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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-05-17, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #5, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #5 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Much has happened Ahshah, Sondjah, Avalah, and Azalah A mission of expediency Proof of concept ready for expansion Next workshop in October 2021 For help with a slogan—Azalah More on October workshop Workshop by Zoom for T/Ring? Background for change An expression of overcontrol A broader group of celestials? “Boots on the ground” assistance from Azalah and Avalah Speak with the celestials aloud Urgency in our operation—your society is unraveling Priorities of decision making Comment upon our ability to communicate with celestials today Citizen assemblies You have seen that you are not alone

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Liz


Much has happened

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure to be here with you. Much has happened since the last time we spoke. We have had a wonderful (what you call) workshop in Eugene, Oregon on the 13th, 14th, and 15th.

We thank you for your attendance. We thank you for your thoughts. We thank you for holding the space with This One. When you come together it is essential that you practice some of the things that were done in the workshop like coming to center, grounding yourself, being balanced emotionally, being grounded to your world, and that you strive to hold a space energetically wherever you meet.

Ahshah, Sondjah, Avalah, and Azalah

I will be using various Melchizedek names in the future as the project that we have started after the transition from our last project. There are a number of Melchizedeks’ names and their functions that you should be acquainted with. I will state them in the order of how they came into This One’s life. The first one is Ahshah Melchizedek. He is the team leader of all relationship teams on Urantia. This is his area of expertise. The next is Sondjah who is the resident expert Melchizedek for the development and maintenance of teams—particularly design teams. The next is Avalah Melchizedek. He is the muse that has assisted This One to produce the many dozens of papers, articles, and books in the last 15 years that This One has been working with [about] these concepts of social sustainability—the seven values of ethics and morality. And the last one is Azalah Melchizedek. He is the resident expert on implementation. He comes together with us in implementing the designs that we have fulminated …

(Daniel: Machiventa used the word “fulminated” instead of “developed.” I’m not too sure about that. Anyhow, that’s the word he gives. During editing (by Daniel): His word “fulminated” in the text was used in the sense that their designs for the work that has already begun will “fulminate” by causing a great social upheaval—to be explained later.)

… with mortals and with the mortal mind so that the work that we have designed for the Correcting Time becomes implemented at the practical level. You must be aware that [Azalah’s] work is not dictatorial, but if you go astray, your work will not be productive. Therefore, when you work with any of these Melchizedeks, we ask you to use your prayer or meditation energy this way: that you would pray for the right and perfect outcomes of the designs that you have at hand and that you’ve been given. And secondly that you would also pray that, if you go in a direction that is not productive, that you would give permission to the Melchizedeks, your Thought Adjuster, and to your guardian to bring it to a swift end as the direction in which you are going would inevitably be unproductive. That way you can use your will powerfully as your will is sovereign to us and for us, and we will not abridge that. Therefore, you are giving us permission to abridge your decisions if you go in the wrong direction. We hope this is clear to you.

A mission of expediency

The reason why I’m being so specific with Melchizedekian names and their function is that we are on a mission of expediency. You may think that your opinions are not worthy when the direction changes quickly. You may offer some suggestions that may not be accepted as a direction we want to go. It may seem un-democratic. And you are very correct. We operate very much like a corporation—that once management has accepted input from mortals, we will take that under advisement as we move ahead with our plans which you have accepted. It is important that you give your verbal assent—not just your thoughts, but your outspoken agreement to move in the directions in which we are inclined to support. This will make you far more effective and your thoughts and work will be more effective and expediently dispatched—dispatched meaning as executed and completed.

The workshop in Eugene in this last week was for us a proof of concept that mortals could come together and be manageable, so to speak, that as we gave them suggestions, unknown to them, so that they would want to pursue that. The results of this workshop far, far, far exceeded our expectations or even anticipated percentage percentiles of completion. On the human scale we had an anticipated work completion of 100%, and you rose to about 131% completion. It was not the quantity that was completed, but the quality that was exceeded that we had anticipated and hope to have completed. For your information, there were numerous transpersonal experiences that people had. There was an inner transformation of them neurologically, physically, mentally, and bodily that many had phenomenological experiences such as their bodies vibrated, they came away with headaches, they had a transpersonal experience which is inexplicable to most people. If you've had one, you know what that means. They had been transformed in other words, that through them touching the divine within them (their Thought Adjuster) their thinking and their software had been upgraded and they had become more advanced in their thinking, their ideology, and their spiritual connectedness on a qualitative basis. Those outcomes to This One were totally unexpected as we only requested of This One that he play the program with a loose hand and not be too diligent in providing a strict outline which would have interrupted the magnificent changes that we have seen.

