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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2022-04-18, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #29, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #29

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

The executive function of angelic hosts The Manifesto as a business plan No one is excluded here Resources Praying for Putin Affecting streams of consciousness Worshiping the Family of deity Edentia gathering Living in a polarized society Helping humanity survive as an organizational civilization Governments in the Days of Light and Life Social capitalism Social entrepreneurialism Influencing the streams of consciousness Differences in tasks for Thought Adjusters and guardian seraphim Transforming the planetary consciousness Living the revelation of Jesus A new family consciousness among you

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


The executive function of angelic hosts

Machiventa: Good day everyone, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I thank you for your presence here today. We want today to bring you abreast of some developments of our working with mother Nebadonia and her many corps of angels who are resident here upon Urantia. If you read in the early part of The Urantia Book, there are papers about the Father—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. Our notice today has to do with God the Spirit. Now, as you understand, God the Father, the Creator, issues the command—the thought of creation, and the Son is the Word and carries that out to proclaim the announcement of what needs to be done. And in the other papers concerning the Infinite Spirit and its hierarchies or layers of angelic assistance, you will find that these angels are executives—they execute the Thought Command and the Word so that it is manifest wherever it is needed. And in the relationship we have and you have with the angelic corps, the angels are the ones who execute the joint thought-will commands of the descending Sons. And as you are ascending sons, you too come within the title of being sons of God (whether you're male or female). And so, your work and our work are deeply, closely, and intimately associated with the execution of these plans that have been made conjointly with Christ Michael, Gabriel, the Most Highs, myself, and the angels who are assigned here—particularly assigned to our work. As This One has discovered, by discerning the messages he has received since the beginning of his acquaintance with Azahlah (who he thought was a Melchizedek, but is, in fact, an Archangel of some eminence), it is Azahlah's association with us that will accomplish many things that are to come and are now, in fact, in place to be enacted—executed—as plans.

I set those thoughts aside and let me introduce another concept to you. You have been acquainted with the manuscript called Manifesto—For Designing Self-Sustaining Democratic Societies. For the latest and last iteration, the final numbers are “.08”. This contains a new chapter dealing with the thoughts of social institutions. And those pages are denoted on the cover page. When you read this, as you've read so many of This One's works that have been produced in conjunction with numerous individuals—the last of which have been Avahlah Melchizedek, celestial teachers, angels, and other Melchizedeks—[know that] this book is in fact my business plan for what we will be doing on your world in the weeks, months, years, and decades ahead, perhaps for centuries. That is our hope.

The Manifesto as a business plan

So, when you read this, you may think of it in terms of a business plan—something that espouses the vision, the intention, the operational philosophy, missions, and objectives. Plus, there are the core values. You see, we are creating a new culture and every culture has certain specific values that are at the core of that culture. And these values are able to produce a code of decision-making that you call ethics and morality depending on the significance or the degree or the genre of those decisions. And so, this business plan contains its own ethic and morality that is totally applicable to all humanity of every nation in every race, culture, gender, and so on. There will be much dissonance—cultural and cognitive dissonance—that you will experience as you read through this. You would find that if you were to suddenly accept the ethics, morality, mission, etc. as your own, you would see that you would be buffeted by the winds of denial and deferral of responsibility by traditionalists—traditionalists in business, in religions, and in all cultures, and so on. And even those who are students of ethics and morality would also have their own particular opinions which would buffet your ears for some time. However, we are not interested in the short term other than for your personal life. As far as our concern is in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission, it is the long-term survivability and sustainability of whole cultures, whole societies, of the whole global population, and particularly a global civilization. To have such long-term plans in place, you must have long term ethics, morality, business practices, and people skills that will sustain the whole effort throughout the years, decades, and centuries. You see, we are not planning for temporary, we are planning for permanent. We are not planning for instability and chaos, we are planning for stability, long term peace, and an eminent existence that is prosperous, that is beneficial, and, of course, ultimately socially evolutionary. This means, if we are on a track of evolution, that we will be fostering, promoting, and supporting all positive efforts to assist us in this work. We will at the same time be fostering and supporting mortal efforts to curtail those indigenous efforts and influences which are detrimental and highly corrosive to the advancement and progress of civilization and societies.

