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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96

Editor's Comment

2021-03-22, NET PMG #1, Machiventa

New Era Transitions Planetary Manager's Group #1 – (Find this at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Bringing forth the feminine The way forward No overriding social morality to guide you Governance on a decimal planet Plenty of evidence of our work about you Entities with Machiventa today Physical confrontation between China and western democracies Curiosity questions Everything has to do with your spiritual growth Bleaching out the dark thoughts in the planetary consciousness More on curiosity questions Planetary management on a decimal planet is like parenting a large family Planetary management by a Melchizedek

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Jeff


Bringing forth the feminine

Machiventa: This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I thank you for your presence here today. Much has occurred concerning the Correcting Time, at least the programs and projects that I’m involved with, since the first of December last year to the present time. There has been a cessation of one project, an interim period of reorganization, a brief period of training, and now the initiation of our new program which involves the bringing forth of the feminine, not necessarily a force to be reckoned with, but a presence that cannot be sidelined any longer. This is a subtle process as women have always been agents of civilization through the initiation of families, childbearing, parenting, and so on. There are several reasons for initiating this new project besides the cessation of a former project. This era now is truly an era—a moving nexus—of the coincidence of many events that are complemental to each other and highly supportive of the feminine to come forward and to create her place in the future of civilization on this planet.

The first concerns the masculine energy and the physical energy of men as having conquered the frontiers of this planet and to have settled all portions of this planet for the seeding of social organization of nations and of people. It is not that men are no longer needed, for surely they are, but what is important in this transition era, and there we use that word again—transition era, is that men voluntarily take a step back from the commanding position of leading and executing the good of nations and of your planet.

The second concerns democracies. Democracy is a feminine form of governance. You may question that, but I am here to answer your questions concerning that later in the session. It is feminine simply because you must be gentle in the development of a democracy. Yes, the transition from Stage 1 Democracy to a Stage 2 is almost always fraught with revolution, rebellion, revolts, and so on. And that is one of the processes of gaining independence from a monarchy to form a democracy. The feminine part of democracy is that you must let it come into its fruition. You cannot make it happen as a dictator or as an autocrat, but that you must follow and sense the leading of the people—the public, citizens—and social change. Your nation now (the United States) is approximately 243 years old since the revolutionary era or thereabouts. It has expired the maximized design parameters of a Stage 2 Democracy. It has gone from the initiation of a democracy to the point now where the political factions [parties] are more concerned about competing for dominance than they are about serving the public or the good of the nation and its future.

The third is that your technologies have now come to the point where they are able to support a Stage 3 Democracy. This means that the reasons for democracy in the beginning, where the authority for the governance of the public emanates from the citizenry. For a democracy to work it must provide representation in the decision-making process for those individuals. Because of social change, the power of their authority to be represented has become almost non-existent. The design parameters of the existent Stage 2 Democracy have surpassed their inherent limitations by approximately 60 years. It is now obsolete.

The development and evolution of your technologies make it possible to empower the evolution of democracy to a Stage 3 Democracy.[1] Stage 3 Democracies allow for more frequent citizen participation that carries with it greater awareness of social change. It is not that the public or citizens will make decisions concerning the execution of public policy, foreign policies, and so on. It is simply that people, because of social change, wish to have more participation in the events that affect them—those things that they feel they have no control over presently—and [about which] they are not consulted by their public officials (elected or appointed) for their opinions and/or their preferences.

The fourth concerns social change. Social change is endemic, indigenous, innate, and inherent to the public, to individuals and to groups of individuals. As individuals satisfy their hierarchy of needs, they continue to reinterpret the seven values that lie innate within them that motivate them forward. So as the old needs are satisfied people develop new sets of needs. This is one point that the esteemed Dr. Abraham Maslow missed: the social change comes about through the reinterpretation of the innate values in new sets of needs which are the hierarchy of needs that he indicated. Those values and the interpretation of values is as old as the species of Homo sapiens, and people will continue to reinterpret those values. What is awkward now (and which you have seen evidence of on the 6th of January) is there are groups of individuals who want to expand their liberties to include the freedom to revolt against the very institutions that give them that liberty, political rights, and civil rights to participate in group gatherings to express their opinions. As we said last time: that is anathema to the course of democracy. Your nation is now at a position where it must begin to enact the provisions and necessities of a Stage 3 Democracy in order to survive. What we do not want to see and what you do not want to experience is the regression, the devolution of your democracy back into states of authority, control, and power. The use of police powers of the military to control those who agitate for change—those that have legitimate cause to do so and express it legitimately—would be a process that would revert back to the authoritarian situation of the monarch you had over 200 years ago.

