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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-08-09, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #11, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #11 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

A revision of the plans Some aspects of the plan have been left to wither Profound cultural change Transformation needed in accordance with the most permanent values Your communities of religion must evolve as well Progress in education Timeline of the shifted plans Advancing our original plans Varied approaches for different societies Protections for the October meeting Raising your consciousness A friend with cancer Societal change comes from within individuals Be adaptable

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Rick


A revision of the plans

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager for Urantia. It is an honor to be here as I consider it. This is my duty. This is my service, and it is an honor to be here to apply the wisdom I have learned during the tenure of my life as a Melchizedek and that I can hopefully be of service to humanity and to Christ Michael and Nebadonia to bring this world with their assistance and guidance and plans into the light once more.

Today I can say that we have begun a revision of the plans that were in place over two years ago. Those plans had been in place for at least two or three decades, if not four and longer, and they suddenly became disjointed due to COVID-19. And for us, the shock of the insurrection of January six was a huge wake up call for us if you don't mind me using that phrase as we are almost always awake—there are very few of us who sleep though we do rest. Those plans had been longstanding and were projected to take some traditional courses of development and evolution. However, those were set aside rapidly slightly less than two years ago as COVID-19 became known in the fall of 2019 and then spread rapidly throughout the world. This is the pandemic cataclysm that had been anticipated though its appearance came far sooner than we had anticipated. We are back in the mode of engaging early plans to bring about the changes necessary. Although we do not go by clocks and calendars and so on, we do go by developments and to combine those two methods of measurement—time and developments—you can take it as very earnest on our part that we have lost two earth years developmental progress in the plans that we had originally put into motion so long ago.

Some aspects of the plan have been left to wither

Two years is not much time on the scale of developments for a civilization, but for a planetary civilization and some national societies of that civilization two years is a huge amount of time that can act like fertilizer on cataclysms of various sorts and human-generated problems. The natural problems—the natural cataclysms—are progressing as we had predicted and estimated long ago. The human cataclysms however are a different matter. These can make transitions very quickly from immature crises to full blown cataclysms within a matter of a year. This is not unheard of in the realms of Nebadon, but it is rather startling to the newer members of our cadre—spiritual beings here on this planet and in this prior quarantine area. What I am saying is that there is no amount of working on our part to make up for two years of lost development. As I say, there is no making it up. Therefore, what will occur is that some aspects of the developmental plan for the civilization of Urantia will be truncated—meaning that they will be clipped—and that they will be left to wither rather than develop, mature, and evolve. This means that in later eras that these truncated stems of social maturity and development will be gotten to, will be nurtured to develop on their own, to then fill out the spectrum of human, social/societal activities.

Now when I speak of social/societal, I mean those very large elements of human progress where that progress is of a social nature meaning more than one individual—meaning that it can be upwards to the whole of civilization. Once you become acquainted with the ethics and morality of the seven values, you yourself will be able to estimate very clearly and quite accurately as to the maturity level of your various social institutions. And when I say social institutions, I mean those traditional social institutions, but this is where the societal and the social institutions cross and that is where the organizations that work within those social institutions need to progress and progress rapidly, particularly to evolve. The example of public education in democratic nations is one area where the societal crosses with the organizational and social institutions. The social institutions have organizations within them that are staid, archaic, and entrenched in tradition and have become calcified in their ability to transform themselves into more effective social institutions. You will see many changes within education (as you are now) that have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a necessity.

Profound cultural change

What you are seeing is cultural change that is profound—whether it's education, medical services, government, or any of the other social institutions, the cultures in them and around them have necessarily needed to change rapidly to accommodate for the needs of citizens and members that are being served by those social institutions. Health care in many places around the world operates on a basis of necessity and the greatest effectiveness possible. However, in mature democracies such as the United States and Western Europe those social institutions are laggardly—they are entrenched in materialism and financial growth.