As far as your personal life is concerned, it will eventually, evidently, and surely change. And if not, we ask you to ask why. You will find that there is not much salve for injured egos in this document as a business plan if you take it personally. The salve is that Christ Michael and Nebadonia love you dearly and offer you every opportunity to join them one day, one time in Salvington.

You will want to examine these things closely. You who are hearing these words and reading these words are the early individuals who will be deeply invested in this “company” because if we're going to have a business plan, then we must have an organization. And an organization that is a co-creative organization must have within it the supports and the organizational structure that will last throughout the decades and centuries. In today's eyes, this business plan is most unusual, and, of course, most people will say it will obviously fail. However, when you realize that you have the potential, the option, to gather in personal conversations with your angels, Melchizedeks, and others [about] what is going on and how you can contribute today, tomorrow, and the next days of your life to this effort, they will tell you.

Having said that, we want you to look behind the curtain, so to speak, of what we have been sharing with you for these last three or four decades: That you can and do have a personal relationship with Spirit beginning with your Thought Adjuster, your guardian, and us in order to participate directly (not indirectly but directly) and effectively. You would want to be privy to conversations concerning what goes on with this work that we are doing co-creatively with you and with others.

No one is excluded here

You see there are no exclusions here. Absolutely none. All individuals are accepted. The only caveat is that you must play by our rules. That is your choice. We are not telling you what to do. We're not commanding you what to do. We're simply saying this is our plan, this is what we do, and you may do what you choose to do, as you always have. And if you choose to play by Christ's Michael's and Nebadonia's rules, then you will truly want to be a part of this and, more importantly, we will want you to be a part of what we're doing. And when we use this word do, we actually mean do stuff. Like you do stuff when you go to the grocery store. You take a list (that's your plan.) You go to the grocery store, you look at your plan, and you secure what you need. You pay for it, you load it in your car, you do go home, and you do prepare it for meals and so on. This is the doing we are talking about. This is the actual doing in the material realm that you live in. It is something that takes faith for granted. It is one in which you are getting to experience the process of knowing Christ Michael's, Nebadonia's, and God's plan firsthand. And in knowing, you have experience that develops into knowing, and in this continuum you trust that all is well and that you're being led well, and surely, and confidently, to be a real-life partner with us. You see, we are taking the airy-fairy out of spiritual metaphysics. We are taking the airy-fairy conceptualization out of dealing with angels, talking with angels, and so on. And this is where we want you to be [so] that when we talk to you and you hear us, that you take this seriously, earnestly, and that we can do the same with you.

There are still adults who think they can tell God one thing and slyly do what they want to on the other hand, but we know the difference. And we don't hold that against you. We absolutely do not. We simply let you make your decisions, give you advice when you ask for it, and when you ask for it we will reveal your way forward by opportunities. And when you say yes, even though it might be risky in the three-dimensional world, you proceed, and one step leads to another. You see, the Correcting Time is not a coercive development. This is totally voluntary. If you believe in volunteerism, then this is the one for you. This is where you get to volunteer your whole life, for the work that Christ Michael wants to do on this planet, and you can be a real and vital part of it.

Now many of you have looked askance at all these statements over time, and you have said “Well show me.” You say it like one famous individual said: “Well, I'm from Missouri, show me.” And so, we will show you, and as our plans become more grounded in the four dimensions of this world, you will know what your part is, what part you will play in it, and how you will contribute to it.


