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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-05-31, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #6, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #6 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Making ourselves known to the public Seven values invested at the DNA level A shift from quantity to quality Equality is the premier value in democracy Transforming your democratic nations You are underrepresented in your democracies We are not going away, and we will become more public Doing and being Spontaneous worship during meditation Deeds, beliefs, and the “borderlands” Human emotions and the energetic aspect of evolution Animal heritage of survival The three secondary values Status update and a report card for us on the pandemic Seven fields of development in human beings—little has changed A pandemic forecast Holding the space Bonding Machiventa’s experience of living with a Thought Adjuster The Correcting Time program is here to stay, and it is co-creative You have many beside you

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Sherille


Making ourselves known to the public

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager and we are pleased to be here with you and thank you for your presence today as always. As we have mentioned before, briefly, we are here, and we are in the process of making ourselves known to the public. Our first public presence will be known to the workshop event in October when there will be outsiders invited to attend the workshop on the design team process. As we have stated, there will be tables of 5-7 or nine people (5-7 preferably), and they will be a co-creative design team with the consultant being Sondjah Melchizedek, who will be consulting through our T/R—This One—and perhaps another person if they are willing. There will also be tables of design teams where the consultant is a celestial spiritual being, who has an overview of the objectives of the Correcting Time and of the process of (not divine but) celestial guidance to the healing of your world.

It is important that the public eventually knows that: 1). We are here. 2). We are not to be worshipped. 3). We are here to teach you what to do to redesign all aspects of your world to become sustainable. 4). We will not overtly interfere in the existent politics, finance, economies and so on. 5). We are not interested in taking over the leadership in any form of your social institutions. 6). We will not in any way support any human efforts that work against the peaceful transformation of this world, and 7). Our presence here is similar to our presence on all other inhabited worlds that are populated enough to require our presence.

This is a co-creative effort between celestial guidance and mortal participation—meaning that we will provide the guidance for you to take action, and our presence and our guidance will be ever-present with you as long as there are individuals who tune-into us for guidance. Our responsibilities are shared. Our responsibilities for the guidance and development of sustainable societies are shared. They are shared between our obligations to you to assist you and for you to institute these designs that we have been making that will be co-creatively emplaced by us and by you. We are not to be seen as a panacea for any of the events in your world. If things go awry, which usually is the case in many times with human effort alone, then that is your responsibility to amend, change, and repair.

Seven values invested at the DNA level

We have given you much guidance in past years. You now know that your species is invested at the DNA level with seven values that you have not learned in school or from your parents. These values are those that are practiced by knowledgeable people who are humane and humanitarian—those who have empathy and compassion for others and who have a generalized love for humanity. The human drive to maintain life, to have life equally in all regards the same as others, and to grow into their innate potential is something that is universal to all humankind. You measure this by the improvement in your quality of life.

A shift from quantity to quality

There is, however, quite a change in store for you under this new way of doing business in humanity, and that is [that] we are guiding you to move away from quantities and quantifiable measurements to quality, value-based evaluations. It will be value-based leadership and value-based culture—which have always been present, but your cultures now will take on the values that are inherent in your species. You must be careful about using interpreted values, those human interpretations of the seven basic values that have allowed people and encouraged people to make differences paramount between themselves and others. This work that we're doing will be in many ways a process of generating equality as early as possible. Equality now is a paramount issue in your societies and in your world. It is paramount because it, after life itself, is paramount in people's thinking—that they want to have what other people have, and particularly to feel equal to other people. How they are made to feel is the important measurement of equality. It is the value-emotion level that assists people to understand equality at the basic level. They have empathy—empathy for others, and they empathize for themselves as not having the same, equal treatment as others. They understand what that means at the basic level of being alive and being human.

Equality is the premier value in democracy

This time now is a time of tremendous social and cultural change in your world—not just in the United States, not just in South Africa, but in other nations all around the globe. Equality is the premier value after life itself that dictates how democracies function and the quality of life in those democracies. You know, and we know that in non-democratic nations equality is absent in the main. The possibility of equality is not readily available for everyone. A democracy by its own definition is a place where everyone is treated equally and how you interpret that now is based on your feelings. How do you feel, do you feel equal to others? Do you feel like you are being treated equally? Equality is one of the touchstones of a democracy and it is mandatory that equality be practiced [with] the widest possible methods and populations that exist in the nation in order for democracies to become sustainable and self-sustaining.

