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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2022-03-07, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #26, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #26– (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Cascade of cataclysms Values and rules for decision-making A new “vibe” A life ring for your civilization Financial cataclysm Role of central banks Returning here to help as a morontial being A new criterion for funding evaluations Genocide Life becomes cheap when overpopulation exists Tolerating predators Dealing with barbaric aggressors An aggressor with nuclear weapons United action against an aggressor Parenting and self esteem Fellowship appearance follow up Purging defective strains Spirit and the intention to become materially successful Do morontial beings feel emotional stress My benediction for you

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Cascade of cataclysms

Machiventa: Hello my friends of Urantia. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and welcome to a new day. It's my pleasure to be here to speak with you today. Many of you wonder about your progress, though we do not. We know you well, and we love you as you are, and we encourage you to continue to mature and develop in your emotional maturity—in your emotional makeup—which reflects your spirituality and vice versa. Of note on your world now is that the cascade of cataclysms, as you know, has begun. It actually began decades ago and was not evident to you until most recently. Your scientists are now saying that the world will not be very habitable in eighty years, and that many regions will be devoid of human life simply because it is too hot to live there. You also note that the sea level is rising and that low coastal areas have begun to find that their basements are full of water more often than they were in the past. You have seen the devastation of wars in the Middle East, you have seen the famines in China, famines in Africa—particularly Africa where many people have died of starvation—and that growing food stuffs is becoming more and more impossible in different regions. Plus, there are great confrontations between individual leaders and other leaders and their differing ideologies. As you can see, nothing has changed in the last 10000 years. There is still barbaric behavior between groups. You're also seeing the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic which, as Monjoronson told you 15 or 16 years ago, would be a problem of distribution. The goods would be there, but it would be difficult for them to be distributed. We're also seeing a change in the value of money. The monetary systems are having difficulty existing in a turbulent marketplace where there is tremendous liquidity, the up and down flow of investments, and so on. The pandemic of the last two years (it'll be two full years this month, March 2022) has been resolved in many places. You’ve come to a policy of it being a choice of individual to wear a mask or not. This will cause greater difficulties later on.

Now you were seeing another element of the cascade of cataclysms by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We are not politically minded, but who benefits from such a move? Does even the aggressor benefit? Do the people of the aggressor nation benefit? Do the people of the Ukraine benefit? And do the people of the world benefit from such action? You can answer those questions yourself. We watch, not necessarily from afar, but we watch as individuals make decisions based on their egos—what they think they need, what they think should happen, and so on. And this too has not changed in tens of thousands of years. The way of the future must reconcile all of this tremendous aggression. We have said before, and we say again, that each of you innately has the values—the motivator values—to underlie your decisions to live at peace, to live a calm life, and to raise your children with the same lifestyle of peace, social stability, and so on. We have also introduced the rules of decision-making so that there can be a consistency of decisions to sustain individuals, families, communities, and whole societies. That is the ethic and morality that is based on those seven motivator-values that are innate to everyone.

Values and rules for decision-making

Now, your world in the future can surely become socially stable, socially sustainable, and peaceful when those values are used in all of your decision-making and each of you follows the rules of decision-making. The rules are a new introduction to you, the morality and ethic that This One and Avahlah Melchizedek have developed. This is the element that will sustain the “organizational context” of humanity and humanity’s civilization into the future. You could make decisions using these values, but if you don't follow the rules, then you can make them to your advantage and the hurtful-ness of others, even though you're using the seven motivator values. So, it is the rules that will make or break your humanity living as a peaceful civilization in the future.

Now, as you can imagine, we have an immense task before us—and that is to teach and train people who are interested, that using these values will be good for them, their children, their future grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all of their future generations. If you have a genealogy of your family that goes back 20 generations, 10 generations, or 5 generations, somehow the decisions your ancestors made were such that allowed you to be here today—that made it possible for you to live as you do. I’m speaking particularly of those mature democratic nations, those technologically mature nations and societies that have sustained a reasonable modicum of quality of life for their citizens. Now, if you want the same thing for your progeny in future generations, you too—now, today—must begin making decisions that benefit them and follow the rules that will definitely support their existence and quality of life in the future.

