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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2021-12-27, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #21, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #21

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Under the wings of our mother hen Opportunities coming for growth Group psychosis Summary of The Urantia Book The inevitabilities As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful The seven core values and evil “Past life experiences” and reincarnation The Teaching Mission and Correcting time in Europe The Peace that passes all understanding Your earthly and spiritual quest

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Under the wings of our mother hen

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. I feel exceptionally close to you today as one would in a small family with a number of children, much like a friendly, family Christmas gathering. As we proceed into this era of cataclysms, we want to come together much like a clutch of chicks under the wings of its mother—the mother hen. This is how we see ourselves with The First Source and Center, Christ Michael, and Nebadonia. We are all under the umbrella, under the protective wings of our Creator. We are fortunate that the creator is personal to useach of us. We Melchizedeks know of that association intimately as we are directly sourced from the union of the Creator Son and Father Melchizedek. We are here to participate with you in creating a world where you feel comfortable, where you feel safe, where you can nurture your own children in ways that will assist them to grow into their adulthood. It is, of course, the purpose of the Correcting Time to assist this world to enter into the era where people personally grow spiritually and evolve in this spirituality of their emotions and their personality. This is almost taken for granted on other worlds [excepting] the decimal planets [where] it is sometimes difficult to arrange. However, on this world, it is extremely difficult to arrange, and so we have gathered together several cadres of individuals who have associations and interests that will be of assistance and support to us as we move ahead in our programs.

1 Opportunities coming for growth

That all seems quite nebulous to you, but soon you will be given the script—the playbook so to speak—of what will occur in some marginal ways, some of which you can directly participate in. We know that this is what you have been looking forward to and want to experience and contribute to. For you who are true believers who are sound and solid in your belief, in your faith, and in your trust, you are patient. You know that there are openings coming for you to grow into, and this will assist you to have a life that you feel is more worthy and deserving in yourself. In many ways, your experience as adults and as spiritual children echoes that of a child growing in a healthy family [in] that you begin to experience yourself having experiences. You explore, and gain confidence in what you are doing. You repeat some efforts because of mistakes and learn through those as well.

You as adults have come to the point in this cadre (our planetary management team) where you are ready, willing, capable, and prepared to take on the tasks in the near future. It will still seem remote to you as there are no instructions that come in the mail to you. There is no sheaf of orders that would come to you if you were a soldier. There are no orders of instructions or procedures that will be available to you other than your own faith and trust and your own conferencing with your guardian, your celestial teacher, and with others who are available to you. It is this relationship that you have developed that gives us the confidence in our mortal team to proceed with us in helping your planet recover from the cataclysms that are now burgeoning and growing. You have enough knowledge through The Urantia Book and through the Magisterial Mission and Teaching Mission that you can now participate in the plans and designs of plans for your recovery.

There will be no invitation sent to you other than you may come across an opportunity that presents itself to you where you can say: “Yes, I would like to participate in this, and yes, I have some ideas that may be helpful to you,” and so on. The most secure invitations come from outside of yourself where you do not generate them yourselves. You can know when this invitation is sound and secure as that individual would have spiritual credentials themselves just as you do. We begin within this family of spirituality helping each other and giving each other opportunities to grow in your lives and provide a service in this work of anticipating the recovery from the cataclysms. You can be assured that we will come to you with offers that you will have confidence in. You will know that this is something that is real because it will be something that most mortals and leaders will not generate on their own. This work may seem humble, but on the other hand, it is vital to what comes next on your planet.

As you know, the next 5-14 years could be very difficult for everyone on the planet. You will require good judgment, discretion, wisdom, and access to the wisdom that you know you will need to make decisions that complement your life and keep you safe, your

2 family safe, and to be of assistance to your neighbors whether they are believers or not. Every community will need to have a steady hand on the tiller of this small boat called Earth to move ahead securely and arrive in the harbor after these storms have passed. You are that hand on the tiller. We are assisting you in holding your hand straight, and true, and firm as you move forward into uncertainty. Your truth, your faith, your knowing that you are a child of God—that you are truly loved—will be essential in your confidence in the times, in the moments where everyone else is unsure. It is this peace of mind that you will carry forward and which is eventually infectious to other people. They will ask you: “How can you be so calm in this situation?” And you will give them your answers that you have learned and that you know surely in your life's experience. Thank you, I'm open for questions if you have any.