Proof of concept ready for expansion

As I stated, this was a proof-of-concept workshop that we had it scaled to a workable level of approximately 12 or 13 people. This was eminently workable and we could work with individuals individually and that we could assist them tremendously more than—it's hard to say, difficult to say in this language—that more was accomplished than was realized in the statements I have just given you, and that the information that was given was set up in a way to develop these outcomes totally unbeknownst to This One so he was not able to interfere in our processes we had designed into that workshop. As this has set a workable pattern, we will now expand that to another workshop which we wish to occur in mid-October of this year and that it be held in the same city and, most probably, in the same facility. The tenor, the design, of this workshop will be then to engage in teaching people the various roles within the design team, both for the co-creative design team and the strictly [human] design team. The differences are that there will be teams that are simply design teams where all members of the team are mortals and they assume the roles, the work, and the functions of those roles with each other. As you know, there is the organizer of the workshop, who works with us. Within the team there is the facilitator, the recorder, inquiring members, and the consultant. In the strictly [human] design team model, all of those members act as mortals. However, simultaneous to that will be co-creative design teams—at the same location in the same workshop—where the functions are these: there is a facilitator, recorder, inquiring members, and a T/R who brings through the Melchizedek consultant who will be Sondjah. Sondjah is the team consultant for all of those co-creative design teams.

This may be a challenge for the organizers and for the workshop facilitator, but nonetheless this is how we wish to proceed. There may be lots of chatter in this room, but we wish to have the co-creative teams located separately from the design teams. You see the voices of the T/Rs maybe loud on occasion as the consultants may be too loud in the mortal design teams. This, and we wish that there be more people attend, and that is our job to assist in that process. You can anticipate that there will be people who wouldn't know a T/R from a palm reader so there will be this spiritual aspect of these teams, and this would be part of your announcement, or the secondary announcement later on that there would be two design team models. That way those people who do not know about channeling, or thought they knew about it, would be forewarned as to what they're getting into and exposed to. Yet, on the other hand, they can be members of design teams without having the activities of T/Ring occur in their team. Well, that would be a decision that the team would have to make when they form.

Next workshop in October 2021

I am being rather specific, aren't I? Certainly I am. And the reasons are these: because we are going to go from 12 people working in dyads as this last workshop did to going to design teams with perhaps anywhere from 5-7 people per table with the 35 to 49 people in the room in respective teams. The [third] workshop we anticipate would be approximately 250 people in a much larger venue with as many tables and we would replicate the program for 250 people as we will do for 50 people or 49 people. So, you see, what we hope will occur, is that members of this most recent workshop who learned how to T/R clairaudiently and, of course, those who learned to T/R silently and within themselves, that those who became clairaudient would become the spiritual consultants of Sondjah when this next workshop occurs in October. So, my advisement to those individuals who became clairaudient is that they practice and practice with Sondjah. This would be a wonderful occasion, and perhaps you would want to meet with a friend in your neighborhood or your locale who would be willing to be your audience. It's important that clairaudient T/Rs begin with an audience of one person, and if they wish they can expand that. The T/Rs would be given monologue statements such as I give—as I am doing now—and then you drop into a question-and-answer session. We ask that the audience—the person who is the listener to the clairaudient channel—would ask very simple questions. It is important that you allow this development to occur in the simplest of terms as we do not wish these novice T/Rs to be overwhelmed with complex questions. Keep it simple. Simply tune into your Thought Adjuster or to your guardian, and as listeners you would ask those simple questions.

This is our projected work for the next few months until October. That would be five months. And so, we have five months before we open the doors and receive our new guests. In the meantime, you can be assured that we will be working with each one of you who may wish to attend. We wish most of all to have a friendly audience, both in the design teams and the co-creative design teams and that those who come together would be seeking to experience a new process, one that could be incredibly productive for them when they take this process back to their work, to their community, to their associations, and to their personal groups.