Now, you may say, “Well, wait a minute, Machiventa. These aren’t the same times as before.” And that is the point I want to make. Now your world is far more complex, far more difficult to live in than the one that your ancestors did 15 generations ago in that there are so many more people, there is so much more conflict on an interpersonal basis, intersocietal basis, international basis, that now coming to a peaceful life—to live some sort of life with social stability—is very, very difficult. It used to be that if you were living in the 1800s in England and Europe and you were having difficulties, you would emigrate to the Americas and go to the hinterlands as a pioneer and as a farmer who wanted to break the land and raise crops away from the cities. You could do that. Now, today, you cannot. Thus, it is essential that your societies and nations mature to the point where they realize that continuing as they have will cause the death of your nations and your societies which will, of course, include yourself whether you are a front-line participant or not.

A new “vibe”

This is where Nebadonia’s work, and her many corps of angels come into play. They have been raising the vibration of this planet planet-wide so that there has begun to be a New Era consciousness available to anybody who wants to tune into it. This, too, is a cause of conflict with some people—those who want to live a materialistic, emotionally dramatic, traumatic life and those who have given that up to live in peace and to live without the materialism that competition seems to evoke. And yes, as we noted last session, young people are noting that there is a new “vibe” on the planet. Things are not as they used to be. And for those who appreciate that, they are saying “Hooray! Thank goodness things are changing.”

Now it is your work to empower them to be the principals of the new era and to reinvent your social institutions so that they contribute to the wholeness of your societies. This would require the organizations that are associated with each social institution to gain a new focus. Let us say that it is a publisher of textbooks for education that supports the social institution of education at whatever level, and that they would look at this whole situation philosophically and say: “Our publishing company needs to change its philosophy to include becoming of assistance to all education to raise the consciousness of students, teachers, teacher unions, associations of schools and so on to give the opportunity for other associated organizations—companies, corporations, foundations, and so on, to participate in uplifting the intention of education. As such, if you examine the underlying intention of the family, of education, of healthcare, of justice, and all of the other social institutions, what is their intention to make a contribution to the long-term, multi-century sustainability of your society and humanity? You will, in fact, find many have good intentions for short-term outcomes, but they only use the interpreted core values and the rules of decision-making that most good companies—positive, constructive companies or corporations—have in place now.

It is our intention, to say specifically, to reinvent your societies. They [have] served your nations, societies, and civilization very well for the last 300-500 years; but now, with the change of consciousness, it is time that everyone participates, put their shoulders to the wheel of history in the future, to improve the living conditions, the quality of life, and survivability of your societies and nations. If you analyze and look at your current global societal situation, you're seeing that not many people are making a contribution to the sustainability of humanity on this planet. And, as you will see, that needs to change. And I use the words “as you will see” carefully. You will see that these cataclysms and the cascade of cataclysms will continue to act like a slow-turning vise on humanity. As we're seeing, many people are dying now due to egos run amok as leaders of nations. This has been happening with some of the first genocides. It began subtly and most visibly during the World War II with the egomania and the xenophobic attitudes of Adolf Hitler. Many leaders have emulated his genocidal tendencies again and again. As humanity is squeezed in the jaws of these cataclysms, you will seek alternatives. Particularly if you were now a refugee running from the terror of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and you're running for your life, you would seek any alternative to protect yourself and your family. Do not think this is an isolated situation that doesn't affect you and will not affect you, because we have said this for many years that it will affect you. We are not trying to scare the wits out of you. What we're trying to do is motivate you to think about your great-grandchildren and take actions now to help give them the same or better quality of life than you enjoy now.

A life ring for your civilization

If you have wondered why we are making these efforts now through the teaching mission, magisterial mission, and The Urantia Book, it is simply because we want to prepare you for what is ahead and for you to make the right decisions for future generations. Just as Jesus told you, no higher service can a person give to their fellow brothers and sisters, than to lay down their life. So too, in many ways, you will be doing the same by inventing the means by which your future generations can survive. Our efforts are to support you to do that. And know that we love you, know that you are loved by Christ Michael and Nebadonia, [the] Most Highs, and everyone else who participates in this world.