You know what comes after a business plan, don't you? And so, if you were in a bank and you were presenting a banker with this plan, the banker would eventually ask you, “Well, sir, well, ma'am, I've read through this business plan that you have presented, taken two weeks to analyze and look at it, and I've made some notes and have jotted out some expenses for this. And just for my own banker’s curiosity, what do you think such a program will take in terms of money and time?” And you'd answer, “Well, sir, or ma'am, we figured that this will easily take seven to eight years and probably cost eventually, in round numbers, about a million dollars a month. I know we're asking for a lot, but if you're going to change the world it's going to take at least a little bit of seed money at that amount.” And so, the banker (as you would) rolls back in his chair, lets out a big breath of air, and says, “Well, thank you very much for coming here today. We appreciate you having your accounts here. Let us think some more about your business request. And of course, when you come back, we will also want to know where you're going to generate the income to pay off the debt that you will incur with us.” And so you say, “Well, thank you very much,” you shake hands, and you say, “I'll be back in two weeks and let you know.” So, then you exit. Well, that’s it my friends. As planetary manager, this is my business plan, and you know and we know that what God plans, God fulfills. So let us wait upon the Lord, as you would say, and see what he provides. Thank you.

Praying for Putin

Walt: Yes, good day Machiventa. Thank you so much for your comments. My first question: For the past two weeks I have been daily (as a matter-of-fact multiple times a day) praying for Vladimir Putin as if he were a family member for his highest good. I did have a sense that I am one person doing this, but it has been a thought that maybe there are few others doing this. That got me thinking about engaging in spirit projects that are of interest and concern to you and your team. I’m wondering if you would be allowed and interested in engaging willing mortals to execute specific, targeted, and time-based spiritual tasks or projects. For example: Would you request, for example, willing participants to focus on a prayer meditation or visualization over the next x weeks for peace between Ukraine and Russia ______ ? And of course, I'm asserting that for you to directly request as opposed to suggest would move the human mind from a mode of just receiving insight to one of directly being called into co-creative action.

Affecting streams of consciousness

MM: This is Machiventa. Well, thank you very much for your statement of confidence in me and in my team. This is not a project we will take on. This is a project which we have given to you many times, and we've provided instructions for that many times. And so, we asked you to engage your fellow brothers and sisters of faith to assist you in doing this very thing. This is a wonderful idea, and we support what you're doing. Thank you.

Walt: Thank you so much Machiventa. At the PMG 28 session you instructed us to repeat it in force, that we can truly have world circumstances influenced by the command of our minds onto the streams of consciousness on our world. And I'm asking if you would expand on this so we can understand what this means and how to do it please.

MM: Certainly. This is Machiventa. What you are doing in your mind, which also is a gift from Nebadonia [and] the Infinite Spirit is to, in all sincerity, in all good intentions, to use your mind mechanism in your consciousness to imprint upon the global consciousness of this world the pattern that you see desirable to occur. That's basically the simple part of it. And this is no different from what I do, and from what Christ Michael does except from the position of fully accomplished seven bestowals and now the sovereign of all of Nebadon. But you, in your diminutive capacity, can do as well with significance and effectiveness. Thank you,

Worshiping the Family of deity

Walt: Thank you as well so much for that. That's very helpful, thank you. Is the Supreme Being to be worshipped?

MM: This is a qualified answer, and it is this: Not so much. You must get your worship in order first. When you worship God, Christ Michael, the Eternal Son, God the Father, and the Triune God you already are also worshiping the family of deity. Thank you.

Walt: Thank you. My last question is, when Melchizedeks associate with each other do they see each other as humanoid forms?

MM: This is Machiventa. I truly appreciate the sincerity of your question, but in human terms, it would be a derogatory vision.

Walt: Okay, thank you.

Liz: Machiventa, good morning. This is Liz.

MM: Good morning, Liz. Good to hear your voice.

Edentia gathering

Liz: It's nice to be with you today. How was your trip to Edentia? Do you have a progress report or something you'd like to share with us?

JT: Any pictures?

MM: [Chuckling] I chuckle because you are certainly in tune with what I have been thinking about. And you are certainly in tune with the first part of my presentation today. We have been given the go ahead, the authorization with spirit to actualize, to execute these plans. I delay on the word actualize because when we actualize it, it will be in terms of that which mortals can see, participate in, and know as being something they can be involved in. We defer on providing you with finer details, more details, about this plan other than it is presented in general terms to give mortals a great deal of flexibility in how they approach it, how they develop it, and accomplish it. Thank you.

