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  • 1. The extent or length to which something reaches out. Also fig.: the area or extent of influence; scope.
  • 2. a. The action of reaching out. Freq. fig.
b. spec. The activity of an organization in making contact and fostering relations with people unconnected with it, esp. for the purpose of support or education and for increasing awareness of the organization's aims or message; the fact or extent of this activity.

For lessons on the topic of Outreach, follow this link.

Chronologic Samples

  • 1899 19th Cent. Sept. 456 We met many who discovered at once the fundamental principles of sympathy outreach and information underlying and mellowing each department of the Congress.
  • 1918 J. CLARKE Japan at First Hand i. 8 In its natural outreach to control its own trade at home, and under its great necessity to make new trade abroad..it pushes on serenely.
  • 1976 Amer. Jrnl. Psychiatry 133 67/2 Part of the problem is the area of outreach and home visits in other words, leaving our offices to treat the elderly.
  • 2001 N.Y. Times 6 May XIV. 4/4 We will also be doing outreach and education about the reef restoration.