any more. He and Toto are working for the TeaM in Daynal-ville, doing a good job. He does T/R periodically.

  • 25. New Zealand: Barry Bartlett <>

Barry speaks for himself.

The Rio Rancho group meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

Last I heard, Sonny was in Washington and Peri was in Arizona. No group.

  • 28. Rockford Bay, Illinois: T/R: Mark Roger, Kenneth Anderson

I don't think so.

Yes, but I hear via the grapevine that it is over, kaput, done.

  • 30. Salt Lake with Marshall Warren Smith and son

Not TeaM. Steffani: inherited and moved to a house in mid-FL somewhere

San Francisco Area:

Alive and well with Jerry Lane having recently published, with Byron Belitsos, a book of transcripts from Christ Michael

Donna D'Ingillo has been based in Florida since soon after IC-2011. (see Center for Christ Consciousness)

  • 33. Mid peninsula (formerly: Susan Kimsey's Half Moon Bay Group) Al Theiss and Russ Gustafson (record transmissions only and keep files)

They meets as a UB study group.

  • 34. Sebastopol, Ca, with Bob Slagle and Lily Fraser

They are a pair, not a group. Beloved, nonetheless.

great folks, still around, still rubbing shoulders. they seem to have long ago transcended transcripts, but maybe they still do. Steffani: Tallahassee isn't meeting as a TeaM group anymore...individuals are doing their own kinds of ministry.

Active Mininstries

  • Daniel Raphael is sprouting wings to fly with his ministry, the Co-Creative Working Team;




Haven't heard from Common Ground since the ALL Newsletter bit the dust.

Higher priority these days is

  • Mer and Cathy brought the Sewing Machine Project into being for the Abossi women in Africa;

They did.

  • Deborah Goaldman has a prison ministry;

She does.

His ministry is really networking the Bulletins and maintaining the egroup.

Among other things. A sequel, for example, is on the drawing board.

They are personal ministries of people who have been inspired by their relationship with celestials.--rdavis 23:02, 21 March 2014 (UTC)