I know that I have given tremendous specifics to what happens next. It is not that I am unapproachable to have amendments to this design, but that I wanted to definitely have all of us traveling north rather than southeast, southwest, south and otherwise on our compass of spiritual enlightenment. I'm open for questions if you have any. Thank you.

For help with a slogan—Azalah

Jeff: Good morning. There is a question in this, but I would first like to state that over the weekend I learned that I could address you and you would hear me. And I can't tell you how much joy that brought to me. And today, to know that I could address Sondjah directly, or Avalah, or the others that are assigned to us brings me even more joy. I can hardly express [it]. So here is my question: A month or so ago I asked you a question about what Liz and I could put on the website that might be of value, that might be kind of a hook to get people to dig deeper and make more inquiries and you suggested that we might consider a slogan. I'm not much on slogans, but I've written one, and I was planning to ask you your opinion of this. But now considering your presentation this morning am I better off asking or addressing one of the other Melchizedeks for their opinion on whether the slogan is appropriate, or should I just proceed with you because I have really no operating relationship with the others yet.

MM: Thank you for your question as it gives me opening for several topics. The first is we wish you to confer with Avalah who is the writing mentor and that you begin to develop a working relationship with him. I use the pronoun him, as it is more personal than using it. We like to use the pronoun It (with the capital I) as that which is designated for the First Source and Center. And yes, we wish you to have working relationships with each of these Melchizedeks. You have a personal invitation from me to engage them for your needs. Azalah will be the one who will implement the developed plans and amended designs as we go along. You may (and I urge you to) speak with Azalah concerning any plans that you would like to see implemented that you have as suggestions for this work. You will not be allowed to supersede the plans that we have already made and announced. You can make contributions and you can ask Azalah if those plans that you have or design amendments that you have suggested are workable, and he will respond accordingly. It's not that I don't have the time to address you personally, but we wish you to begin working relationships with the Melchizedeks. We use celestial teachers to assist us in our work, and they are our subordinate figures. Some Melchizedeks have as many as 12 or more celestial teachers working with them to implement these plans and to assist them in their work. They may be the ones who contact you after you contact the Melchizedek. They would announce themselves as this is celestial teacher so and so—the name that they would provide you—and you are welcome to, and we advise you to, ask them whom they work for and whom they work with.

More on October workshop

There is one aspect of the October workshop that I did not cover and which I will do at this point. This workshop’s purpose is to begin design teams working on projects and each project relates to the social institutions of your society. Almost all societies have similar social institutions. These would include the family, education, healthcare, governance, justice, democratic process, and many more including media. Much work needs to be done on the social institution of media as it is almost nonexistent as a social institution with its own rules of ethics and morality and standards of performance. You will find the suggestions in [Part 3, “Preparing for an Unsure Future”] the large paper that Avalah and This One produced several years ago entitled, Sustainable Civilizations, A General Critical Theory Based on the Innate Values of Homo Sapiens. You will find that on This One's Google website. I will strive to repeat the URL for you: [Ed: ] That will get you there. That site was designed with our technicians many years ago, and it has many of those documents. The downloads section is a single page so that you will have to scroll down until you find the document. It is there as a pdf and it will have a number assigned to it, so don't be surprised if the document number changes in the next five months as we have requested Avalah and This One to update it.

Again, I may be very specific about what is going on, but we want you to see the wizard behind the curtain as you know from the movie The Wizard of Oz so that you have insights in how my Melchizedek team works, how we work with you, and how you work with us, our relationships, and so on. You are included in this working relationship as the Correcting Time program is totally co-creative. It is our goal that you become expediters, that you become the implementors with us in the execution of co-creative designs at the social level. We are moving from the theoretical to the practical and to the operational levels of our work with mortals. The workshop we just completed tells us that mortals are more than capable of becoming highly effective partners with us in the co-creative designs and in the healing of your world. I know, Jeff, that I have gone far beyond the parameters of your question but thank you for the opportunity to expound on them. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you.

Workshop by Zoom for T/Ring?

