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Middle English grete, from Old English grēat; akin to Old High German grōz large

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  • 1a : notably large in size : huge
b : of a kind characterized by relative largeness —used in plant and animal names
c : elaborate, ample <great detail>
b : predominant <the great majority>
b : chief or preeminent over others —often used in titles <Lord Great Chamberlain>
c : aristocratic, grand <great ladies>
  • 6: long continued <a great while>
  • 7: principal, main <a reception in the great hall>
  • 8: more remote in a family relationship by a single generation than a specified relative <great-grandfather>
  • 9: markedly superior in character or quality; especially : noble <great of soul>
  • 10a : remarkably skilled <great at tennis>
b : marked by enthusiasm : keen <great on science fiction>


Greatness, and its complement, goodness, are the two humanly understandable pillars of Deity's nature and His eternal oneness reality. As your comprehension becomes enlarged, these dual attributes experientially grow in magnitude simultaneously with the growth in their comprehension. Goodness begins as the comprehension of the magnitude of deeds. The reality is later understood that greatness is a measure of human character and goodness is the motivator of the great. Further on, as comprehension evolves, do greatness and goodness become intertwined as divine character traits that simultaneously are the works, and also, the motivator or the source of works. God is great through His good works and also is good through His great works.

The measure of a great deed is the extent that it was motivated by goodness, and good deeds are measured by the greatness of the ideals which spawned them. Learning thus to motivate and inspire our lives by comprehending goodness and aspiring to greatness propels humanity forward by the increasing awareness of the reality of these great spiritual facts. Mercy is the inevitable son of goodness and greatness. Wisdom is the inevitable child of these great spiritual realities, goodness and mercy. As you are slowly learning to experience wisdom, it always shows the way to mercy and goodness combined as greatness. - Ham


Greatness cannot be estimated without knowing the content of goodness, while goodness cannot be portrayed without exhibiting its inherent and divine greatness.

The estimate of greatness varies from sphere to sphere. To be great is to be Godlike. And since the quality of greatness is wholly determined by the content of goodness, it follows that, even in your present human estate, if you can through grace become good, you are thereby becoming great.(28:6.21-22)