Your world—your civilization—in many ways is much as you would see a young swimmer swim into a river for the pleasure of getting wet and cooling down in the summertime, only to be caught in the currents and waves and fall over the waterfall to their death. And that's what we see with your world. We are throwing you a life ring, a life saver to bring you back to shore—the shores of love and appreciation and communion with Christ Michael, his local universe, and to God within. Thank you.

Financial cataclysm

Jeff: Good morning, Machiventa. Thank you for your opening remarks. I think that they're very timely for at least those of us who are on this call. In the past I've asked you questions about public confidence in the financial area on more than one occasion. In NET #86 I asked you about European financial architecture and the confidence level at the time, and you responded: “It's more to do with it being a cataclysm unto itself.” In light of the financial and commercial sanctions that were put into place by many politicians around the world on Russia and the corresponding sanctions by Russia, that cataclysm seems to be quite near. Do you care to comment?

MM: Yes, and this is just simply a statement that this financial cataclysm will thoroughly engulf different regions of the world and cause great difficulty. And yes, it is a cataclysm, it is underway, and now it will begin to spread. Thank you.

Role of central banks

Jeff: Then may I ask you this: From your perspective as planetary manager, how do you see the future role of central banks in this coming cataclysm?

MM: Yes, thank you. Central banks have an issue with the intention for their existence. Almost none of them have an intention to sustain their economies, their nations, or the global financial community. Finance and the economies are central to the sustainability of a world that is approaching the Days of Light and Life. The great difficulty that you are seeing across the world of which banking, finance, and the economy is only one, is separation. If this were 35 years from now, you would see that all the banks would close ranks willing to sacrifice the return on investments in order to isolate a renegade state that is going to run deficits for everybody else. Banking is one of the most powerful elements in the future to create peace, prosperity, and social stability. When banking across the world operates on the philosophy of it being the banker of the world—the financial stability stronghold and the central pillar of support for vibrant, social stability—they will become very powerful and the trust in them will become much more secure. This does not mean that there will be an amalgamated one central bank—certainly not. What we are seeking to share with you is that banking has the opportunity, when they are in like union—of like-mindedness—to create peace where there may be war, create prosperity where there might be delinquent economies in various nations, and so on. It is to everyone's benefit in the Days of Light and Life that everyone prospers. This idea of me making more money than you, and I'm in competition with you for what I can get from the returns on my investment, and so on has to go out the window. Eventually, as we have said long ago, you will see individuals, banks, and financial systems that will be gleefully happy to receive only 2.5% per year on their investments. And, of course, those investments will be global. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, thank you. May I ask you a curiosity question? This is very off-topic.

MM: Go for it.

Returning here to help as a morontial being

Jeff: In academia, many professors engaged in research employ graduate students to help collect data and perform other duties towards the end of publishing research, if they think it valuable. Upon our graduation, and I'm talking about the group of us who are students of yours, to the morontial realm, will we be offered an opportunity to assist you on your team on Urantia?

MM: No. It takes time my friend. You would still lack the maturity, the insight, the wisdom of experience garnered from your classrooms and your vicarious learning from your other students about how to proceed best for what works on this planet. As you know, there are celestial teachers who have returned to their various planets, of which there are some here who hailed from Urantia. They are here to advise, but they have long, long, long accomplished many graduations in the morontial realm before they were invited, or their application was accepted to become a celestial teacher on this or other planets. Thank you.

Jeff: Well, thank you for your answers.

A new criterion for funding evaluations

Marthe: Thank you so much Machiventa for your very, very meaningful introduction. My question also relates to the financial aspect. We are caught between a place where many funders are making funds available but want to keep on tracking how funds were spent instead of tracking how human beings are doing. And many, many people who have wonderful, wonderful programs, very related to what we've been taught through the teaching mission (like one called “Authentic Family”) find it very hard to get funding—how to get funding to do family work, to do work on teenage pregnancy, on working with men, and all of us think “If only we can find a funder who can make all these things happen.” But, at the same time, we know the whole financial system as we know it is imploding. So, I'm trying to understand how we find a way out of this looking for money to do the work that needs to be done when there's so much wonderful work around and we can't seem to find the right funds to do that work. So, our organization has lost their funding at the moment and…

MM: OK, OK. Let us go back several paragraphs [sic] where you said “How do we go about...” And again, I tell you, you should rephrase your question to read this way: “What do we need to do?” And I will answer that question for you now. What you need to do is to propose a new set of criteria for funding evaluation, one that is based on those criteria that you have already mentioned. If your funders are solely looking at how the money was spent, that does not serve well for your ends or for the populace—the students, the young adults’ purposes. You would want to change the criteria of measurement so that it is more easily assessed and that it more accurately reflects the doing good in your world. I hope this helps. Thank you.