Marthe: Thank you very, very much Machiventa. That's been an amazingly inspirational conversation to listen to. As you are aware, we were also in a workshop. Although I wasn't able to attend your workshop, we had a workshop of about 48 women for two days on Friday and Saturday, and I'm just wondering, seeing that I did not have the chance to attend your workshop and become clairaudient and learn to be a T/R, is there a way that we can do this by Zoom? I know you explained last time that it's about 10% of the actual physical contact, so I wanted to know: the groups that I work with, is there a way that we can have access to the same T/Rs? And also, you have repeatedly today said that you have your own plans based on, obviously, the collaboration with mortals up to now. And I'm just wondering how do we become aware of what your plans are for the groups that we work with? Thank you very much.

MM: Thank you. Thank you from your position in South Africa as you have a prime location that we have been working with for some time. We will keep you apprised via the transcripts. It is our wish that we have a video recording with audio of the next workshop process as we want to replicate it, very rapidly if possible, and to maintain the quality of the past workshop and the workshop that will occur in October. I have these bits that I will also say along the way that the video recording may be done by two people surreptitiously among the crowd [at] the working tables that we will have, and that it not be intrusive.

Now to your question. The answer to your question lies within my statements just immediately given. Zoom calls are most difficult for us to work with as the attention is divided. You see in the workshop setting that there is the requirement that the individuals who participate hold the space, meaning that they expand their auras to fill the space, and in doing so they, not gel, but the vibrations impinge upon each other so that there is a group consciousness and even a group intelligence that is evident to us in that venue. And this is what occurred in the last workshop. The attention of the individual is 1) simultaneously working with holding the space and 2) to be attentive and to become and to be the self-observer of their own mind-action as they work with the others in the team at their table. And 3) that they do work with the others—that they are attentive to working with the others at the table. The table will have its own group consciousness and they will be in harmonic vibration with each other. It is important that the celestials be involved unbeknownst to those people who would want to attend, so that they are in the similar vibration of the rest of the group. We will be working to dissuade those people who work disharmoniously with others that they not attend. Of course, we cannot abridge any of their sovereign decisions, but we can be highly influential to those before they make their decision. If you have further questions Marthe concerning my statements in answer to your question, you're most welcome to provide them now.

Marthe: Thank you very much Machiventa. That really answered my question. My understanding has been sharpened. Thank you.

MM: Thank you.

Stéphane: Good morning Machiventa. That this is Stéphane. How are you today?

MM: I'm excellent. I am just totally over-the-moon-happy with what has occurred at our most recent workshop, and we wish that you had been able to attend as you would have been a powerful and insightful contributor to the whole venue. Thank you for asking.

Stéphane: Thank you. It was my intention to attend, but the borders are closed, and travel is restricted these days. Vaccination has been less progressive in Canada than in the US, so this time was not meant to be, but I’m hopeful for the future.

MM: Thank you.

Background for change

Stéphane: We seem to have switched to a different phase as you mentioned—implementation operation. What has changed in the background to make this happen?

MM: Thank you for your very insightful question. The background is first that the first project that we had been working on for decades had necessarily come to a close and we needed to put it in a in a box, so to speak, and put it on the shelf to be reactivated later on when it is needed. A part of the background that happened is that we had this current program as one of several that we could opt to go to in the event that the first project had to be abandoned. We are always not without alternative projects to go to. It simply requires us to agree upon the program (which we have done) and then begin again the process of garnering resources—the celestial, mortal, and planetary—to switch and implement the new program. What has gone before us, in further answer to your question, is that this is a direct development of the input of Christ Michael into the seven options that we had and with the agreement of the Most Highs as this program now is such that it is intended to become a fine, global expression. The implementation Melchizedek, Azalah, definitely has his work cut out for him though there will be several junior Melchizedeks who will come on board to assist him as the program expands globally.

The match of this program matches well with Christ Michael's need for this planet to eventually enter the days of Light and Life, and that mortals become co-responsible with us for the design of their social institutions which are fundamental to the social architecture of every society. It is important that individuals become aware of how societies become functional. As you know, your society is not functional. It is simply the aggregation of linear processes that work separately, sometimes very selfishly, and sometimes even more egregiously authoritatively as though they're the only one existent. This must be supplanted by a common team process where each social institution sees themselves as one in a continuum, integrated, system of social institutions that have a united, single intention to assist in your species’ survival, and that it assist the basic institution of the family to not only survive but to exist stably to become the primary, enculturating, and socializing institution in the human life continuum from preconception to the elderly years and on to transition to the morontial realm.