Living in a polarized society

Liz: Thank you for that answer. I would like to, first of all, thank you for calling me out last session on my emotional immaturity. I've had tremendous insights about that in the intervening weeks, and that's been very good for me. But I would like to revisit our brief discussion of that session and that is about our polarized society. It seems that it all started about politics—one side against the other, but now it seems that everybody has an opinion about everything, and families have been torn apart and friendships annihilated due to this predilection for taking sides. To me, the upshot is that we have started only discussing these things with those with whom we agree, and we've kind of lost the art of compromise in conversation, where we can learn an opposing point of view for one another. Would you speak to this, please?

MM: Yes, certainly. First of all, let me make it eminently clear that we are neither red nor blue. We have no preferences as far as your politics are concerned. These are human doings. Now to the case in point that you asked about, you have to realize that you—meaning your global civilization, your societies, and particularly this highly divisive nation—are only slightly more mature, developed, and evolved than your primitive ancestors who upon meeting one another—a stranger outside the tribe—would kill them and then eat them. And you have only slightly accomplished more than that. And so, it is the nature of people to be argumentative, my side or no side at all. And some, in fact, who would prefer to eliminate everyone else who is of a different color than themselves, both racially and politically. This is a highly volatile topic, and one of the ways that we are dealing with it is not to take sides. We simply take the Father's side and we are presenting you with a sociological, cultural plan to do a reformation of your social constructs, cultures, and so on.

You must also realize, Liz and others, that your thoughts concerning this do not take into account the eventual depopulation or species die-off of Homo-sapiens. Most things that are politically charged now will pale in comparison to a person's own survivability from today to tomorrow, and their family until next week, or the next month. When people are squabbling, as let's say a mother and father have squabbling children, you know that the best thing to do for them is to separate them and then give them chores and tie those chores to benefits that they will either sacrifice, enjoy, or embellish and make bigger and better. And so, humans are no different than that as a species. They need to want to feel like they should engage in violence against someone else intellectually, verbally, culturally, and physically, no matter what. There are a couple states who have the motto “Don’t tread on me.” Well, that's an invitation for someone to tread on them, isn't it?

Helping humanity survive as an organizational civilization

Now, in this case that you're speaking of, there are really no solutions to this. If this continues, if there were no collapse, if there were no decline of your civilization, your democracy would simply go the way of prior societies, cultures, civilizations, and regimes in the last 20,000 years. It is due to fail. In fact, it will fail without intervention. And that is why we are here, and we've said that a number of times and we will continue to reiterate it until it becomes a mantra of your own. We are here to help your world survive and to help your humanity survive as an organizational civilization, an organizational society and nation, and nations (plural.) As a species, you automatically know how to survive. When there's danger you avoid it, and those people who are not aware enough to avoid danger go the way of mother nature's sorting process—thinning the herd is mentioned sometimes. Those who are incapable of surviving personally, don't have the wits to survive personally, eventually are lost. And so, we are here to save the organizational structures of your world because this is what the Days of Light and Life are built on.

Governments in the Days of Light and Life

Now, some of you have this idealistic idea that in the Days of Light and Life there will be no governments—there will be none of that. And you're right, but what are you going to do for the first 1000 years until you get there. And that's what we are concerned about. We are striving to assist you to sustain the survival—the very survival—of your organizational structures within your societies. Some organizations are now improving their ethics, their morality, and their business practices so that they make a contribution to your world. We say hooray, and we support that. There are many who do not, and they will need to change in time, and they will, necessarily, because the decline of the economy that you are seeing now will continue. There will be ups and downs, and ups and downs, but over the long trend of 20 years it will bottom out. That is when organizations will want to think about how they sustain themselves into the coming years, decades, and centuries. We see almost no corporations or organizations on your planet who are now planning to be here 200 years from now, and they're not making plans to do so, yet this is the perfect time to be a tremendous entrepreneur of the future—both for the financial sake and for sustainability’s sake of the various societies that your organizations will operate in. I’ve gone way off from answering your question, Liz, but I wanted to make a point. Thank you.