Your government, your processes, and your political parties are now in a position of tearing each other apart, of becoming separate from others. Your voting laws have changed significantly. This must be amended. It must be made so that everyone can have an equal right to vote and the equal ability to vote as anyone else, and that there be no restrictions. Equality is a premier value, as we said, of a democracy. And this is what you want to preserve for all your citizens in your democratic nations.

Transforming your democratic nations

In our new project, which (until we have a better title for this project) is the Project of Workshops or [the] Project of Design Team Process. This is a name that This One gave it though it could be given many other titles that mean the same thing. We are starting here with this project of transforming your nations—particularly democratic nations—to be more effective for the treatment of families, individuals, and groups of individuals. We are starting here because this is the foundation place for the beginnings of democracies where local citizens gather together and take action to improve the rights of individuals—political rights and social rights. It is important that people be empowered at the local level. This is because the public—individuals, individual citizens—are the ultimate authority and basis for a democratic government. This is where the responsibilities for its maintenance must be established and continue on. What your democracies do not have is an ongoing means by which the local citizens can make meaningful contributions to their democratic process—meaning that the intelligence of many people will be provided to their elected officials and appointed officials; that the public will have a means of gathering together as separate teams and together as multiple teams to voice like opinions and preferences for actions that their government takes. It is important, once again, that the authority of the public be balanced with its responsibilities.

You are underrepresented in your democracies

As your democracies have proceeded from their beginnings (and I'm speaking of mature, developed democracies), the process and responsibilities of citizens has waned and has decreased immensely such that now the public—citizens and groups of citizens—have almost no responsibilities that they can point to, to participate or provide their opinions. Going to elections once every two years and four years is grossly insufficient to guide a nation into a sustainable future. This is a cause of separation through social change. Social change is the dynamic that has caused many problems within your nations. The increase of population has decreased the responsibilities of voting and how effective your voting is. We have mentioned before that it used to be that 3000 people were represented by one elected representative in the House of Representatives, and now there are over 900,000 people per elected representative in the House of Representatives. You have very little say in what goes on. You have almost no ability to see your elected representative from your district on a person-to-person, one-to-one basis. This must change. The public must begin to feel the weight of responsibilities for the guidance of their local governments and their national governments.

For us, for the Correcting Time, this is a time where individuals will become much more involved in their own governance and in the responsibilities of that governance. It is a place in the design teams where you can evaluate the ethics and morality of the laws that you have and the laws and legislations that are proposed to be enacted in your state and then your nation. It is important that there be a process of validation for validating the sentiment of the public and the morality and ethics of the conduct of their governments.

We are not going away, and we will become more public

As you can see from the seven stipulations I gave to you, we are here, we're not going away, and we will become more public. For those of you who espouse the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, channeling, and TRing as they are given, then you will see that you may be apart from the major portion of the population, but in time and as their presence remains, you will always have our support for what you do to assist us in the improvement of your world. This is not an act of popularity. This is an act of reason to become a part of this design team process at the local level in dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of design teams in democratic nations. When these become larger in number, you will find that the Internet will assist you to join forces, join arms, link yourselves together with other teams in this nation and other democratic nations. Truly, there will be a public political party of the people across nations. This is a real possibility. This is the way to work for humanitarian public policies, laws, and programs.

As this will be a major thrust of our work now and into the distant future, you can have your questions answered by asking them in this forum and there will be other similar forums in the future. It's important that until the design teams become grounded in reality and linked together that you have a means of validating your options with us, and this is the forum in which we will provide guidance to you and what you do to transform your nations and your world. Thank you. If you have questions, you are most generously invited to ask them. Thank you.

JT: [JT: I mistakenly repeated a question I asked for Bea in PMG #3.] Bea asks: If I understand correctly, the energy circuits of Urantia are being permeated by higher vibrations by the grace of the divine. Are there additional ways for an individual to ask for help to amplify greater love and positive energy by way of thought power? I'm not asking about prayer which I see is asking the Divine for help without the participation of the person’s brain. Of course, this would be without abrogating free will. I suppose I'm asking for advice about wording and will command.