This is an important part of our work. We sense and feel that our program matches very well with the desired designs of Christ Michael and the long-term objectives he has for your planet and its civilization. We are being so incredibly expedient at this time, which is rather unknown in Nebadon and also unknown in many other Creator universes that it is receiving a great deal of scrutiny and examination from others. It's not that we need to adapt to the rapid, social-changing lifestyles of most Americans and those in second stage democratic nations as that would be detrimental in itself. This is, however, a rapid upstaging of the development process for us to make. Therefore, you can take my specifics I've given you as the requirements for us to be expedient in the development of this widespread evolution and development of design teams throughout the world. It is our work now to use this as a learning process until we have reached the largest process of 900 attendees at one time in a very large venue to teach 900 members at a single time. That might be overwhelming to you and certainly, it is not meant to overwhelm you, but I state this to give you an idea of the direction in which we're going. If it proves out that 700 is even too large, then we will scale that back to 350 or 450. And so, we are now striving to find the optimum number of design teams that we can work with in the future. The backstory is of what I'm giving you I think is answering your question, and we are striving to use the teams that we are teaching now to become the teachers and consultants and active guiding members who will be the facilitators who may occupy the position as facilitator in these future teams so that the student becomes a teacher, and this emulates perfectly the morontial schools in which you will attend. Thank you.

Stéphane: Machiventa, this is very insightful. Thank you. What makes you think we are ready for this? More specifically, you must be seeing other pressures from the Third [Daniel: First] Source and Center that are helping us move into this very active phase.

An expression of overcontrol

MM: Well, my dear friend, you're not only insightful spiritually but you’re intuitive, spiritually. And yes, there is what you call an over-control that is being expressed by the First Source and Center on this planet. Your beloved Christ Michael—our creator, my creator—is wishing to see that some of the most, what you might call socially depressed, socio-economically depressed areas of the universe, become whole and actively contributory participants in the evolution of the grand universe. You might call it oversight control, but that is too immediate and too intimate a definition, but there is an overcontrol that is being expressed through this process. It is not a conscious process to me as your planetary manager and [an] advanced Melchizedek, but nonetheless we scratch the hair on our heads, so to speak, and say “There's something going on here, isn't there?” So, it is a thoughtful process on our part to totally appreciate and accede to the desires and wishes of this overcontrol which is most immediately available to us through Christ Michael and the Most Highs so that as this overcontrol proceeds through those levels to you personally, individually, as a society, and as a civilization that the specifics become more definitive as we proceed. This is what has allowed me to give you such definitive specifics in how we will proceed. And I do not say that these designs which we have given and the details of which we are sharing with you are perfect—they are not. You have asked how is it that you are prepared to participate. That is the product of the Correcting Time through the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission. You realize that Monjoronson is the overseer of the social rehabilitation through social institutions of your world. On a scale where 100% is us feeling that we are totally satisfied with who we are working with, we would have to scale the most conducive people as being between 35 and 55% of meeting our expectations to participate co-creatively with us in this project. The need for those in that group is that they would aspire to deeper, more immediate collaboration with their Thought Adjuster, their angelic guardian, and that they work more closely with the up-raising elements that we have available through Christ Michael to assist you. You would be speaking with your Thought Adjuster and those elements of Nebadon which will assist you personally. Thank you for your question.

A broader group of celestials?

Stéphane: Thank you, and if I may one last question. This was extremely insightful, thank you. You have mentioned four Melchizedeks that we can specifically and directly ask input from. Do you see this expanding in the future to a broader group of celestials? Thank you.

MM: Your last word was “celestials.” Yes, there will be others in the celestial working teams that are subordinate to the Melchizedek team of the planetary manager who would be available. For now, and for the foreseeable future, we wish you to use these four Melchizedeks specifically. If you have a particular need, then you would speak with your Thought Adjuster or with Azalah who is the Melchizedek of implementation to be guided to a celestial personality that could assist you directly. Is this clear?