Transformation needed in accordance with the most permanent values

We have often said that cultures are very much in need of transformation. As social institutions exist within a culture, when the values of a culture change, then the values of those social institutions change. Because cultures have no geographic location, postal address, or GPS location, for us to change the values of a culture requires us to make our approach to social institutions, which do have a physical and social presence in the form of operational organizations. As you have seen cultures and social institutions are slow to change, until tragedy strikes as has occurred with the current pandemic. Without the guiding co-creative influence of our relationship with each of you, your cultures, societies, nations, and cultures would very likely return to their traditional form and functions. As we have been teaching you, the most useful, pragmatic, and sustaining values are innate to your species, with a proven record of performance of over 200,000 years. Our work is to encourage the organizations of social institutions to adopt the culture of humanity’s core values, and their subsequent ethic and morality.

The above encapsulates the great intention of Christ Michael in the form of the Correcting Time programs, missions, and projects.

As the pandemic becomes more bizarre and much more difficult to manage, world health care organizations will necessarily need to replace their traditional values as they rapidly erode and prove ineffectual for the circumstances. The most permanent and efficacious values are those that are at the cultural core of humanity—the seven values that are innate to all humans.

This is the original mortal culture of the planet, outside of the spiritual community which is unseen by mortals. Our work is to enliven the seven core values and attendant ethics and morality in the societies of Urantia. It has been our work to introduce these to you some years ago and we have been making progress. Not everyone, even in the higher academic culture of education, adheres to these values. It will be an important achievement when those organizations within academia and the organizations of social institutions recognize these values as necessities for the peaceful settlement of human civilization and its societies and nations.

Your communities of religion must evolve as well

That is where we are now with our work. We are striving to reintegrate this new plan into the spiritual and religious organizations that mortals have brought into existence. You very possibly will see some significant, major, and very rapid developments occur in your communities that are not necessarily centered in the geographic community reference. Your communities of religion, spirituality, and spiritual metaphysics must necessarily evolve as well. There will be a great deal of discomfiture among traditional individuals within those various venues. It will be challenging even for those who were in their middle years of 30s, 40s and 50s to make the transition from the less traditional to the more evolved. It will all look as though there is a vanguard, nouveau culture coming into being which will be correct. And of course, as humans are wont to do, they will be striving to make their egos known within these new areas of interest. It is important therefore that these seven values, ethics, morality, and the spiritual communities of which we are a part, remain faithful to the core of our interests, so that we can establish a firm base for the survival and very operational existence of your societies. That will all come into question eventually, as your societies come into disarray.

This is good news I know, and harsh news as usual. I wanted to bring you up to date as far as our work is concerned. We have new programs in place, new agendas in place, new priorities in place to make progress in your societies. Of course, we call upon you. We know that you will be faithful to the core of Christ Michael's work, and we praise you, and give you our thanks. Thank you. I am open for questions if you have any.

JT: Alright, I'll start a question-and-answer session, and we will begin with Rick.

Progress in education

Rick: Machiventa, it’s good to be with you here today. [Unintelligible] that education in the United States and Mexico and saying the same book. There is a rigid, crystallized component to it that was almost strangling the creativity and dynamics of education. Over my years [I’ve seen two that worked really well] and those are Montessori and Waldorf, and I guess the third would be International Baccalaureate, but that's for a higher level. When you talk about your concerns about a calcified educational program, would those be the models that you would have us look at as potential examples.

MM: Yes, in part—only in part. They are more flexible and neither school is antagonistic toward the other. They provide a wonderful alternative to public education and even some primary education that is private. These two schools would be more in tune with our work were they to reexamine their intentions for existence and the intention of their contributions which would then be evident in amendments to their existing programs. As you may have studied the priorities of decision-making illustration that This One and Avalah Melchizedek created, you will note that the emphasis is on the sustainability of the species and the sustainability of the individual/family. These two educational philosophies are very diligent about their work and how they approach it. They would make wonderful models, in part, for our work. Do you understand so far?

Rick: Yeah, I do.

MM: Good. Thank you for your question.

Rick: May I expound on the question by asking how might the model of Montessori and Waldorf be improved. In what specific area are they lacking and could be improved upon?