Daniel: That sounds like a repeat from once before.

Doing and being

MM: It is important that you understand what you are asking for. It's important that you be able to empower yourself through this work with us and that you empower increasing the vibrational rate on your world. This is something that the angelic corps has been doing for some time on Urantia. What you're asking is to be in unison and in harmony with that angelic vibration. The best place to start is with your own personal guardian angel. It is important that you see yourself as partnering with the angelic corps to increase the vibration on this planet. What you must do will be a mental activity. It is not so much the doing of things but the inner being of things—that you be a part of that vibration, that you exist as a node or module of that vibration as an energetic booster to the vibration around you, in your community, in your home, your state, and elsewhere. Just as there are repeater stations for microwave transmission across nations, so too that you would become a repeater—that through your own minded-energy and body energy you increase the rate and the intensity of the vibration that you receive, and that, in fact, you become a part of that vibration. You, in the end, will see that you are improving in your God-like abilities and capabilities—that you live a more perfect life in accordance with the dictates that Christ Michael, as Jesus, has given to you. Thank you.

JT: We have another reader question from Katie. She says: Godwin, through the TM Russia website, is posting briefs from the Padgett messages. In them it is stated that every person has a soulmate and that we will be reunited with this person once in the celestial realm if we have not met them in our temporal life. Could you perhaps confirm this with Machiventa through Daniel?

MM: This is Machiventa. Remember that This One is simply the telephone, not the source. No, I cannot confirm that. Thank you.

JT: Okay, we have some questions from Walt who says your revelations about self-observation being critical for spiritual growth is a breakthrough for me. Thank you so much. You mentioned that one must also be willing to be a participant with the Thought Adjuster in the activities of one's life. My question is, how does one go about doing that?

MM: How does one go about that? You are seeing yourself as a doing person rather that I would ask you to uplift yourself to become a being person—that you would become and emanate the presence of the Father through your being. The doing part is assigning yourself an agenda for each day to be an expression and extension of the Father's will in your life, in your community, and on your world. How you do that is by willing to will the Father's will be done in your life. It is a powerful statement of being rather than of doing. What you do is to command all the resources within your being to act out and to be the expression of God's love in your life—that you would follow the dictates of Jesus to love one another as he has loved you, that you would be the person who assists others, that you are the good Samaritan in times of need, and that you would assist those around you equally regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or nationality. It is important that you be what you espouse you want to be and be one with Father who is in you. This removes the separation between yourself and your Thought Adjuster that makes possible the fusion that you desire from this lifetime. Thank you.

Spontaneous worship during meditation

JT: Walt goes on to say: Sometimes during meditation, a fit of spontaneous worship erupts. While I have no doubt that this is a positive thing. My question is, are the benefits of meditation suspended during this time?

MM: [Chuckling] Ah, my friend, you have mistaken this totally. This is one of the great benefits of your meditation. Thank you.

JT: He goes on: Are there deeds for which even genuine repentance and life change are insufficient to ensure afterlife passage to the Mansion Worlds without first requiring time to be spent in the earthbound borderlands for atonement.

Daniel: He started off with a good question, didn't he? Would you repeat that please?

Deeds, beliefs, and the “borderlands”

JT: Sure. Are there deeds for which even genuine repentance and life change are insufficient to ensure afterlife passage to the Mansion Worlds without first requiring time to be spent in the earthbound borderlands for atonement.

MM: You have the cart before the horse, my friend. It is not deeds that would assure your safe passage through the borderlands to the afterlife. It is what you believe, it is your beliefs that dictate how you behave. There are no deeds unto themselves which will assure the answer to this question, but it must be that you become the completely devoted individual to your Thought Adjuster and doing God's will. As far as the safe passage through the borderlands, this is something that you need not worry about were you to continue to believe undividedly about your oneness with your Thought Adjuster and oneness with God within you, which is the God presence, the Thought Adjuster.

This preoccupation with the borderland is something that we had hoped would be resolved in Monjoronson’s many sessions discussing that perspective. And yes, there are individuals who are stuck in the borderland, but there are far fewer than there were at one time in the history of your world. If you are a believer, this is not a concern of yours. Thank you.