The way forward

The way forward is not backwards by devolution of a democracy, but the way forward is through the evolution of democracy to its next stage. This next stage of democracy (Stage 3) requires much more public participation, preference sharing, and responsibilities for the course of your nation at all levels. International courses of action will always be determined by the chief executive, staff, and the legislative and judicial branches. As you can see, the way from authority—away from police and military powers—is the way of the feminine. This is the way of persuasion. This is the way of reasoning. [This is the way] of the firm hand of governance of the feminine which will be allowed, encouraged, and empowered to express those motherly gifts of caring and compassion to everyone. Sometimes discipline requires a firm hand when those who are recalcitrant do not want to go along with the gentle ways of living. That will never change. There must be more mature means of morality and ethics involved in your laws, in your culture, and in your groups of individuals.

No overriding social morality to guide you

The parts that are totally missing is that there is no overriding societal morality to guide people in how to care for their society and how to enact the laws that do protect society as a wonderful social/environmental cocoon for raising children, families, communities, and so on. There must be a nurturance at the highest levels of government to assist in the formation of sound families, functional families, functional communities, and societies. This is not easily done by men or masculine energies. It is not part of their nature to do so. And only under the privileges of authority have those been granted to the public by men at the formation of democracies. This is in order to support the good of society and the nation as a whole. This insight and this forbearance by the masculine nature and energy is a wonderful aspect of the masculine that needs to remain and work in concert with the feminine. Between the two there is a complemental energy for governance. As the masculine has dominated for so many centuries and millennia in your civilizations, it is now timely to bring in the feminine as a powerful co-partner with the masculine. This will be quite a change for women as it [will be] for men. The emphasis of the feminine must become a part of the operation and functioning of corporations, all organizations, and so on—and particularly of governance and the democratic process of governance.

Governance on a decimal planet

If you combined all of these vectors—these very momentous vectors—as coming together at a moving nexus as it moves through time, you understand what is occurring on your planet at the level of the Planetary Manager, the Most Highs, and of the Creator Son’s universe at the sovereign level. You need to understand the process of governance on a decimal planet compared to those other 90% of the inhabited planets in this local universe. This is a factor that throws many of you who are spiritually centered off center as you think about your life on this world and doing God’s will and willing to will God’s will be done in your life.

Evidence of our work about you

Lastly, there is plenty of evidence of our work about you. You simply have to step outside of your planet (figuratively, observationally) to see what is going on. Many of you are totally immersed in the news and you’ve lost yourself in the contemporary happenings of your world without being able to see the awesome dynamics that are occurring between individuals and individual nations and groups of nations. There is a jostling going on now which calls for the best in your civilization which we now call the feminine energy. Thank you. If you have questions, you’re most welcome to bring them forward about this topic or other topics of interest to you. Thank you.

Rick: Good morning Machiventa. How are you doing today?

MM: Very well, very well. This is a continuing transition era so there are many bumps in the road which we deal with. Thank you for asking.

Entities with Machiventa today

Rick: May I ask approximately how many entities make up your team that are with you today?

MM: Today? Present with me here?

Rick: Yes.

MM: One moment. There are approximately 27, and you may question why does he use the word approximate? And I use the word approximate because some are here as proxy of others, some are here who no one would recognize except perhaps myself and some other evolved individuals. I will leave it at that. Thank you.

Physical confrontation between China and western democracies

Rick: Well, thank you for your answer. So, my question is: Having worked in China for 5 years, I came away with a couple of very deep impressions. One is the Chinese people as a whole are very bright and very hard working. My job was to recruit top talent for my university in the United States, so I was all over the place and all over the country and really got to see a wide view of the culture. And though I have very positive impressions of the people, the government—I felt (and I feel even more so today)—is opaque, dark, manipulative, dishonest, and in many respects evil. And when I look at what’s going on in the world on the physical plane—governmentally (I mean we’re talking about the importance of democracy moving to its next stage)—I see there is an arm wrestle of serious proportions—nuclear proportions even—between world democracy and world authoritarianism. And so, with China’s threatening of Taiwan, their usurping of the South China Sea ([about] which, by the way, no member of the U.N. supports China other than Mongolia which has no ocean front), their war currently with India, their dealings with Australia, are we headed for physical confrontation with China? Do we need to be prepared for that?