MM: That would be to focus upon their intention. Now they are trying to provide a holism of education to Children at the level of their development. We simply would like to see a new emphasis upon the child as a functional part of the family and that they would be provided with educational support to help the children become effective parents when they grow up. This, of course, would have a resounding effect upon the children's current parents. Now, does that make it more clear for you?

Rick: Yeah, but feel free to expound.

MM: I am hesitant to expound for we do not want to lay down railroad tracks of ideology that are not amenable. There are fundamentalists in every social institution which would adhere to the word and that's all they're going to see, and that's all they're going to do. We want to remain highly flexible at this point. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

Recca: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Rick for your interesting question. Before I ask my question, may I address from the Urantian parent point of view Machiventa’s statement about both Walden (which is Steiner method) and the Montessori method? I was very familiar with, although not a Montessori director, before I read The Urantia Book and when I read The Urantia Book, I was charmed and delighted to see the expansion of Montessorian principles very obviously put down in the papers on the adjutant mind spirits and the cosmic mind. I suggest to anyone interested in up stepping the Montessori in their own family practices to observe the E. M. Standing book on the life of Montessori. There's a listing of the traits of the normal child. And I applied in my own home-school family and public-education-family work, the teachings in The Urantia Book to the traits of the normal child, and indeed having a family council where the children of the family are introduced to the complexities of parental life, role playing, family council, and voting in family council are a useful up step to Montessori practices. So that's all I have to say on that. In other words, it can be wonderfully improved. Also, I would love to see Montessori principles in public life. In other words, there are probably normal adults. I'm sorry. There are, there's probably a model for the normalized adult as well as the normalized child. Those are wonderful traits. Children help adults become adults.

Timeline of the shifted plans

So, my question for you, Machiventa, is: You referred earlier to your planetary management group plans as being shifted. But you said the trajectory of earlier plans has been pushed off, are you referring to the 2000 years since Pentecost when Christ Michael had put into effect his plan for up stepping the planet? Or are you referring to further back—your own emergency presence on the planet for Abraham and the Caligastian crisis/betrayal and the Adam and Eve default. Have the up stepped plans for planetary recovery gone back that far, or are we speaking about Pentecost plans?

MM: This is Machiventa. You befuddle yourself by making your question—your statements—too complex. I am referring to the end of the dark ages and forward from there.

Recca: Oh, you mean the Middle Ages, the medieval period. The transition into the age of reason—into Descartes.

Advancing our original plans

MM: The fundamentals of those plans were put into place at that time. They have been refined since then and they have become more defined with the advent of the formation of democratic nations from the mid 1700s and forward. We and the Most Highs were at work with the authors of the Declaration of Independence and very, very busy with the committee—the individuals—who formed and approved the final constitution in 1791. Since then, we have been on a track with the plans that follow the industrial revolution, the automation and data revolutions, and so on. Those plans have been fine-tuned as time has passed which came to a sudden pause with the advent of the Covid pandemic. We were aware of those pathogens before they became apparent to your scientists and the rather explosive proliferation of these pathogens took your societies by surprise and—I wouldn't say, our dismay too. It wasn't altogether unanticipated, however, the rapidity of the spread of that virus was alarming, at least to us. We wish it was more alarming to mortals.

We have had to make adjustments of those original, what you might even call traditional, mortal-celestial plans with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and now the proliferation of the variants. Therefore, we have had to reframe the trajectory as you call it so that it arrives at nexus at approximately the same time. Therefore, it is important that we, you use the word up-step, we are going to use the word advance, our original plans so that they come into development and social evolution much more quickly. This will require the very best behavior and thinking of mortals in your realm and particularly of those who are concerned with the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and The Urantia Book. You will see one of these developments as that of the workshop in October of this year approximately two months from now. It is important that local people begin to understand how to make amendments and changes to their larger societies beginning in their communities and moving forward from there. The openness of the topics that can be addressed through the Design Team Process are almost without limit and without limitation of breadth and depth. The questions to be asked need to be answered, and that they will have a rational means to do so. Remember that these teams are not committees and there is only rarely a need for a vote to be taken as there must be consensus achieved as frequently as possible. I have gone astray from your question and have addressed other topics. You may continue your questions if you wish Recca.