Human emotions and the energetic aspect of evolution

JT: Alright. Our last reader questioner is Godwin. He has a five-part question here. Number one is: Thank you very much Machiventa for your answers. This gives food for thought. Therefore, I have divided the meaning of my first question from the last session into five questions. Then, first of all, I would like to ask you, what are human emotions in terms of the energetic aspect of our evolution?

MM: Thank you. Once your belief systems are in place and firmly in mind, in your life and in your mind, then your value emotions become those sources that reaffirm the inner progress you've made in your beliefs and in your trust and in your knowing that you are invested with the presence of God. The emotions that would affirm your progress are those of joy, of love, of care, patience, and tolerance—all the positive value emotions and secondary value emotions that you can name. The lack or the absence of any negative emotions is assurance that you have made great progress. The recurring presence of jealousy, resentment, anger, hate, and so on are simply evidence of your failure to mature in those areas of your life. As you progress, you'll become more centered in the presence of the Thought Adjuster and Its love for you, [and] that you would reflect this combined love in your life to others. Thank you.

JT: Part 2: Perhaps in answering the first question you will say much, nevertheless I would like to ask for a more extended explanation of the inner workings of our motivation. What is the mechanism of human emotion in the aspect of its operations?

MM: We have resolved that in the past. Thank you.

JT: Part 3: In the previous session you said there are many aspects about your being—physically, psychologically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually—that you are unaware of that are going on right now without your awareness. Could you reveal those aspects to us?

MM: You, having the capacity and ability to ask that question are fully aware of those aspects. Thank you.

JT: Part 4: In a previous session, you also answered Liz about the benefits of face-to-face meetings. “You are not aware of the other two or three senses of your being that do react to the presence of other people.” Could you elaborate on these senses and how they work?

MM: Most gladly. These senses would be of no use to you because you are not aware of them and do not know how to activate them through your will. Thank you.

Animal heritage of survival

JT: Part 5 of these questions: Although animals have no emotions, we nevertheless have an animal heritage that manifests in us as emotions and influences our motivation. Could you reveal to us more fully: What is this heritage?

MM: Yes. Your heritage as a human being is the heritage of survival. Within the survival of your ancient, ancient ancestors you learned to strive for that which you did not have, that which others had, and you would want to steal their food, for instance, for your survival and which would generate jealousy within yourself, anger in the one you stole from, and resentment at your ability, if you are a larger person, resentment from the individual who could not recapture their food as an example. These four primary values are ones that have generated great development in the human motivation and ability to improve the quality of one's life. Through this slow process of personal, cultural, and social evolution you have gained the ability to live together with others—that you would equally share with others because you, at the basic level of survival, know that if you do not, they will take it from you and perhaps even cause your death. The four primary values are ones which are personal. They are also social, and the personal level expresses in union with others on a social level and also eventually on a national level. These have led to tremendous improvements in your quantitative quality of life, the quantity of life that you see around you in homes, automobiles, money in the bank, and so on. The issue of being acquisitive has been one that has prompted your species to improve the objective, hard improvements in life.

The three secondary values

This has been due to the great neglect of the three secondary values of empathy, compassion, and a generalized love of humanity. It is from the secondary values that philosophy has come into being. Through your caring for others, you have learned how to live in an organized way through organizations and organizational structures so that you would no longer be in conflict with others. It is a means of balancing [the] equation through the humanitarian qualities that are innate to yourself.

The unfortunate aspect of this is that it has not been embedded into the nature of your organizations. Yes, there are humanitarian organizations and there are philanthropic organizations which seek to balance the equity of the benefits of life and living in a prosperous nation. However, their effectiveness would be greatly improved if they were consciously aware of the seven values as the integrated holism of human life and living—living as one, living as many, living as many together. It is important that these be included and not neglected any longer. The humanitarian efforts of a few people are insufficient to change the equity and innate value of individuals in their cultures and in their nations. It is important that people learn equality at the basic level, at the humanitarian level, through their empathy and compassion and then use the four primary values to enact that. Thank you.

JT: Stéphane has joined us, and we'll go to him.