Marthe: It certainly does.


Craig: Good morning Machiventa and all. I was thinking, for example, about the killings that have been going on with Ukraine attacking the Donbas region since 2014, and there are also genocidal killings going on in Yemen, and, I believe, Somalia. I guess it just seems that Ukraine got an awful lot of publicity, and these other things are pushed into the background in the Western media. Are they not just as important?

MM: To answer your question Craig, yes, they are to us, but it is new to have a genocide program renew itself in Europe. The last one in Europe was during World War II with the elimination of approximately 4 to 6 million Jewish people. It is sad to see that genocidal tendencies and actions in the nations that you mentioned and elsewhere are just so much news to most people around the world. It is something that most people have come to expect without alarm when they hear about it. However, when one of their own kind (meaning the Europeans) see that one of their own kind are being eliminated in genocidal attacks by an oppressor, that becomes much more personal and closer to home. Further, if you look at the alarm, it is most appropriate. What you will see in the future is that when Ukraine is taken over, then there will be further aggressions to the many countries that border Ukraine by the same oppressor and will take the same effort to overcome them as well. What has not happened is that the weak-willed western people in Europe and the United States do not know how to deal with savage people—savage aggressors. This is something that must be reconciled in the future in order to maintain social, societal stability within nations by their own governance and by their own citizens.

I'm going to take this discussion a little farther afield. We have talked to you about personal morality and ethics. We have spoken about social morality and ethics. We have spoken to you about societal morality and ethics. We have spoken to you about international morality and ethics. And lastly the global morality and ethics. You can see then when you examine what is occurring, that even [the second stage of] social ethics has not progressed or matured in mature democratic nations, and there is still the same gentle approach towards offenders who practice small time, small term genocide within your own nations. It is no wonder that these nations who are striving to protect themselves are doing so because they have not the will, nor the mindedness, nor the courage and the bravery that is required to halt those activities.

Now, you may say, Craig (and I know you're thinking this) that what about the nuclear deterrent? And that is truly the case here. When you have a ruler who has gone off center, who is aggressive in the latter days of their earthly life without regret about their activities, then nuclear war becomes an option. And surely, World War III is on the minds of most leaders around the world as well. So how they proceed tenderly, gently, carefully, cautiously is important. You would not want to be in their shoes at this time, Craig. Thank you.

Craig: Oh, that's for sure. Yeah, and it's really disappointing to hear this aggression might continue into other countries. Also, I took note of what you're saying that nations don't seem to have the will to stop people from being aggressive and greedy in their own countries that let these transgressions against their societies continue. Any more comments on that?

Life becomes cheap when overpopulation exists

MM: Yes, thank you. One is that your world has an abundance of people. It is much like the king in his carriage driving down the boulevard throwing out coins. And every coin in this case is a person, so the value of each person is very little even in your Western nations. There is a disregard for the value—the potential expression—of the innate wealth of potential within each individual to be protected by nations. And where people are cheap, they are expendable. In your world that is over-populated by 50-66%, people are very, very cheap, and they become pawns in this game of international intrigue.

Now to extend this same logic, which you will actually see in the next 20-30 years, is that the value of people will increase more and more as fewer people remain. There will be a need to protect each new generation as they have never been protected before. And those who would be predators upon the population of which they are a member, they would be eliminated without concern for their loss. This has never been reconciled by Western politicians, philosophers, sociologists, social psychologists, political planners, and so on. As you could see, once you begin thinking of social stability, the noose becomes tighter and tighter to take responsibility and responsible action to protect those future generations. Do you see?

Tolerating predators

Craig: Yes, thank you very much. You can certainly see the cheapness of life now, and as the population becomes smaller and more stable, I'm glad to hear that the predators will be frowned upon.