Rick: Good morning Machiventa. How are you today? MM: I'm very well, thank you. And I appreciate you asking.

Group psychosis Rick: You're welcome. My question is related to a video I saw recently of Eckhart Tolle, and somebody asked him: “What is going on currently in some of the western nations, particularly the United States, with polarization—both political and cultural. He stated that what is taking root in the United States is something he refers to as group psychosis. He says there's a historical legacy to group psychosis, and he shared two examples with us. One was under Mao’s regime—the Cultural Revolution—the Chinese killed 70 million of their own which is about twice as many as World War II worldwide. The second example was more recent, and that is Cambodia. In the 1970’s Pol Pot regime, the Cambodians killed one third of all Cambodians during that period. He went on to explain that we are not at that point in the United States, for instance, but that we are headed that way. I (and I think many of us) would be very interested to know your thoughts on this group psychosis theory. Thank you very much.

MM: Thank you for your question. Yes, we do affirm and confirm that group psychosis is a development within certain groups of people, and yes, it is occurring in these United States. It is still nascent, but it is growing. This is one of the factors which initiated the Correcting Time. You know that we are here with [the] intention to reverse many of the... I almost feel that I could use the word necrotic—moral necrosis—that is occurring in the world that is enabling the group psychosis that you refer to. This is a downward spiral that will continue unless there is some outside influence that will change that. It is essential that, in the absence of a positive influence from mortals sufficient to overcome such negative behavior and psychosis, that influence come to bear upon your world such that it changes the course of the history of your world and to do so without violating, abrogating, or overturning any individual’s will-decisions. As you may imagine, this is quite a challenge, but that is what we're up to, and this is what Christ Michael has instituted on Urantia. Thank you.

3 Rick: Thank you. And with your permission, your response leads me to a second question. That question is: If we continue on the same trajectory, we're quite likely looking at Civil War—cultural war—within the United States? That's my question.

MM: We do not deal with “what ifs.” We cannot answer such questions as they cause more problems than they resolve. Do you understand?

Rick: I do understand, and I thank you for everything you bring to us. MM: You’re most welcome.

JT: I will add to that thought. I was online with some friends on Christmas day, and one of the participants in the conversation was talking about people who disagreed with him in politics. He said: “We should line ‘em up and shoot ‘em.” I said, “That's not the Christmas spirit I signed up for when I started this conversation this morning on Christmas Day.” And I asked him to name a time when that was Jesus' solution to the evil that he faced in the world. He saw it as the other side being evil. So, there are people thinking like that.

And we'll go to Liz.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. It’s nice to be with you today. MM: It's nice to hear from you.

Summary of The Urantia Book Liz: Your opening statement gives me great hope, as it usually does, and so I thank you for that. We've been celebrating the birth of Jesus on our planet most of the last week, and it's been very meaningful for me this year even though those of us who read The Urantia Book know that he was actually born in August. The last time we met it seemed there was a little confusion about a question, but you seemed willing to give a short explanation of The Urantia Book for people who are reading these transcripts who may not be familiar with it. I'm wondering if you would be willing to do that today.

MM: Yes, certainly. This is Machiventa. For those who have not read The Urantia Book, it began its creation in the early part of the 1900s and was finally published 1955. It is a cosmology of the universe, and particularly this planet. It explains the relationship of the First Source and Center—the Creator of the universe—to each individual and to the worlds of the universe. There is an astronomical aspect of the book that explains the universe and the various major components of the physical infinite universe. The book has four parts to it. The fourth part involves the life of Jesus which was the 7th bestowal of Christ Michael who is the creator of this local universe, which is named Nebadon.