Stéfane: Good morning Machiventa. This is Stéphane. How are you today?

MM: I am excellent. Thank you. I appreciate you asking for it's a matter of health and well-being on my part that I wish to share with everyone that the God presence in me and around me is a great benefactor to the quality of my life. Thank you for asking.

Status update and a report card for us on the pandemic

Stéphane: Thank you. And that's what brings us all together today is that God presence inside of us and brings us much _______ indeed. My question today (I missed your introductory statement, so I cannot ask anything regarding that) is: We are now in the 16th month of the pandemic, and I want to know if you have a status update for us as a species. How are we doing? Has this pandemic improved or allowed us to progress in growth as a species and a society? Are there areas where we've done good and areas where we've done not so good during this pandemic?

Seven fields of development in human beings—little has changed

MM: Yes, you're headed in the right direction. Remember, I have spoken to you about these seven fields of development of the human being and that these are the areas of measurement that you would want to analyze across your populations. Has your culture changed? Has the spirituality changed? Has the life purpose changed of people? You will see that when you take a measurement of these seven areas that you'll find little has changed. The old ways of doing business in your Western civilization—the cultures of materialism—have been the cause for people wanting to regress. They want to get back to work so that they can buy the latest cell phone model and they want to have a steady income to live comfortably and have what their neighbors have. As far as humanity across the globe is concerned, little has changed. And this should tell you that the pandemics are here to stay like the common cold (the rhinovirus colds) [which] have come to be accepted and tolerated throughout the human species. A part of being a human is to eventually have a nasal cold of some sort.

What has not changed is that this pandemic has not caused the populations of your world to change course. The number of people who have passed on due to the coronavirus, in fact, does not equal the number of new children that were born in the last year or so. Nothing has changed very much. What we seek is an attitudinal change of individuals and not just in single individuals, but in whole populations, and we do not see that. There is a concern for people being able to retain and keep what they have and to acquire that which they do not yet have. I'm afraid the answers to your question are disappointing—perhaps to you as they are to us. There is the balance of population in the world which is far, far too large to be supported by your planet on an equal basis. As you can see, the social and organizational structures of your societies and of your nations do not strive to resolve that inequality, and that is the base for the struggle of much humanity even in what you call the “Modern Times”. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you. Just a quick follow-up then. I would have asked, what would you have hoped to see in the best-case scenario, and you've just mentioned it at the last end of the reply. Anything else you'd like to share as to what you would have hoped to see as a response from humanity to the pandemic?

A pandemic forecast

MM: What we [see] (and this is not a pretty picture that I share with you) is that it will be the mutations that you are seeing—the adaptations of the coronavirus—will continue and that the adaptations will become more and more severe. The virus is improving its ability to spread quickly from individuals to other individuals and this will continue until it takes very little of virus aerosols and droplets to infect a person. Then the development of further adaptations will become such that there will be greater evidence that people will succumb to the virus more quickly. Or it may be that they succumb over a longer period of time without any treatment being available to modify or ameliorate the intensity of the infection. This is the difficulty of sharing this kind of news with you: There really is no good news at this time or in the foreseeable future. You will, however, note that the vaccines are becoming more and more effective; there will be booster shots available, and there will be improvements along the way. This will continue on as long as the virus modifies itself to become more deadly and more effective in spreading itself. It is important that those people who have something to do in life, and want to continue doing it, do become vaccinated. It will be eventual that those who do not become vaccinated will be the first to succumb under the later modifications of the virus. We're not talking about one or two dozen modifications but literally the modifications will continue until the population has decreased sufficiently not to pass the virus on to other people or the vaccines have become more and more effective. The choices are truly human in this case. The virus is here, it is here to stay, and humans must become able to adapt to it and adjust themselves to its spread.

We see that humans—mortals—are not doing all they can to protect themselves against this. Those who are young (very young) have a natural protection. This is something that they received in the natal months after birth. It's something that can continue on with reinforcement and that will be discovered as well. As people age, they become more and more susceptible to it so that those who are in their elder years become the most susceptible without the vaccinations. They must be more careful than any other population to protect themselves from succumbing to this miserable death that the coronavirus provides. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa, it's a delight to be with you today.

MM: Thank you.