MM: To continue your thought, they won't be frowned upon, they will be removed. And we will not remove them, but you, meaning citizens, will choose to have the lives of predators removed rather than having predators destroy lives either by death or by lifetime injury. The action is yours. Remember the phrase: “The consequences are God’s”? You as a mortal on a material planet need to protect what you have. And what you have is yourself, your family, your children, and future generations. In many ways you can see now in this argument that the lives of innocent people are being squandered daily by letting predators continue to roam the streets of your cities and your nations. This is simply irresponsible. It violates the morality of planetary management at the personal level, the social level, the societal level, and the international level. We hope this gives you food for thought. Thank you.

Craig: Yes, thank you very much. Those were pretty much my thoughts as well. Thank you. And I was really understating the case when I said “frowned upon”.

Stéphane: Good morning Machiventa. How are you today?

MM: I'm very good, thank you. Are you staying warm?

Stéphane: Yes, it is that time of the year. The days are getting longer, the temperature getting warmer. Yes, we are staying warm. Thank you very much. How about yourself?

MM: No, we have no concerns about heat on our side. Thank you.

Dealing with barbaric aggressors

Stéphane: Listen, hearing you talk, you express very aggressive behaviors that society should have against aggressors, against barbaric aggressors, such as what we're witnessing at this point in Ukraine. As the world unites against this, are we doing, in your view, everything we can at this point to address the situation?

MM: Thank you for your question. The answer is no, you are not. However, this is a glass half full, half empty response. One is that if you see the swift employment of economic sanctions against the aggressor, this is wonderful news. It has never happened before. This is a tremendous statement of moral and ethical progress at a global level. This speaks highly of the united common mindedness of those nations who are offended by this aggression. So, in this regard, they are making great progress. However, as you know, and we know (and we are following very closely) is that it is still not fully implemented. Somehow there is the lack of willfulness, commitment of truly biting the bullet (literally) to tighten the economic noose thoroughly and completely around the activities of the aggressor nation. When you see nations continuing to buy oil from Russia, in this instance, and still protecting public opinion of the administrator and the executives of nations to protect their own political egos, this is totally, thoroughly immoral and lacks commitment to the good of those future generations. When you were at war, when you were having a fight in a bar, and the other opponent has a knife and is grappling you and wants to cut your throat, what are you going to do; say: “Please don't do that anymore.”? No, you're not. You're going to grab them by the shirt and try to throw them out the window. Now that too is the graphic answer, but it was not being appreciated by leaders who are compromising themselves and, I might add, that this also includes the leaders and executives of senior corporations. You have really not taken this to heart—your lives are a stake. The welfare of your nation and your own future profits are at stake by not being so firmly minded and taking firm action against the aggressor. I've stated a position which may be a little strong, but on the other hand, lack of commitment, whether it is to love Christ Michael and your children, is something you don't want to negotiate. When your lives are at stake and the lives of your great-grandchildren are at stake, you don't want to compromise. You want to take all action possible to save the situation. Thank you.

An aggressor with nuclear weapons

Stéphane: Thank you. As a follow-up, as you mentioned earlier, the difference here is that the aggressor, unlike anywhere else in the world, has nuclear capabilities. A couple of questions on that: Are the celestials worried about this aspect at this point as being a lot more real than before, and since the adjudication, do the celestials have bigger power to prevent this from happening now than it did the last time nuclear [weapons were] used in the 1940s?

MM: We have anticipated your question. Let's go back in your history to the dropping of those two bombs on Japan at the end of World War II which brought an end to the war in the Pacific at that time. We did not thwart the decisions of the commitment of those commanders and the President of the United States to take such action. It is a situation where you need to be afraid of what you can do that will hurt yourself in return. If you never exercise the atomic option, then you never know the terror that it will create in your enemies, in yourself, and in your own homeland. And having said that, it has been known to us for a long time that the option of nuclear weapons would come into the future. This is the future my friend.