Stéphane: Yes, thank you. Thank you.

“Boots on the ground” assistance from Azalah and Avalah

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. It's good to be with you again today. I consider myself kind of the boots on the ground of logistics person in Eugene, and now I understand why everything went so smoothly this last workshop because I had the help of the celestials, and I will probably be doing the logistics for this much larger event come October. So, question one, which of the Melchizedeks shall I involve to help me pull this off.

MM: Thank you. Yes, we do look to you to be the boots on [the ground] logistics manager for and with us, and we request that you begin with Azalah the implementer, and that you work with Avalah who will assist you in your marketing materials development. We feel that this will be sufficient to you. Remember that your guardian angel is here in a learning capacity as well to assist you as you work with others. You also have the assistance of Ahshah working with relationships and Sondjah working with your own, personal teams. You have immediately with you one who is part of your Urantia Book reading group who will assist you, you have the assistance of This One's partner and that wonderful personality north of you in the Portland area. Is this clear?

Liz: Yes, thank you. I am still filled with wonder and astonishment at what I experienced these last few days and while exhausted, [I’m] also energized and I look forward to this October surprise, well October event, with great anticipation and so thank you for… One of the things that happened to me was I had an opportunity to review my life and see all the steps in retrospect that brought me to this place today to be your boots on the ground to facilitate these events, and I'm just incredibly grateful for the help that I've been given throughout these last 40 years. So, thank you for that, and I look forward to being of service for this October event.

Speak with the celestials aloud

MM: Thank you so much for volunteering. I have one suggestion for you as you speak with the Melchizedeks—that you begin to do so aloud so that you can make a definite and clear distinction between your voice and the Melchizedek, the guardian angel (or whomever you speak with), and that, over time, this will become a very clear distinction to you as you speak to a Melchizedek or to your guardian [so] that you can clearly distinguish in your mind the voice of whom you're speaking to. And this too is a learning process as we do not wish mortals to accept their minds’ voice in the beginning as the voice of a spiritual entity. This has led many mortals who channel within their mind to take wrong directions repeatedly with the eventuality that there's a certain amount of aggrandizement, ego development, and so on that is completely inappropriate to this very hallowed relationship. And secondly, concerning your life progression, this will assist you in prioritizing your work in your life as you move ahead in the years ahead of your life, that you can have clear distinctions of where to put the majority and most effective percentages of your energy into. You will find that some of the wonderful things that you have done in the past may not contribute to these new priorities. You are an elder. You have much wisdom, and you are no longer 45 with the immense energy that you had at that time. So, it is your decisions, what priorities you seek to maintain and those efforts that you seek to continue. We hope that you would give this work a high priority and preserve your energy for the spiritual growth that you will continue to experience. Remember the wisdom that you have heard is some of the best days of your life are yet to come. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you.

JT: Stéphane, did you have a follow up?

Stéphane: Are we doing this now because it is much more urgent now than it has ever been in the past?

Urgency in our operation—your society is unraveling

MM: This is Machiventa. Yes, you have correctly surmised that, and the urgency is because what occurred on January 6th is indicative that the strings that hold your societies together are starting to unravel very rapidly, and if we do not take expedient action—we call it expedient on our part, you may call it urgent—but the priority for us is that this is first on the table for us to work on. We are striving to (and in answer to your earlier question, the back story also contains this) expand these workshops and the population that comes along—students becoming teachers and facilitators in future design team workshops—that these act to become the pollination process within the existing associations (professional and otherwise) within each social institution so that the design team ideas for social institutions be taken back home because what we see in all of your social institutions—all of them—is that they are coming apart; that even within a single social institution, there is no agreement on the intention of the work to do, that needs to be done, in the face of a society that is in rapid decline. It is our hope that these workshops and these teachers who were taught and learned the lessons therein would become the sources of guiding wisdom within their professions, within their professional associations, informal neighborhood community associations, and working groups within cities.