Liz: Well, thank you for the very comprehensive reply. As I was meditating on this question for today, I was reminded of a phrase in The Urantia Book (paper 111) which says, all conflict is evil. And when I think about that, with regards to interacting with my beloved fellows who are on different sides of whatever issue it is, I'm wondering if the bottom line then is just merely love?

MM: This is Machiventa. I couldn't agree with you more. However, how do you teach love to these people? You don't. They must come to that by themselves. The people that you know Liz have been told this, they know that intellectually, but they have not incorporated it in their lives. Now, let me go into the lesson about “all conflict is evil.” A conflict emanates from ego or fear—both of which are highly corrosive to anyone's peace of mind, to their lifestyle, to social stability, and to national and international peace. Conflict is evil simply because it is the playground of egos to do wrong. And that is the bottom line of that. If I may personally make a suggestion to you, withdraw from these hostile relationships for they do you no good either. As we can see from your own peace of mind (or the lack thereof and disruptions to it), you are also suffering as a casualty of their conflicts, and we truly, personally would like to see you at peace, to see the stability of your life as a good thing, and that you avoid those areas which are dangerous.

There are certain things in life as a mortal that you must be taught as a child. As This One’s sons were taught when they went on picnics by a river, they came to know that river as the dangerous river—the deadly river, and that you don't even play in the waters at the side of it, because all who play in those waters eventually go over the falls and are sucked under the water at the in the bottom pool and remain there for days. And so, there's certain things in life you must recognize as dangerous to your physical being, to your social being, to your emotional being, and to your spiritual being. And it is something that must be learned. We are striving to teach you that, and I'm being very emphatic right now, very deliberate, and very detailed to assist you and the readers to understand what spiritual danger is like. Thank you.

Liz: Well, thank you again, for that. Yes, I would never presume to try to teach someone love but I can certainly expand myself in love to include everyone. So, thank you for spending this time with me, Machiventa.

MM: You're most welcome.

Social capitalism

Juan: Hello to everyone. I was hearing you talk about the ______ business, and I have one question about it. When we are building our own type of business, based on the ethics that you suggest to us, is it something like social capitalism, or is it another trend that has nothing to do with the plan that you have for us. And I would also appreciate it if you can give us some words about social capitalism. Thank you.

Daniel: Okay, I got it. This is Daniel I gather that has to do with capitalism.

Juan: Yes, social capital is capitalism.

MM: Thank you. This is Machiventa. First, one of the 10 errors of thinking is labeling. When humans begin to label something, and give it a label, then they have boxed that whole topic into one label. It's like trying to put all your possessions in your bedroom or your office into a very, very small travel case. It is almost impossible, and you have to leave some things out. You will need to revise your concepts of capitalism. Capitalism in our terms is not political. It is totally economic. It is a business form. It is attached directly to entrepreneurialism, which would be the far better title or label to work with. Capitalism throws many people into the thoughts of Marxism, communism, and so on. It begins to be associated soon with the wrong that capitalism has taken on in the world. So, capitalism is a misnomer, and is not useful. We ask you to focus more on entrepreneurialism in the practical modes. You see, we're striving to draw you away from the intellectualism of capitalism and those related philosophies to the more pragmatic developments of entrepreneurialism and the requirements to be in business, to survive one year, then to survive five years, and then to remain in business as society changes around you. This would be more helpful to you than otherwise unless, of course, you're writing a paper for a class in college. That is a different genre altogether. I do not address that today, as there are many hundreds of papers and theories about capitalism and Marxism and so on that you could read on your own. Our efforts here, in a related manner, are what you might say is a label that we can give to Christ Michael—He is the ultimate spiritual entrepreneur. He is engaging in a form of spiritual entrepreneurialism that has only been tried once or twice in all of the inhabited worlds of the grand universe. There is only one other model in all of Uversa that could be used as a comparison. There are bits and pieces of what he is doing on other worlds, but he has brought the game forward to engage mortals in their own spiritual entrepreneurial program. We hope you find this interesting, thank you.

