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Latin hybrida - offspring of a tame sow and wild boar; hence, of human parents of different races, half-breed.


b : something (as a power plant, vehicle, or electronic circuit) that has two different types of components performing essentially the same function


In biology and specifically genetics, hybrid has several meanings, all referring to the offspring of sexual reproduction.

From a taxonomic perspective, hybrid refers to offspring resulting from the interbreeding between two animals or plants of different taxa.

  • 1. Hybrids between different subspecies within a species (such as between the Bengal tiger and Siberian tiger) are known as intra-specific hybrids. Hybrids between different species within the same genus (such as between lions and tigers) are sometimes known as interspecific hybrids or crosses. Hybrids between different genera (such as between sheep and goats) are known as intergeneric hybrids. Extremely rare interfamilial hybrids have been known to occur (such as the guineafowl hybrids). No interordinal (between different orders) animal hybrids are known.
  • 2. The second type of hybrid consists of crosses between populations, breeds or cultivars within a single species. This meaning is often used in plant and animal breeding, where hybrids are commonly produced and selected because they have desirable characteristics not found or inconsistently present in the parent individuals or populations. This flow of genetic material between populations or races is often called hybridization.