Priorities of decision making

There is one suggestion I give you and that is that you would look closely at the illustration within the manuscripts This One has produced with Avalah. The illustration that is particularly concerned with the decision making: Priorities of Decision Making in a Socially Sustainable Society. That is the title of it, and it looks like a pyramid that is based on three pillars: 1) the social/societal, 2) political/governmental and 3) the financial/economic. These are the primary structures in the social architecture of a functional society. They're not the most important ones, but they are definitely the ones this illustration of those institutions within those pillars that are most important to assist us in the transformation of your declining societies.

Daniel: I'm looking at a picture, it's not in color, but it is Priorities of Decision Making in a Sustainable Society. You'll find that in the newer publication editions of my later works that these are in color to help you differentiate the lines of force and the force fields involved in the maintenance of decision making in a sustainable society.

<Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 12.52.16 PM.png>

MM: Do you have further questions?

Stéphane: No, that is very good, thank you. And again, thank you for very deep answers to my three questions. Thank you.

MM: Thank you so much for your deep questions.

Comment upon our ability to communicate with celestials today

Craig: Good morning Machiventa. I think I kind of wanted to remark about how remarkable a whole process is that we are able to communicate with you and this is nothing we had ever foreseen in the earlier part of our lives, and it’s just opening up now and I see it opening up rapidly. Further, do you have anything to say on that?

MM: Yes. Thank you for your statement. Yes, when you begin to contemplate and you begin to think about the full scope of the arc of this work that we're doing since November, December and then significantly after the beginning of January, you will see that this is a multi-pronged effort with multi-pronged multi-vector results. One, there is a spiritual expansion going on with individuals. There is the social-societal expansion of awareness that there is somebody here assisting your societies if they are open to receiving the guidance of those who are responsible or accountable for the development of Christ Michael's programs on this planet. For those who are not attuned to positive, constructive channeling of the Light, this may be surprising—even shocking. But, in the end, they come around to realizing it is better to receive some guidance from a skeptical source that is benevolent. What we wish for at the outset is an expanding ripple effect of the awareness of our presence here on this planet. Few will realize (and perhaps only those within the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission) that we have a plan involved that will upgrade your civilization and those social processes within those three pillars of your societies to become more stable, more friendly, more agreeable, and so on. And so, it is awareness that we are seeking to ripple out.

What we are wishing also is that these workshops will be held in other locations as [the organizers] become more adept at executing the design of these workshops. This is what we're seeking at the present—that the development of these workshops become replicable. It is important that we have a standardized format that can be evaluated even by outsiders, even by those who experienced previous workshops, that they become available to evaluate the results of newer workshops, that these workshops always be held in the Light, and that the capacity of participants is available to hold the space. And what is required to do that is the consciousness of the assistance of the celestial realm to assist you to expand your aura in that venue whether it is your living room, a convention center, or a whole Super Bowl venue. You will see that this will develop.

There is something which I wish to share from the last venue and that is that we ask that those who see that something may be missing, that they become gently assertive enough to suggest to the presenter that such and such occur. It was our intention and Sondjah's intention that he speak in the second day, but because of the flow of events that did not occur but could have. It is important that capable individuals in the audience, when they see that something is not occurring, raise their hand and make appropriate suggestions. Please do not rely upon This One to have the mental capacity or tonnage to carry the full accomplishment of the mission forward by himself. This One has definite limitations as he becomes what you would call spacey as he T/Rs more and as he holds the presence of the group together with you. So do not expect this person to be an organizational super-person as he most definitely is not. Thank you.

Citizen assemblies

Craig: Oh, thank you. Sounds like something really to look forward to. It might be interesting to mention that it seems I read a news article lately that there have been citizen assemblies in France, the UK, and Ireland, I believe, discussing thorny issues, personal issues that people have great disagreements on like abortion and same sex marriage among other topics. And another forum called citizen juries, which is a much smaller assembly of citizens. And that in some cases governments actually asked for these to be formed in order to have input from the public. This sounds like a positive development that is along the lines of design teams in a way except that they don't seem to have an internal structure with specific roles assigned to specific people. What do you think of these developments?

MM: Your bringing this forward is excellent, and we thank you for doing so. This is an eventual development as we wish this to occur in the future. There is a caveat that we have and that [is] we wish that the development of design teams could begin within those environments as design teams do have specific roles, functions, purposes, and validations and that they are able to produce results. You will see that we do not suggest that we insert design teams now within those venues as the members of those venues are not sufficiently prepared even to think of the possibility of design teams without the aspect of a spiritual entity assisting them. This would be something that would be needed in preparation for developing co-creative design teams within those associations that you mentioned.