This is the time when you are concerned about the possibility of nuclear weapons being used. And you should be. However, the West will not take that first action, that first action will occur from the aggressor. When that happens, tactical nuclear weapons will be used to the great devastation of the area in which they are used. As for nuclear weapons against cities, that is an escalation which is untenable. We can only participate and take action where no decisions have been made. However, the aggressor has already made decisions as to when and where to use those tactical nuclear weapons. It is a tripwire effect. When such and such occurs, then he will use those weapons. If the tripwire effect does not take place, then he won't. He will simply chew away at the borders of every nation around him to regain all the territories that were lost in 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is a very difficult situation, and as we have said, we can take action and will take action, and have authorization to take action that would thwart those actions ahead of time. Once the decision is made, however, then that is a death sentence to many people. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you, Machiventa. Much to ponder upon there, and we hope for the best. One last twist on this is his own people are revolting. Is that one of the aspects that could best thwart the whole event—by having the Russian people revolt against their own government.

MM: This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. Thank you so much for your question. Yes, and the best weapon that the West can use at this time is to use their grand marketing efforts in that nation as well. There are many tens of millions of people in the aggressor nation who are totally unaware that there is a war going on, that their leader has aggressively invaded a neighboring country and has killed many of their people. The biggest help to having a revolt occur in Russia is that the people become fully aware in minute detail of what is occurring in the victim nation. Thank you for asking.

Stéphane: Thank you.

Rick: Good morning Machiventa. It’s a blessing to be here with you and your entourage today.

MM: Buenos dias, my friend.

United action against an aggressor

Rick: Yes. And so, you said the glass is half full and half empty. I have been absolutely astounded by the 141 UN and EU members who have responded in an historically unprecedented and incredible coming together culturally, economically, and diplomatically to isolate Russia. There's no history of that on our planet that I'm aware of, and so that's the glass half full. Is that correct?

MM: That's correct.

Rick: Could you share with us what is the other half that we're not doing that we could be doing.

MM: I’d hoped you would be listening more attentively, as the answer has basically been given to you. It now requires much more diplomatic and economic effort to complete that circuit. That these be used fully and completely, and that there become a voluntary commitment to fulfill the diplomatic actions of withholding financial support. When this is complete, then you will see more actions being taken. These sanctions have already had a reaction by the aggressor person in that he has stated that this... [Daniel cut out here for a bit.]

Daniel: We could take that [cutting out] as a celestial intervention. Let’s continue.

Rick: Would you like me to repeat the question?

Daniel: Please don't. Let's have him continue.

MM: This is Machiventa. To answer your question, simply continue the actions that were already taken, but make them more complete. As an example: the president of the Shell Corporation purchased a ship load of oil from Russia, buying it at such low prices that the company made $10 million on the ship load of oil. In our concern, this is immoral. It is unethical. When lives are at stake, it moves it up to being immoral. This is not a good humane action by a corporate leader. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you for your answer. I do have one last question. Is it true that the celestials will not allow a tactical or strategic nuclear war on our planet?

MM: We have no comment to your question. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

Parenting and self esteem

JT: I have some reader questions. John asks: To become a whole person is what I've been working on these many years and having insight into the “what” of my emotional roots and how I created an image of myself as unlovable seems to me is to see the dilemma our world is facing. Millions of individuals whose image of themselves, and therefore of others, is less than loving. I thought of Jesus and His prayer “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” I wonder if you would speak to how to heal this, and the role forgiveness plays.

MM: Certainly, and thank you for your very insightful question. First of all, you should be aware that your parenting as a world was given to you by Caligastia and set the tone for the reaction of billions of people on your world in the past and today. Now, to answer your question directly. Yes, forgiveness is essential in this. Forgetfulness even makes it more effective. However, the real root of forgiveness must be from your higher self to your old self that remembers your self-image and your self-worth, and forgive yourself. If you are unable to forgive yourself for holding those visions—those attitudes about yourself—then you will continue to maintain them into the future. The highest form of forgiveness is to be as your elder brother—Jesus; to forgive yourself as he would do for the image, the attitude, and value for yourself [that you] have had, and that in forgiving yourself, you're taking the high road of your elder brother to create a new image of yourself. Not one with the negative tags that you accepted when you were so young, but now you have the tags of being fully held in high esteem by your elder brother Jesus and by your new self. And what you might want to do is give yourself a high five to congratulate yourself for accomplishing this tremendously high value activity for the benefit of yourself for the years to come and the gleefulness you will receive and live out in your remaining days. I hope this helps. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you Machiventa for everything you discussed with us today. I'm going to postpone my question for the sake of everybody, but I do thank you very much for the reminders that you've given us today. That's all.