Recca: Thank you. Actually, that's not far away from my original befuddled question. Thank you for pulling me up tight again with the Middle Ages, I can function better thinking like that. Another question: In first world, developed societies, is there a difference in the planetary management timeline? No. Is there a difference in the planetary management techniques for contacting or inspiring third world countries which have dictatorial or non-democratic societies governments?

Varied approaches for different societies

MM: I understand [the question]. Yes, we read your mind very clearly. The answer is yes. There are different means, different timelines, different strategies and tactics for approaching these societies. Of course, the most retarded ones are those that are autocratic, and the populations have been socialized and enculturated in autocratic regimes. It takes more time for those people to come to a place where we can openly work with them. However, that is not to say that the calcified bureaucracies of first world countries are much different. We find that within every world order of nations, whether it's first, second, or third, that there are advanced individuals there who we have already approached and are striving to enlist in our work. This will be something that will be, rather than foreign aid, eventually there will be genres of aid to assist the development, maturity, and eventually the evolution of social institutions in each nation. We are leaving nothing to risk as we also have work being done with indigenous people in their own environs. It is important that their wisdom and their spiritual perspectives be integrated into the Western, technologically developed cultures, which seem to be in many ways bereft of spiritual inclinations. We are working simultaneously in all nations and all cultures and all ethnic groups.

I believe I said last time that there are several billion spiritual entities on your world working now with individuals and groups. It is our work now with you in this realm of Melchizedek collaboration with mortals to have begun the coordination of efforts among mortal groups. This is done through happenstance, through coincidence, and serendipitous occasions—even to the point of assisting individuals and their reference work so they find materials that are useful to our mutual work. Thank you.

Recca: Yes, that’s exactly what my question was. In the last T/R session and session before that you used the word transform. That word has been preying on my mind in my many activities, and I am wanting to be an agent of transformation as well as I'd like to transform myself. I find that attempting to be in conscious presence with my Thought Adjuster is an act of transformation on myself, on my own habits, on my own calcified habits. Are we each transforming agents as we transform ourselves? And do we help to transform our local societies, our local communities by acting with intention? (That sort of answers its own question.) But transforming ourselves from being a material sort of unspiritual society (my local community), I have to transform around me and that's hard work.

MM: You should take on our tasks.

Recca: Yes, I'm trying to take on your tasks in a single way and it’s hard work. It's hard work to transform my mind around the work on mortal levels as opposed to Most Highs and planetary levels. And it is a task to just think globally as a mortal. Was there not any gain through your eyes during the covid pandemic in the United States and in the Western World? Did we not make any kind of social advance in our panic to survive this crisis? Were there not any increased….

MM: Recca, this is Machiventa. You're now layering your questions. To get back to your original question, yes, we do have efforts in many societies to assist them. And to your second question, yes, there has been progress made, wonderful progress made. This is part of the culture-change. As you're seeing with this culture-change, there is a sifting, a separating, much as water and oil separate, between those who are resistant to change and those who embrace change and those who think in global terms to assist in the protection of children and mothers who are capable of reproducing. Yes, there has been progress made, but the tearing and separating between groups of individuals has made it difficult—an inaccurate word—to work with all groups. We of course are paying special attention to those who have flexible thinking, flexible minds, and who can think deferentially rather than linearly. It is important that we foster those who are coming along, who will be the proponents of the new transformations of the social institutions from the family to higher education and so on. Thank you for your question. Do you have further [questions] that you can simplify?

Recca: I'd like to apologize here for thinking differentially maybe. My thinking has increasingly become layered, and it gives me a physical sense of dislocation in my daily work. I have not been physically working well because I find too many options. I have to narrow my choices to make progress. Maybe that's my task right now. Thank you very much for your patience. I'll stand down.

Protections for the October meeting

JT: All right. The only reader questions we have today are from Walt. Walt says: As required, we attendees of the October design team workshop meet each being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. However, infection is still possible in the vaccinated, especially given the delta variant who can in turn asymptomatically spread the disease. Is there any protection or practice your team can provide us to mitigate the possibility of workshop attendees contracting the virus en-route or during sessions and returning to their loved ones infecting them?

