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Students who have savored many revelatory texts given to our world during this time of accelerated change who relish the exploration of their source within are encouraged to join in a deeper probe of the inner life. The purpose is to surmount the great challenge of our time by fostering a culture of communion such that personal communication with God living within each person may be characterized less with symbols and other methods of indirection than direct flashes of intelligence to the intellects of his human partners!

Otherwise, Daynal Institute fosters exploration of the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge (1) and the vast body of essential spiritual knowledge, truth indispensable to high spiritual attainment which cannot be consciously received as self-consciousness would effectively jeopardize the certainty of reception (2). The former pertains to the conscious dimension of this work while the latter requires recognition of the super-conscious source of all higher learning. Any who would like to contribute to the realization of these objectives is encouraged to share as they feel led.

Inquiries can be made by email to this address.


As your personal religion encompasses love and therefor encompasses all that is true, beautiful, and good, you see these attributes in all of your human endeavors. As you view such beauty in all things such as art, music, literature, science, and on and on, you know true religion. When you can understand truth is revealed in many, many different ways; that truth is a reality you understand not only as a divine attribute but human as well, you manifest a future religion now that combines all of the human with the divine. - Daniel

The middle road is the preferred in all but one area - the middle will never serve you as the path to spiritual progress. We exhort you. Always choose the higher path, the rarified path, the path with no marks upon it. - Will