MM: You’re most welcome and thank you for being here. Your presence is most welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you.

Fellowship appearance follow up

JT: Marty says: Regarding your possible appearance at the Fellowship gathering, it would have been wonderful if Machiventa would have had the opportunity to address this group. They would have benefited greatly from this I suspect. I'm personally very interested in what he would have said. Hopefully, someone will ask you. So, I'm asking Machiventa. What would you have said to the group?

MM: Thank you for your sly question. I say it's sly because July has not come about, has it? Thank you.

Purging defective strains

JT: Benjamin asks, what are the moral means by which purging of defective strains can be undertaken on a world?

MM: I will hold your question as a curiosity question because it does not have any benefit for you to know the answer. When you ask curiosity questions, you must put that in terms of “how will I benefit from knowing this?”—other than it simply being another fact that you can put in your factoid library. We seek to provide answers to you that would assist you in your lifetime to make decisions that are moral, that do benefit others and particularly benefit yourself. Thank you.

Spirit and the intention to become materially successful

JT: He also asks: Many of the rich and powerful people have become vastly successful in creating the life they want, but they did not seem to live in harmony with Spirit. That makes me wonder, does Spirit act upon a focalized intention, even when not aligned in God’s will—or could this be purely a matter of mind energy?

MM: Thank you for your question. There is a major flaw in your question, and that is you are surmising—you do not know for fact—that these rich and famous people have a life that they want and enjoy. As you have read and have seen the lives of many rich, famous, and wealthy people who know lots of other famous rich and wealthy people, that they are often as miserable as you and your neighbors are. And I know that you are not miserable, but I use you as a second person pronoun to describe what you have done to those other people that you describe. If you know them personally, then that makes a difference. We suspect that you do not. Thank you.

Do morontial beings feel emotional stress

JT: Alright, and one last question from a reader. Do morontial beings feel emotional stress?

MM: This is Machiventa. Most definitely. You have been told, as This One has been reminded by a dear friend, that you take everything with you as you were when you left the mortal sphere—the material planet. When you leave this planet, if you're not at peace, you will not be at peace in the morontial realm. When you are angry, resentful, regretful, and so on, you will have that on the other side. And yes, you will be placed in a temporary quarantine until you do reconcile that. You will be confronted with the reality of your new position after you come to believe where you are. And we do not assume that everyone will know where they are after they are deceased and ascend to the morontial realm.

Once you understand where you are, you will be given the opportunity to state your intention for the remainder of your potential existence. And that this potential would also include the cancellation of your life—saying that you do not want to go forward. You could also make the intention that you want to expand all the potential that you have in your life then, that you had in your life before, and that you still possess that you want to explore, develop, and empower. And this is a wonderful time, and for those who have never been given the opportunity for a wonderful self-image, self-esteem, and self-regard by others (including themselves) this can be terrifying. And it is the unconditional, perennial, continual outflowing of love upon each individual in their new circumstances that helps many people heal. Only the most desperately ill and damaged individuals refuse to go on, in their beliefs that it is too good to be true, which they hold to be a true fact of their existence then. Thank you for your question.

JT: Do you have a closing for us Machiventa?

My benediction for you

MM: Most certainly. This is Machiventa, and this is a true benediction. One in which I hold out the palms of my hands facing each of you, shining Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s loving that transmits through me to you. You are loved, you are truly loved, you are needed. You are truly needed to complete this universe. You have been given the gift of the presence of God within each of you, and it's your choice to partner with that or not. We wish you the greatest success in your mortal lifetime to accomplish all of the goals you ever wanted to accomplish in this lifetime and all lifetimes [going] forward that you will experience in your morontial, your spiritual, and eternal lives. Know that this is a time now of a short journey. Some of you are near the termination of your lives here and just cannot wait to go on. And so, you will. We want you to be of use to all future generations while you remain here. We encourage you to make good decisions and know the rules of decision-making to assist yourself and to be a good person. This is not conditional love that we give to you. This is not conditional means by which you will engage your future afterlife. No, this is the surety that you will, and we want to assist you to make good decisions to ensure that you know the way once you make your transition. Thank you, and good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.