You see, there must be a very gentle, soft introduction of these concepts, and the most significant one would be the introduction of the mortal design team process which they can strive to do now. You are most welcome to introduce the design team concept to those communities as being able to produce objective, measurable results which This One and Avalah have called “findings”—that the team come to a conclusion of the findings through the process of discovery during the design team process. You see, what works best is the development of a synergism within the team, the design team process, the outline of the schematic with the validation through the seven values and subsequent ethic and morality. That is the full complement of what we see working and validating the work of others who strive to resolve those thorny social issues.

Eventually, there must be agreement with the seven values being the universal, timeless, and irreducible values of all humans and that these are statistically proven to be embedded in the DNA of homo sapiens—all homo sapiens. And thus, what people are seeing and using are derivative value-definitions, and derivative value-belief interpretations of those value-interpretations so that they are able to make sense of what they are doing and how they have come to have such tremendously differing, even abrasive definitions of their fundamental values. They must eventually come to agreement and see that their value-definitions are derivatives of the 7 values, and that when they consider the four primary values as being amended, softened, or maybe being made tolerable through the use of the three secondary values, that then they have a holism of belief that is congenial to everyone. However, you know, and we know, that there will be adamant objections of ego-driven personalities who seek power, control, and authority in this process to say self-righteously and by self-appointment that their values are the most important and everybody else can go to heck as you would probably say. Thank you so much for your question and the opportunities to expound on your statement.

Craig: Well, thank you very much for doing so. I’m going to, of course, look over the transcript and review that and I think it will be very helpful to people.

MM: I may add that as this transcript goes out to many hundreds if not several thousand people that they will be reading this transcript as well, and they are invited to act upon some of these suggestions. We have a friend in Wales who may think of this as being pointedly useful for him. Thank you.

Craig: Great, thanks.

JT: That's all the time we have for today. Machiventa, do you have a follow up? We have some reader questions, but I think we're up against our time limit.

Daniel: Yes, we're past our time.

You have seen that you are not alone

MM: This is Machiventa. One moment please. Just as you have you heard one person say that they look back over their life and see how those special events that developed in their life have brought them to this point, this place, this position, and this function in their life for their own personal spiritual development, and as they are prepared to make a contribution to your civilization, so too you will find that if you look back over the history of the Correcting Time as it is involved with you in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, that you will see how our work has led you to this point and how the events of the world you live in and which we are striving to manage well takes us to this present point. There is a definite development of ideas, concepts, and plans that have been in place and are now out-forming in this very moment that I'm speaking to you. And now you see through today's presentation that you see where we are deeply involved in the co-creative process of bringing stability to your world and that perhaps some of our directions, guidance, and designs may constrain some of you, and you think otherwise that plans could be amended, that you are at least are seeing that you are not alone, that your planet has caretakers, caregivers at the management level of the planet to oversee the transformation of your world. I am not saying reconstruction, I'm not saying reformation, but I'm saying the re-creation of your world at the societal and even at the local and family level.

It is important that you have an open awareness that you are not alone and that there is someone here to assist you. Also know that each of you has your own Thought Adjuster who is more than willing to be an immediate, personal, contributing factor to your life, it's unfoldment, and development. Know that you have a guardian who is with you, who is there to assist you as well, and if you have called upon Christ Michael to provide you with a celestial teacher, then you know that you have one as well. In fact, you have five or more individuals with you almost all the time at any given moment in any given place, to assist you in your life, your direction, and its unfoldment. We know that you are seeking completion and evolution in your spirituality and in the evolution of your immortal personality—completion as you see it defined in your mortal language. We are here to assist you in the larger structures of your world—in all your social institutions—and this is where we are actively working now. Also know that we have a compassion for you that is fathomless to you now, and that your Thought Adjuster and our Melchizedeks are with you contributing to you in ways which are unknown to you, but when you ask, you can be developed unconsciously at what you would call your subliminal consciousness level for your best performance here while you are on this world. …

… At this point Daniel’s residence had a power failure, and the meeting adjourned.