Curiosity questions

MM: This is a question which I defer to another time that’s more appropriate [for it] to be answered. Thank you. [Pause] In many ways your question is a curiosity question which is inappropriate to answer as it causes more speculation and guessing than solution finding. Our work here is to provide ways forward for people who want to live in the Light, believe in the Light, work with the Light, and improve their world wherever they are even if it’s only their backyard and their front yard.

JT: [Pause] Is that all of your question?

Rick: Well, I guess I’d just like to make a statement which is: I thank you for your time Machiventa, but honestly, all questions who, where, and why are curiosity questions. I mean this respectfully though it may not come across this way. It feels like a cop-out to me whenever you or your entities say, “that’s a curiosity question.” All questions are in my opinion.

MM: This is Machiventa. I wish to respond to your statement. Had I provided you with very detailed information about your question and completely, what would you do with it? That’s not a rhetorical question. That’s an actual question. Can you answer that sir?

Rick: Well, it’s hard to answer a question when I don’t know what your response is. I don’t know what you would tell me. If you said: “No, everything’s fine, there’s no problem.” That would affect, I think, our attitude in thinking about the situation. On the other hand, if you went the other direction and said: “Yes, you need to prepare for global nuclear war and a meltdown.” That would be a different response. So, I really can’t respond to your question to me without knowing what your response is.

MM: [Chuckling] Now, who has the cop-out.

Rick: Well, you’re asking me to respond to your question. It’s like me saying to you “What would happen if Adam [had] decided not to side with Eve?” Well, that could go 500 different directions. And it’s the same thing with your question to me. It could go 500 different directions. You want me to address how I would respond if you responded to the question, but you haven’t given me a response to the question. I have no idea how I would respond to the information you give me without knowing what it is.

MM: Then how would it affect you either way?

Rick: Well, it would affect me very differently if you would say: “Hey, there’s no problem. Everything is smooth sailing. You guys are going to have a few speed bumps in the road of life and China will do what it’s doing, and you guys will do what you are doing.” That would be one response. On the other extreme, it would be a different response. And so, that’s my honest, transparent answer to you.

MM: What, effectively, would you do? Would you just dither around and spin around on the floor? Would you go out and buy supplies in case there was a nuclear attack on San Miguel? Or would you be happy as a Mad Hatter and enjoy the lie that I would tell you that everything was fine? Everything is not fine. Your world is in deep trouble.

Rick: Oh, I know that. If there’s one word that you’ve used repeatedly to describe us living here on this planet now, it’s the word desperate. And I understand the word desperate, and I understand what you mean by that. And so, I understand we’re in desperate times and we’re a desperate people.

MM: So, there is nothing I can do to help you promote your own spiritual growth and assurance that everything is fine between you and God.

Rick: Well, I think you just changed the subject. We were talking about the physical world of China and the United States and the various government forms, and now we’re moving to the spiritual—which, of course, I think is preeminent over the material, but that’s not what our topic of conversation was about. It’s about the material world. So, I think you are helpful. You have always comported yourself graciously and patiently, and your persona has meant a great deal to me over the years before I was even a member of this actual group just reading your transcripts. So, I think you and your work have had (I can speak for myself) real importance. And I thank you for that. And any part of my conversation with you today that might appear to be (I think the word a few weeks ago was) impertinent, I do mean to be respectful, and I do admire your work for these many thousands of years. Thank you.

Everything has to do with your spiritual growth

MM: Thank you. One thing that all of you should remember is that everything, everything has to do with your spiritual growth. You are here for the experience of living life. You are here for living life as an experience for God the Supreme and God the First Source and Center. Without your experience, that experience would be missing. Therefore, whether there is a nuclear war or not, your experience of living here with your angst, your anger, your disenchantment, or becoming closer to spirit is truly an aspect of your thinking, your belief, your faith, and the expression of God within you. Truly, in all the universe all is well and you have a secure place in the life here on this world and in the morontial realm as well. Your presence is needed here. Your presence is dear to the Father—the Thought Adjuster within you. You have an intimate relationship with that being. You are an expression in your life and living of the best elements of your relationship with the Thought Adjuster within you. If you are in fear or in happiness, this has an effect in that relationship. God will always promote the positive within you so you can see that even in the most dire circumstances of life and living, that you have a place that is assured to you and that all is well between you and God. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

