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  • 1. Discomfiture, overthrow, ruin, destruction, perdition.
b. A cause of overthrow or ruin. (Cf. ruin.)
c. as an imprecation or exclamation. (Cf. CONFOUND 2.)
b. Overthrow or discomfiture in argument; confutation. Obs.
  • 3. Mental perturbation or agitation such as prevents the full command of the faculties; embarrassment, perplexity, fluttered condition.
  • 4. The action of confounding, confusing, or throwing into disorder: spec. in reference to the ‘confusion of tongues’ at the tower of Babel.
  • 5. A confused or disordered condition; disorder.
b. In reference to ideas, notions, etc.
c. Confused condition of anything.
d. with pl.
e. quasi-concr. A confused assemblage of. (rare.)
  • 6. Tumult, excited and disorderly commotion.
b. Civil commotion or disorder.
c. pl. Disorders, commotions.
  • 7. Mixture in which the distinction of the elements is lost by fusion, blending, or intimate intermingling.
b. Fusion together. Obs. rare.
  • 8. The quality of being confused, indistinct, or obscure: said of objects of sensuous or mental attention.
  • 9. The confounding or mistaking of one for another; failure to distinguish. Const. of (things), of one with another, between (things).
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