4 His cohort, Nebadonia—Mother Spirit—is here to assist us with her angelic corp. The explanations of the universe’s administration and management are explained much as one would think of a corporate structure, as creation is not withheld from very many... Let me put it in the positive; creation as an act of will is generously supplied by the First Source and Center to many thousands of species of individuals throughout the universe. You live on a material planet that revolves around a sun. When you die you will make a transition to either the morontial world or to the sleeping survivors. Upon your arrival in the morontial worlds and the resurrection halls, your personality and soul will be reconstituted in a morontial form, and you will go through many, many schools of training and education and experiences to grow through these hundreds of phases until you are ready to make your transition to Uversa which is the capital of the superuniverse of which Nebadon and Earth are part of. There are schools on Uversa where you will also complete on your journey to the eternal universe of which Paradise and Havona are a part. There you will go through more training in schools, will eventually be embraced by the First Source and Center, and inducted into the Finality Corps which is a service corps for all of those graduates into eternity.

It is a comprehensive book of approximately 2200 pages with 196 papers that are easily read, but perhaps more difficult to understand. As This One began reading the book long ago, he began reading the Foreword which he found to be very difficult. After six months striving to complete it, he set the book aside and did not read it again for six months, whereupon he picked it up and finished it, eventually.

This is The Urantia Book. It is a source of wisdom; it is a source of understanding of your place and position and authority in the universe. It is a means by which you can grasp the larger understanding of the universe and your personal relationship to the divine and to celestial and other spiritual entities. You have a purpose in life and that is to become more God-like. And this again is pronounced in the book, under the words of Jesus, and you are commended and commanded upon your will-decision to become perfect. And in the journey of becoming perfect, you will ascend through many realms and will be able to enjoy and visit many other realms upon your “vacations.” We hope this helps you understand The Urantia Book. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you Machiventa. That was very nice. I would like to also mention that the fourth part of the book—The Life and Teachings of Jesus—was so meaningful and so personal that his life here was not to be an example, but to be an inspiration. And all eyes of Nebadon were on our planet as he lived his life in the flesh. I wonder if you could speak as to his mission and how it is encapsulated in the book.

MM: Liz, we will leave that and say it is the mystery for others to investigate and read about in the book. Thank you.

5 Liz: I understand. There's nothing like reading it personally. Well, thank you. That's all I have for today, and I really appreciate your contribution this morning.

MM: You're most Welcome.

Jeff: Good morning Machiventa. I hope that your celebration of our December 24 th and 25 th event among your group brought as much joy to you as it has to millions of us here. I want to thank you for your summary in response to Liz’s question, and I would like to ask you if it would be appropriate in your opinion to take that text and put it on the seven-core values website. Is that an appropriate thing to put there in your opinion, and if so, may we do so?

MM: Yes, you have my permission, though you may need to consider earthly permissions to do so. But as it is a book of general source, it can be placed on that site. You may want to seek permissions and proceed that way. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you. I will try to figure out who to seek permission from and I will get back to you before Liz and I have taken action.

MM: You know, of course, there is an easier way of doing that and that is you can put a link on your site to the link where it is offered for people to use and see and read. is one of those which is reliable. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, thank you for that. The inevitabilities

JT: We have some questions from readers. Bill asks: Do the inevitabilities mentioned in The Urantia Book (Paper 3, Section 5—You know what I'm referring to.) exist only on the birth worlds, or do they extend to the mansion worlds.

MM: Only to the birth worlds, thank you.

JT: Alright. That answers his second question: How far do the inevitabilities extend upward? So, there we go.

As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful Russ asks: As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful. Can you give some insight between the need for laws to establish order versus the need to control evil?

Daniel: Please read that over.

6 JT: Okay. As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful. Can you give some insight between the need for laws to establish order versus the need to control evil?

Daniel: This is Daniel again. I understood the word you used to be “love.” JT: Yes. As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful.

Daniel: L-a-w-s? Yes. Okay, read it again, sorry.