Juan: Thank you, thank you for your answer, but I would like it if you can give us some more about social capitalism, because I don't understand this topic well in the answer you gave to me. Thank you.

Daniel: I missed that.

Social entrepreneurialism

Juan: Thank you for the answer, but I would like some more guidance on social capitalism itself. I think that that can go in the way that you talk to us about the way that we make a business and the way that we must think in our ethics of making an enterprise and sustainability. Thank you.

Daniel: You did an excellent job Juan of slowing down and discussing it very clearly, very slowly. And now I get that the question has to do with social entrepreneurism. Okay.

Juan: Yes, thank you.

MM: This is Machiventa. My helpers here are scurrying around presenting papers to me with the words of social entrepreneurialism on them to put it in material terms. The best parallel I can give you of social entrepreneurialism is this work that Christ Michael is doing through his Correcting Time. The business plan of the Manifesto that This One and Avahlah and Azahlah have all written is an excellent example of social entrepreneurialism. You can easily take out the spiritualism from this manuscript. You can also take out any political statements in it as there are none. And spirit is only mentioned peripherally in some of the quotes and in the intention of the paper itself.

Now in social entrepreneurism, you want to create a process that benefits the people who are involved directly in your social entrepreneurial activities. If you take the learning centers for sustainable families as a social, entrepreneurial enterprise or project, you have all the components for success—meaning that it is designed to help people, it is designed for people to help themselves, and it is designed for people to learn and help other people learn the same tenants or objectives of the program. Through what people learn in the Learning Center, they can assist others in their life. And so, there is a positive return or reward for participating in the Learning Center as it will help families, families with children, and help those families become good parents and grandparents to their eventual grandchildren, and to their neighbors and to the clubs and associations that they belong to. It is something that they can bring up to others in conversation as something positive that they have experienced.

Now, entrepreneurialism itself is a process that is a self-starter—meaning that individuals can begin this business themselves with an idea they have, they can go somewhere and learn the skills of how to become a successful business entrepreneur—to decrease costs and improve profits, to manage staff and employees, to plan for the future, and so on. In spiritual entrepreneurialism, all of those same factors are involved, and there is a benefit for everyone. And in a truly successful brick and mortar Learning Center for Sustainable Families in some community, you know, it must also eventually become financially self-sustaining. That is an important factor in all of this work, and individuals who are involved in this will want to develop and hone their financial skills and their business skills in order to have a local community learning center become successful and survive the test of time. I hope this helps. Thank you

Juan: Thank you for the very clarifying answer.

Rick: Well, hello, Machiventa. It's good to be here with you this morning.

MM: Thank you, it's good to have you here with us.

Influencing the streams of consciousness

Rick: In our last session you said, and this is a quote: “This transition era and the full stream will be the most difficult for your civilization and for most individuals. Some, however, look forward to this time when circumstances change, and you can truly have an influence by the command of your mind onto the streams of consciousness on your world. And that situation is now.” I would like to ask you to expand for us what you mean by saying: “Some, however, look forward to this time when circumstances change and that you can truly have an influence by the command of your mind into the streams of consciousness on your world.”

MM: Certainly. You, for one, are one of those who have chosen to have an influence upon the streams of consciousness. And as you know there is more than one stream of consciousness. Individuals have their own stream of consciousness, so do families that are united in thought and in consciousness, and so do nations, societies, and associations. For example, if you have been a member of a fraternity or sorority, you know that they have a stream of consciousness of their own. I will not qualify that. There is the global stream of consciousness of your Urantia—the stream of humanity. And that humanity has a stream of consciousness which can use a lot of improvement which is one of the reasons we're here. As far as choosing to have an influence upon the streams of consciousness, you know this very personally. You know that you have made that decision long ago. Anyone who has willed to do God's will—has said “I will to do God's will in my life”—has already begun the process. How you enact God's will in your life is something you would want to determine particularly with your Thought Adjuster and your guardian. Rick, am I hitting the stream of the answer that you were looking for?