Holding the space

Liz: At the last workshop a couple of weeks ago, I learned about and then actually experienced holding the space, and I think it's kind of like an expanding of the aura. I'm wondering what the limits are on that. Can I expand and hold the space for everyone on this call, including those in Africa, Canada, and Mexico?

MM: Yes, you most certainly can. You can do that. You have to see yourself and project yourself as the Spirit of Truth, as the Spirit of Nebadonia. You, as a mortal, can project yourself to encircle the whole Earth, and this is what we hope that all people on the planet would do. You must realize, however, that your ability to do so attenuates with the vastness of how much you want to enclose. You can, if you were to go into a very small room (a closet), fill it totally and intensely. However, when you take on a large building you can also fill that completely, but it will not be quite as powerful. That is why when we ask you and everyone in the group to practice the presence and fill that space with their energy and presence, that it then takes on a high density (if you want to call it density) to become powerful for those who are in that space and in their projections to help others. Does this help?

Liz: It does, it does. It's very interesting. Thank you. So, therefore the relay-station idea, correct?

MM: Yes.

Liz: So, could I hold the space during votes in Congress?

MM: Yes. I hesitate to give you a resounding, affirmative yes, but you can. And you would bump up against willful individuals who are filling this space with others who have similar attitudes and opinions and energies to express their own energies for their own personal needs. Do you understand that part?

Liz: I do.

MM: Okay. It's like an arm-wrestling match. You and one other person are hand in hand, you rest your elbows on the table or the pad, the referee says “go”, and you try to win over the other individual. This is why when believers unite together in their intention and in their union of attitude and project that in a unified manner to a location or place they can have great effect on what occurs. Thank you.

Liz: But the celestial community would be on the side of right thinking. Is that not more powerful than the other?

MM: Let me, for a change, interject a “but.” “But” it has to do with the sovereign will of individuals in other locations. If they have willed to do what is a wrong thing (as you may put it) then we do not have authority to thwart that will. So, you, as an individual, would not know that, however [in] those individuals who are attuned to Nebadonia and Christ Michael for the highest and greatest good of all concerned and are close in their relationship with the Divine, you have tremendous power to make your will, your attitudes, and your vibration effective even at distances. This is, as you can see (when you become more mature, you'll see), a fine art. It is much like singing a capella in a group. You may have a soloist who brings out what needs to be the lyrics that are said, the chorus line, or a melody while others provide the environment that supports that. You will find that in your morontial careers that you will have opportunities to practice this with others with the full support of your celestial assistants. Thank you.


Liz: Thank you very much for that. And then I have one more question. During the event here in Eugene a couple of weeks ago, the workshop, there was a moment when we all got together… Well first we all got together, we were fairly strangers getting together and then about noon on the second day, there was a moment where it seemed to me that we all fell in love with one another. So, my question is: Did something happen? Or am I overthinking my personal experience?

MM: You’re correct. Something did happen. It is the achievement of “bonding.” That “bonding” is something where you feel a union with others—that you have something in common with others and others have something in common with you, and you no longer have those ideas of separation between yourself and others. It is important that groups who come together to work on a design team, for instance, must do their bonding work beforehand. It is the process of finding the commonalities among you and between you as individuals and among you as a group. It is important that there is a sense of union—that with the increase of numbers that you have become more powerful. It is an energetic synergy that occurs. And what you experienced was that coalescing of those energies into a synergistic oneness which is most desirable.

I may add on to that that the design teams that you will be working in and with in October in Eugene will be groups that you will want to sustain into the future. This workshop will deal with understanding the basics, the fundamentals of the positions, and the roles and the bonding and the defining of something you want to work on together and then to do so. Many of the projects that your teams will be working on will be projects that you will want to continue on into the future. This is why local community associations would have their own team or teams that would continue their work for weeks, months, and even years. When you achieve this energetic synergism within your team, you want to preserve that because you become more effective at resolving the problems of the project you're working on. Does this make sense to you?

Liz: Yes, it does. I understand what you're saying completely. This last workshop was three days long and this event that I experienced or this “bonding” that you call it happened halfway through. Are there things that we can do to make that happen earlier in the event so that we could take more advantage of that feeling of community?