JT: As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful. Can you give some insight between the need for laws to establish order versus the need to control evil? I'm with you. I’m having trouble understanding the question. Maybe we'll ask him to clarify that.

Daniel: Well, there are two questions involved. The first part of the question was good. The second question convoluted everything. Okay, hang on.

MM: This is Machiventa. I'll address the first part of the question. As love begins to dominate, laws become less needful. This is correct. Love becomes forgiving, tolerant, and all of the other magnificent ethical, positive, proactive, ingredients of living life peacefully. Laws are needed only for those who do not live their lives peacefully. Laws are usually given in societies where direction is not distinct, where ethics and morality are not taught to children as a regular course of instruction, socialization, and enculturation. Love is absent in many situations where love could overcome and would overcome the deficits where laws are needed. It is essential in the planning of your planet's future (particularly for your nations and civilization) that the dominant factors of love—those proactive, ethical, and moral instructions are provided to people so that they know how to live positively. There is only a need for proscriptive instructions when those individuals do not know how to love generously, evenly, and kindly. It is essential for your planet's recovery and its eventual entry into the Days of Light and Life where the vast majority of people do know how to live through love, and how to be kind, ethical, and moral in their decision-making and behavior. I hope this helps to clarify your conundrum. Thank you.

The seven core values and evil JT: Russ also asks: Is that which is not aligned with the seven core values, evil?

MM: Not necessarily so. There are those individuals who are neutral—those who are non-abusive in their lives, and those who are asocial and aethical—meaning that they do not hurt people, neither do they do any good for people. There are several examples given in the book that we have collaborated with This One entitled Making Sense of Ethics.

7 Daniel: This is Daniel, that's not the right title. That’s embarrassing. I’ve written so many papers and books.

MM: If you do the research into this one's ethics books, you will find examples of moral, amoral, and immoral that will help guide you to the right answer. Thank you.

JT: And the second part of this question seems pretty general: Is evil relative or absolute?

MM: Evil, according to our definitions, is absolute. Evil and iniquity are the deliberate and intentional violation of doing God's will, and iniquity is a repeated habit of doing so. This is evil in its most stark form. Thank you.

JT: Alright, and that's all the written questions we have today.

Jacques: Bonjour Machiventa. I’m Jacques. I’m calling from France. I find sometimes that [this group is] missing people from the other side of the Atlantic so good evening Machiventa.

MM: Thank you for being here today.

“Past life experiences” and reincarnation

Jacques: I have a question; it's quite a personal question, but I ask this question because it could be [of] some help to other people in the future. The issue I have is an issue between me and my daughter. To make the story short, let's say that my daughter thinks that physical reincarnation really exists. So, she digs[?] to find out what were these previous lives on this planet with the help of some people. These people told her that she has led several previous lives on this planet, that I also was already the father [in] the previous life, and I killed her on one occasion and [hurt her] on another occasion. Myself, I don't believe in physical incarnation, so I have difficulties to sort it out between her and myself. I don't really know what to say to her. Do you have guidance for me or for others in the same situation?

MM: Yes, thank you. I assure you Jacques—Jack—that there have been no previous physical incarnations of her, you, or anyone else on the planet. You, as you (physically), have not had that kind of re-visitation to this planet. What confuses many individualsthose who believe in reincarnation in any form whether it's physical, in another body, or other situation—is that your Thought Adjusters have given you real life scenarios—living examples so to speak—of other lives that you can draw upon for guidance and wisdom in this lifetime. There are lessons to be learned, and the easiest ones to learn from are those that are vicarious. So, what the Thought Adjusters have done for many people is to give them many examples of lives where the individual who receives these thinks they are having déjà vu reincarnation experiences is actually experiencing them

8 vicariously. They are much like when you read an exciting fictional book where you're reading so deeply into it that you have lost yourself in the “flow” of reading the book where you feel as though you are actually in the scenes of the main character that you're reading about. This too is a vicarious experience. It feels as though it is a real-life experience that you have had personally on the earth, yet these are easily duplicated by angels and others in your mind mechanism so that you cannot tell the difference between a memory of your own life and the “memory” that is a vicarious review for you of someone else's life. You know it feels like your life, and so you were able to identify with it completely. That is the object and reason for these, what you might call karmic memories, for you is that you give them credence of being real. The unfortunate part about these scenarios is that you began believing in the phenomena rather than examining the life that you have, to look through. You see the difference?