MM: Yes, we have already striven to make those “arrangements” such that you will be protected as best as possible from within your travels to and from the workshop. You simply need to keep an openness and awareness of the presence of spirit around you to assist in this process. You may need to turn left when you were planning on turning right for instance. Simply follow our lead, and you will be protected as best as you and we can provide. Thank you.

Raising your consciousness

JT: Walt says: As you stated in PMG 10, how does one “raise oneself beyond their own personal consciousness to envelop and engage the consciousness of all others?” What [can we] visualize to achieve this?

MM: This is much like two raindrops that have landed on a wire—let's say a clothesline—and they are moved by wind and by the elliptic of the wire, drawn together, and one absorbs the other. Which one absorbs which one absorbs the other first? You can practice this metaphorically in your life as you attract those individuals to you who are attracted to your energy and, not that you envelope them, but your consciousness is already attracting them to you and you to them. Thank you.

A friend with cancer

JT: He says: A family friend and fellow believer has cancer that has begun to metastasize. I've been praying for this individual and visualizing God healing them. Can you advise of any further spiritual practice I may do to co-create the individual’s healing?

MM: Yes, most certainly. We would ask them or urge them to envelop the consciousness of Christ Michael into themselves. This would be the most powerful healing influence that they could attend to. It has many vectors of opportunity and possibility latent within that action. Thank you.

JT: Walt asks: Since your team will not abridge any individual’s will expressions of decisions, it seems that citizens and nations of dynasty dictatorships must hopelessly abide oppression indefinitely. While democracies are healing through co-creative collaboration, celestial teams, how will those oppressive states become a thing of the past?

MM: Most certainly. This is Machiventa. It is simply by holding their own will first before that of the dictator. Thank you.

Societal change comes from within individuals

JT: His last question: I believe wholeheartedly that having societies of operationally intact families can heal the world. However, I cannot concretely explain how. Please provide concrete examples/explanation of how creating such families will eliminate the social, political, and international antagonisms which are so often facilitated and cultivated by social media and geopolitical rivalry.

MM: Dear Walt, your emphasis is misdirected once again. It is not upon the outer but on the inner. It is willing to do God's will to teach children how to be attended to the still small voice within them for their own direction. Yes, societies will be healed by the healing of all families within that society. It is a very slow process and in doing so those families will produce those God-centered individuals who will become presidents, executives, boards of trustees, and members of the decision-making people of the nations. This is not about the conscious effort to change those institutions and those organizations. This is not a revolution, Walt. This is doing God's will in the most intimate confines of a family and within the confines of one's own personality and their will. Thank you.

JT: Walt expresses his love and gratitude. That's all we have today. Do you have a closing?

Be adaptable

MM: Yes, certainly. This is Machiventa. As your scientist Charles Darwin said, the intelligence, and mass, and size of a species matters little if it is inflexible, and that the most capable of surviving are the most adaptable. And therefore, the Midwayers who are the constant companions of your planet and of you, and who are with us work for the adaptation of individuals, of families, and whole societies to change and survive. It is adaptation which is the watchword of all celestials and this infusion of spiritualism and spiritual entities on your planet. We are here to assist you to adapt and survive. As you're seeing from the COVID-19 pandemic and its variants, adaptation is one of the most effective means of surviving. Rather than complaining about wearing a mask, that you accept the most effective masks, you socialize in small groups, and you avoid places where you suspect there might be pathogens in the air. This is adaptation. Those individuals who are inflexible and have calcified themselves in their own personal belief systems will surely pass by you on their way to the mansion worlds. We ask that you be flexible and adaptive, knowing that we are assisting you to survive for our co-creative work with Christ Michael cannot be completed without you. Therefore, we are in need of flexible individuals who can adapt and accept new ways of living and of life to assist their societies in doing the same. We praise you for your tenacity, for your patience, for your endurance, and for your perseverance in this work. It is not easy for you, and it is not easy for ourselves as it requires the patience of Christ Michael himself as Jesus to do so. We thank you for your attendance and your participation today. Good day.

JT: Thank you, Machiventa, and thank you Daniel.