MM: Most definitely. There are bonding practices of which you might want to research. [There are] exercises that the group can take to bond more quickly and share their mutual experiences. This is done in many groups. In AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] when a new person comes on board and they stand up and say “Hello, I'm Joe and I'm an alcoholic.” and immediately people bond with that person, they understand what this person has gone through, and Joe understands what the others have gone through. There is a spontaneous bonding that occurs there immediately. And they strive to maintain that oneness and mutual support of each other. So too, in a group of strangers, you will want to have exercises and find the commonalities among all people so that you can come away from that and say, “Well I was there at the workshop in May of 2021 in Eugene, Oregon and I'm still friends with those people.

So, this is the most desirable activity. And yes, it can be promoted and done early on. That will be one of the intentions that will be spoken about early on and even beforehand in the advertisements that you put out that you will have bonding exercises so that individuals feel acceptance very quickly in the process. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you very much.

Rick: Machiventa, thank you for your time.

MM: You are most welcome. Thank you for being here.

Rick: You're most welcome also. I have two questions and the first one is actually more of a confirmation. I believe you mentioned a number of sessions ago that this virus would be active and for approximately 15 years. Did I hear you accurately?

MM: Yes, you did.

Machiventa’s experience of living with a Thought Adjuster

Rick: That takes us to about 2035. Okay. My other question is: 4000 years ago, you lived on this planet with a Thought Adjuster for about 98 years, I think. I would be interested if you could give it a little bit of a description of the difference of your life before or after living with and without a Thought Adjuster. Could you compare the difference?

MM: I will honor your curiosity question because it will have some assistance to you personally later and to others. The difference is immense. For a created being who is not immediately invested with the God presence within them and does not have the likelihood of doing so until they arrive in Paradise, this oneness with the Thought Adjuster (and this is conscious, a conscious pre-fusion state of existence) is such that it is a taste of the union that will occur in Paradise. It is something that is incredibly desirable and something that is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. It is not overwhelming in that the individual, as myself a Melchizedek, had work to do, work to perform. And there was a necessity of paying attention to details, to fulfilling the project for which I came to fulfill. And through this assistance and the presence of the Thought Adjuster in myself made it such that other people felt that presence around me. The mortals wanted to be with me to feel that presence. They had the assurance that they were with someone who was holy, and that this holy person had the best intentions and actions in mind for those around him and that they could learn greatly from this individual.

The comparisons are few, and the differences are many. How one feels with the conscious awareness of the Thought Adjuster in themselves is much different than when that is no longer with them. It is profound. Rather than being disappointed when the Thought Adjuster leaves, it is something that is highly desired and something that motivates everyone in the celestial realms to be on their best behavior to achieve that permanently in their eternal lifetime. Thank you for asking.

Rick: Thank you for answering.

JT: That does it for our questions today. Machiventa, do you have a closing?

The Correcting Time program is here to stay, and it is co-creative

MM: Yes. This is Machiventa. Know thoroughly that Christ Michael's plans for this world are deeply personal to each of you. They're also deeply personal to your civilization. This Correcting Time program Is one that is here to stay. It will remain through the difficulties and the dire moments of your world and in the moments of exhilaration of all people. This can only be achieved co-creatively. It is because of that co-creative command that we are now engaging these workshops in design teams for people to experience the co-creative moments. Many who attend will not be believers. They may not know of what they are participating in, but nonetheless they will have a feeling that something special is going on by them participating in it. It is important for the believers, however, to keep this in mind: that you are there to experience the co-creative energy, the engagement, and the co-creative synergy between spirit and mortals that you personally can enjoy and express in your ideas, comments, and contributions to the team.

You have many beside you

Know that you have many beside you and behind you who may be whispering in your ear silently for the things that you need to say and do to make the team more effective. This truly is a life that is highly desirable for mortals to experience. And this is the experience that we hope and strive to achieve for the whole lifetimes that you live knowing that you were engaged in a co-creative union in your lifetime and with the Divine within you and with Celestials outside of you. This is the offer of immense hope—hope that we know will become fulfilled eventually. It is with that hope I say to you today, best wishes my friends. Let's go arm in arm together in this road of co-creativity and our engagement together on a personal basis. Thank you and good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.