Rick: Well, in general, yes. I think I would like more specifics. Circumstances have changed, and I think this is as you have mentioned the Correcting Time in full force, and the part where it says “you can truly have it influenced by the command of your mind,” I'm assuming that, where we are today, whether we are aware of it or not, we have more power, with our thoughts to change the world than say before 1980?

MM: This is Machiventa, you are correct. And of course, you're on to the lead of my answer. You would want to learn how to use your mind (as I have spoken to Walt) how to make an imprint upon the stream of consciousness. This is a learning process, this is energetic, it has to do with vibration, it has to do with colors, it has to do with the totality of the nonphysical realm of your existence. And through the use of your mind, you can make this happen, you can make it occur, you can make those imprints occur. It is important in your mindedness therefore to be sincere, to be transparent, and to have very high-minded intentions—ones that are synonymous and complemental to your Thought Adjuster, to your guardian, to Christ Michael, and Nebadonia. And that you have become clear of negative emotional states and know how to sideline those when you enter into this very serious, diligent business of projecting your mind patterns onto the stream of consciousness that you want to imprint. Does this help?

Rick: Yes, thank you.

Roger: Good morning.

MM: Good morning, Roger.

Differences in tasks for Thought Adjusters and guardian seraphim

Roger: It's good to be with you today. As we mortals grow spiritually, we come to have two precious comrades, our Thought Adjusters, and our guardian seraphim. In working with us, how do their tasks differ from each other?

MM: Certainly, thank you, Roger. This is Machiventa. First your Thought Adjuster. Remember that your Thought Adjuster has a goal of you traversing all time to Havona and to the eventual embrace with the Creator. And upon this mission—upon this work—your Thought Adjuster is eternally vigilant, diligent, thoughtful, caring, and sublimely persuasive to your mind to assist you in every way possible to become convinced that you want to will to do God's will. And to do that without telling you to do it. Now that is the height of salesmanship, isn't it? As far as your guardian is concerned, your guardian is primarily concerned with, first of all, your physical safety—that you remain on this planet in physical form long enough to experience firsthand the development and outworking of your life plan. And in this regard, your guardian angel will assist you to learn these lessons and to grow into your full being in a pre-morontial state.

Now, when your guardian angel does this, you must realize that some of these experiences are disastrous, and that the product is that you learned. Now some of you have come to realize that these difficult, trying, loathsome, even hazardous life situations that you've gotten yourself into, are in truth learning situations. And that you will make immense progress when you wake up, realize, and say to yourself or ask your guardian, “Is this a learning situation?” And the answer will come through to you like an arrow through the air as Yes. And then your next question should be: “What is the lesson? What is the lesson I'm supposed to learn?” Okay? And you will come away with that.

It might take you a few days, and it may take some reflective time on your part to appreciate your learning situation. You then go about your life, and you can anticipate that your guardian will set you up for a review. Now, again, when you have the consciousness, self-awareness to ask, “Well, is this a review?” And the answer will once again come through to your mind, and it will be yes. And you will say to yourself, “Ah-ha, I'm learning—slowly I'm learning.” And you see, when you gain wisdom you know the shortcuts, okay? It's much like that little, short story of Jesus riding on a bicycle with you. Well, Jesus knows all the shortcuts. And so, what you want to do is to learn the shortcuts with your guardian. And so, when these difficult situations come up in your life, you identify it as a learning situation. You say: “I understand what this is. This is a learning situation. It’s a review!” And you will not be confronted with the review. If you haven't learned the lesson, then the review will come to full force again. And it will repeat until you learn it or until you're no longer here if that is the situation.