Jacque: Yeah, I understand. But you see, there is a real big tension between her and myself, and I don't know how to solve this between [us]. I just ask for forgiveness, but I don't know if it's enough for her. I don't know how she can overcome this issue.

MM: Dear Jacque, it is not for you to solve. It is not for you to convince her. You are creating barriers between your love for her and her love for you. It is important to accept her as she is, where she is. Through the experiences of life, she will learn the difference and learn the wisdom involved that you want to convey to her. If she does not, then she will pass on to the morontial realm where she will learn the real facts about karmic déjà vu reincarnation experiences. Thank you.

The Teaching Mission and Correcting time in Europe Jacque: Thank you so much Machiventa for your answer. I realize that with French colleagues that most of this activity occurs in the USA. My question is: I don't know where there is a gathering of people [like this] in Europe. Why is Europe not so concerned about the Teaching Mission or the Correcting Time?

MM: That’s a very good question, my friend. This has a lot to do with Europe having been the field of war for so many centuries and millennia. Europe has been overrun many, many times by invaders and war, turmoil, and aggression have been a constant factor in Europe for millennia. It did not begin with the Romans. It began long before that. The United States, on the other hand, has been new territory. It has not been overrun except once by the white elements of your species as they invaded North and South America and overran the tribes and cultures and peoples who lived in those areas. The Afterlife has always been a subject of inquiry and interest of some of those indigenous cultures. They have had a knowing that there was more to life than just what existed here. A more direct answer for you is that the Europeans are not so much concerned about the afterlife as they have had so much to be concerned about the present life, living, and surviving. The violence that has occurred to Europeans over the millennia has been highly traumatic to the race memory—a consciousness of the

9 species and people who live there, have lived there, are living there, and will live there. It is something that must eventually be erased from the genomic memories of those people. Thank you.

Jacque: Thank you very much Machiventa.

JT: All right, that's all we have today in the question-and-answer session. Do you have a closing for us Machiventa?

The Peace that passes all understanding MM: Most assuredly. We wish to leave with you this benediction and the peace that passes all understanding. This is not just an ephemeral goal of spirit to you, but one which we heartily and wholeheartedly want to embrace in our teachings to you. The peace that passes understanding is ultimately very personal. It is something that you individually will come to know in time as a mortal and eventually and assuredly as you become a morontial being when you gain the assurance of your life's course, your mission throughout your life, and the destinations in which you will engage through the adventure of those lives.

Your earthly and spiritual quest We are here to assist you to gain that peace. It comes to understanding your purpose in life, your purpose of living this life as a mortal, and coming into the full meaning of your life both as a mortal and as a spiritual being. This is your earthly and spiritual quest for the next years until you pass. You're coming into the awareness of your meaning in life and your purpose in life are significant to whom you become and how you engage your development in your morontial experience and career. This is preparation for what comes afterwards. Always, we will work with you in preparation for what comes next both as an individual and as a people and civilization on Urantia.

We thank you for your attention to these details—to this quest that you have, for being here today, asking questions, and hearing the answers. You are meaningful to us in that you are helping us prepare the text and content of the instructions that you will receive as a mortal in this lifetime and all others who will receive these as well. Sometimes it is unconscious and subliminal to you, but it is nonetheless there for you to grasp when you ask the question: “What is this life all about?” We thank you. Have a wonderful day. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

10 For those who are interested, the following link is provided for Daniel’s new book as a free PDF download.

Democracy Planning for Recover BEFORE the Coming Collapse A Book of Hope