Bleaching out the dark thoughts in the planetary consciousness

Liz: Well, that was a very interesting exchange to me, and I’m not sure that I have an actual question, but I do understand after hearing that why you do not entertain curiosity questions and questions of that sort. Were you to give me reason to fear China, that fear in me, I think, repercusses in my world and I don’t think the world needs more fear. I certainly don’t need more fear in my life. I work hard to keep fear out of my life. There was a discussion we had not long ago (well, maybe it was a few years ago) about our planetary consciousness and [how] our positive thought lightens it, and our negative thought darkens it, and I feel like it is part of my purpose here to bleach out the dark thoughts in the planetary consciousness. So, there’s not really a question there, but you shed some light for me today, Machiventa, on this idea of curiosity questions because I tell you I have a million of them and I have to check myself all the time against asking those questions. Now I have a greater understanding of how this process is working in our little group. And thank you Rick for being brave enough to ask those questions. Machiventa, would you like to comment?

More on curiosity questions

MM: Certainly. First, we have known that the curiosity problem would eventually erupt as it has today, and that it is important that everyone have the opportunity to experience the exchange that occurred, and could occur, and will occur when curiosity questions are honored. We do not honor them simply because this is not congress. This is not the forces of the Democrats against the Republicans vying for power. This is not an argumentative format. This is not a venue where we allow egos to vent their distrust and their displeasure with how we conduct business on your planet. It is not that we give permission for the darkness of China and Russia to occur, it is simply that they have the sovereign right to make those decisions unto their own without our interference. This causes a great deal of problems on the management of a planet as you might imagine. So, curiosity questions are not honored simply because we do not want to have this wonderful forum devolve into that kind of argumentative chaos. We do not enter into argumentation. What occurred just now was a vocal discussion of a topic which is of no consequence to us. It is no consequence because there is no possible, probable, positive outcome for answering the question. No one wins. It is asking the why question which is just ridiculous. It leads into speculation and dishonoring of the person who questions and the person who answers and responds. This has been an experiential demonstration which I hope all of you will take to heart. Thank you.

JT: And that’s all we have today in the way of questions. Do you have a closing statement Machiventa?

Planetary management on a decimal planet is like parenting a large family

MM: Yes, certainly. In many ways, being a planetary manager of a decimal planet is much like being a parent with a large family. There are differences within the family. There are differences between the children and the parents. Children will question why and how the parents do what they do, and in the case of conscientious parents who are truly loving they always do what is best for the family and for each individual whether individuals accept those positions or not. This is a rather stern position is it not? Many of you were not raised this way though some of you were. And some of you were raised to the far extreme where you were slapped and told to shut up and not ask questions any further by the parents saying, “Do it as I tell you, not as you want to do.” So, taking the middle ground is a wide avenue, a wide street. It is one in which caring is sometimes most difficult to convey. The empathy for the listener is present though it may not ever be appreciated by the listener. This is not an easy task. It is one in which Melchizedeks have a difficult time. That is why there are few planets inhabited, guided, or managed by a Melchizedek. It is one in which there must be thorough knowledge of the dominate species on the planet through a knowledge of those cultures and so on.

Planetary management by a Melchizedek

Even though the preparation for planetary management by a Melchizedek is incredibly thorough and covers all aspects and histories of other Melchizedek-managed planets, it is nonetheless experiential, it is something that you must improvise with on the spot ingenuity and creativity in how to manage for the benefit of all concerned. It is not something that many aspire to simply because of its difficulty. There is oftentimes not a win/lose situation, but what is best for all whether it takes a century, or it takes 100,000 years or more to enact and bring about the good for everyone. The evolution of nations into a working, functional civilization takes a long time. It takes the convincing of individuals in the practical aspects of living in a complicated world with millions of other people who want to do the same thing [and] doing it their own way. To follow Christ Michael’s way of management is to let the individuals take their course with guidance along the way when they ask. And that they are given the most leeway when they ask to, and they command themselves to will to do God’s will and to release themselves to God’s will in their life, as God and their Thought Adjuster sees as most appropriate. This requires a tremendous faith of the individual in the process and in the beneficence of God and God’s creation. This is no simple process, and, in the meantime, I have growing pains as well. I thank you for your attendance today and for your pointed questions. This is how we grow. Good day.