So, your guardian angel is much more involved in your day-to-day life. Your Thought Adjuster—the God Presence within you—is constantly with you on a day-to-day basis, hour to hour basis, minute to minute basis, and is involved in your mind mechanism directly so that you make choices. Your guardian is, as well, concerned about the decisions that you make, but those are learned through insights that you gain from your experience of life and living. Yes, life is full of learning lessons—experience. You call them mistakes, but in truth they are learning lessons. Thank you.

Roger: Thank you. That's exactly the answer that I wanted.

MM: You're most welcome.

JT: And thank you for eliciting such a good response from Machiventa, Roger.

Transforming the planetary consciousness

Jacques: Bonjour, this is Jacques. You really answered part of the question about stream of consciousness by Rick. My question is: For about 10 years, I [have been] participating in a group of humans in order to transform this planetary consciousness (I would say consciously), and we do this under the guidance of the angels of Nebadonia. It's mainly the seraphim group headed by Manotia. So, I consider this [to be] a co-creative work between angels and humans.

MM: Yes.

Jacques: It's done by the celestial who guides and provides us with a subject to visualize—something like seeing the divine justice bathing the planet or doing the reconciliation between humans and divinity. But my question is, how can we humans reinforce this activity from our side and be the most effective to change this planetary consciousness?

MM: This is Machiventa. The short answer is yes, you can. And the long answer is provided in the earlier answers that I gave to Walt and Rick. We advise you not to take on the role of being the surrogate guide to Nebadonia for healing your world. You can best do that by becoming the best child of God, child of Spirit in your own life as you work with other people. Do not take on the work of transforming your world. But transform yourself first, and then sharing your transformed self with others without bragging and without using yourself as an example. You use your life as an example in real life—without words, without solicitation, without marketing yourself. Humans like to take on the authority of those greater than themselves when in fact they have not done their homework to take on developing their own powers which are quite formidable unto themselves with proper training, preparation, mindedness, and intention. You may see my answer as stern; however, this is a very factual, very objective way of looking at part of your request as an answer. Thank you.

Jacques: Thank you Machiventa. This helps a lot, of course. Thank you very much.

Living the revelation of Jesus

Recca: Hello Machiventa. Thank you for being here with us today, and may I repeat David Zebedee’s news to the world, that Jesus has risen from the dead and the tomb is empty. And now here we are, doing the Father's business as He taught us how to do that business by his bestowal life and his other bestowals—[doing] the work that we do daily that is the expression of our work with our Adjuster and with our angels. Everyone today asked questions that I have written down here. I did write my questions down. Everyone asked those questions. All I can say is I appreciate the effort that we all are making daily to become more and more aware of Nebadonia's work and influence through the angels that are mentioned in the Seraphic papers in The Urantia Book, and I will take to heart, Machiventa, your reminder that it is not that our lives are not an example to other peoples, it is the work that we do with them—the words that we say to them as we go along that are self-forgetful and supportive of the growth of the Spirit in others. So, thank you everyone for asking my questions for me.

MM: And in summation to what you have said, Recca, you literally live the revelation. And so, your lives become a revealing example of Christ Michael and Jesus’s work. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you

JT: That's all the time we have for questions this week. Machiventa, do you have closing for us?

A new family consciousness among you

MM: Yes, thank you. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The results of today's session, if I were a mortal, would take my breath away. You have, all of you, come into a family of consciousness that you, as members of our team who have submitted questions, have come to a union of consciousness to ask the same questions in different ways. Recca's summation was accurate in that regard. And the only thing I can add to that is that you have accomplished this through the minded oneness of all of you, of your consciousness, and that you have now evolved and elevated yourself to a higher state of consciousness of, rather than “me and I”, it is [now] “we and us” with spirit co-creatively. So, in our union here—in this shared consciousness that I have with you, my Melchizedek team, and the Archangels—we all share a consciousness of this planetary management group and that we are in oneness to do Christ Michael’s work [with] Nebadonia as our benefactor of helping us do this work. And so, it is my turn to give great thanks for your presence here, and for your participation from the depths of your heart, and the oneness of your consciousness and mindedness. And to you, I salute you. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.