School of the Heavens

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The school of the heavens is one whose day is composed of three periods; home, work, and rest. In all these periods are taught three courses; facts, meanings, and values. Between each period, ample time is provided for play.

On the playground are found three spheres that correspond to the courses studied. One is small but heavy and always moves in a linear fashion. The second is larger, but ever so light and always moves in a surprising way while the third is truly glorious, more like a bubble of varying sizes and shapes. It swirls with eddies of ever-changing colors and can be touched only with the breath. Some are drawn to one of these more than the others, but all play with each at different times.

While the object of the school is unwritten, it is rumored to be the growth of affection that emerges as the students come to know each other, only better, than they do their lessons.

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