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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2022-05-30, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #32, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #32

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Expanding the PMG presence in Russia A call for more T/Rs Becoming a T/R An appeal for intervention None that are ready Increasing spiritual pressure in the Russian culture The question of “when” in the abortion debate More on becoming a T/R Imagining a society with a 7 Core Values statement Moving past irreconcilable differences to values Mind mastery Your life’s work Be about your life’s work Epilogue

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD



Expanding the PMG presence in Russia

Machiventa: Good day. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager, and welcome to a new day of our Planetary Manager’s group. It is good to have everyone here. It is good to be able to be with you and to speak with you. We have been, in the past, speaking about abortion as one of the social and societal conundrums of particularly American society as a moral issue and as a legal issue. What has caused you great difficulty involving that is that there is no clarity in any camp of interest regarding this. They simply want to have their way and to have everybody else obligated to their interests.

Today, we are going to shift that attention to our work—to the planetary manager’s group. It is time that we began another Planetary Manager's Group, and this time we would like to have it in Russia. We have a Melchizedek who has been on site in Russia for many decades. Now, when I say Russia, I mean the totality of the Russian culture, which is included in all of the satellite nations that used to be under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Russia and any ancillary or adjacent countries and peoples that have taken on the Russian culture. It may be that you think that this is because of the invasion of Ukraine by the current president of Russia. This is not the case. Of course, that is one of the considerations, but it's not the dominating case. The dominating primary interest that we have in initiating a new Planetary Manager’s Group in Russia is the fact that it is one whose people have an affinity for Western thinking, Western culture, and Western interests.

It is upon that base we will develop this group. We're not talking about This One being the T/R. We are looking for someone of the Russian culture, whether that person lives in Russia or elsewhere, to become the TR and, of course, you would have your own transcriptionists, your own call-monitor/master-of-ceremonies (as James [JT] is for us), and you would have your own distribution. Now, this may anticipate some of the changes that will be occurring in the future, but nonetheless, it is time for us to think about that. It may be several years or only several months before your group in Russia comes together and decides to become a part of our movement of the Correcting Time. Yes, you are thinking about logistics, but please do not concern yourself about that. Leave that to us. It is in the interests of your Melchizedek whose name is Sedgahnah [Sedg-ah-nah] Melchizedek who is one of the Melchizedeks that is part of my global team. All Melchizedeks are apprised of the status of other Melchizedeks and their areas of expertise and their areas of administration. And yes, you will need to call upon the angelic core of Nebadonia to have contact with you as you (you [being] the Melchizedek and mortals) make plans and develop them together co-creatively for the archangel or the other angel who may be in charge there to execute. This may seem very Western, very mechanical, and very bureaucratic; however, this is a shared responsibility so everybody is on the “team.”

A call for more T/Rs

Of course, this leads us to the next element of this request, and that is for independent T/Rs—by Independent I mean those who may be developing their skills on their own, with someone else, or with a small group of people currently. If you do not have someone you can practice with, you can practice by yourself with your guardian angel and your Thought Adjuster to confer with them and to begin an interactive dialogue relationship. This is essential whether it is in a foreign country, here in the United States, or any nation in the world. It is part of your responsibilities as a God-seeking individual who is striving to fulfill the First Source and Center’s command of becoming perfect, and whose command has been echoed by Christ Michael as Jesus.

This is not a warning or a caution. It is simply a fact of life that, eventually, you will lose this T/R who is speaking now. It may be to a new project; it may be his passing. We do not anticipate his passing for many years yet, so it will most likely be another project that he is assigned to. He has stated that he will do his utmost to remain in contact with this team—this Planetary Managers Group #1—as it has existed for the last several years, and that he would be able to do so. However, there will be obligations with a new project which would take him away from that and interrupt the flow and progress of your group. Again, this is not a warning or caution. It is simply an advisement that the best way to learn to swim is to jump in the water over your head. And you will have someone there to help you on the side to pull you up if you can't seem to come to the surface. This works the same way with T/Ring. You learn on your own because that gives you the confidence to T/R with others. So, when you begin on your own, do so with diligence, prepare for the time, the setting, and the situation so that you are in stillness, and that you can hear the voice of the other in your mind. That voice may be your guardian angel, it may be your Thought Adjuster, it may be a celestial teacher, a Melchizedek, or some other. Nonetheless it begins by you asking questions: “Is someone here?” If there is someone there to talk with you, you will hear an answer, and you can assume and accept that. When you do put in a request for angelic and celestial assistance to learn how to T/R, you will be assigned an individual besides your guardian who will be there to help you. Now once you hear this voice—this response—it is your job, your duty, to accept it as being legitimate. You can ask questions later about the validity of the voice you heard and so on. If you enter into a validation process immediately after hearing it, then you are in deep trouble, and you can expect and anticipate that your T/R session has come to an end.

Becoming a T/R

It is important that you understand what I'm saying. It is important that you understand that we have a tremendous need for new T/Rs to come online. It is important because the times and consciousness of your world are changing, and it is important because there needs to be many voices who represent and are the voices of the celestials, angels, Melchizedeks, and others who speak through you. We need many opportunities to do so on this world and other worlds. You are, of course, a captive of this world, so therefore you are in charge of learning to T/R and you're responsible to do so. We do however accept that there are individuals who have a chemical imbalance and are unable to T/R. There are people who have dysfunctions of their mind mechanism that come from their brain which makes it impossible for them to T/R as well. You will know already whether you will become a capable T/R as you have already been hearing a voice or suggestions that are not your own. This is the process of identifying the separation that exists between you and the celestial/angelic voice that you hear in your mind.

I mentioned the sink-or-swim process because we have tried the process of attenuation where the T/R is available on an infrequent basis, and we have found the results of that disappointing in that very few people began to T/R on their own or even to experiment. Therefore, when this does occur, this will be a cessation of This One's T/Ring at a time that you will not expect and a time, perhaps, that he will not expect. You will have a forewarning of that as the time becomes more immediate to that development.

In any good company, in any good management system, responsibility is shared. It is a co-responsible relationship that employee-owners of a company have with each other and with the organization itself that everyone is responsible, and everyone receives the benefits of the company-owned organization, the products that they sell, and the services that they provide to others for a fee. In this case, we are moving into a shared responsibility relationship with you, and we are eager to begin that process. You have had enough time to begin hearing and practicing on your own. And no, we do not hold you to any standard of competence or fluidity of T/Ring as you experience with This One. This marks his approximate 28th year of T/Ring; therefore, he has a good deal of experience, and you appreciate that. If you can say that you have heard someone of an angelic or celestial nature in your mind, then hooray; you have passed your first hurdle.

Then, once again, try and ask questions: “Is anyone here?” “Yes.” “Are you here to help me?” “Yes.” “Who do you work for?” And of course, they will say if they work for a creature of Life such as Christ Michael, myself, or Nebadonia. You will hear their voice and they will affirm that. So, it is a matter of developing trust. You have heard about the continuum of hope: there is hope, belief, faith, trust, and knowing. And knowing, in order to know the experience of T/Ring, you have to have had the experience of the T/R process—of asking questions and hearing answers. This begins a process of developing that trust—trust within yourself, for yourself—to be competent and capable to do this. We know that you are. You just need to believe that you are, and that begins the other experience of you being trustworthy and knowing that you can do it, all right? Many of you have already heard. It is a matter of accepting that experience and embedding it in your consciousness knowing that you are a T/R.

I have thrown enough at you this morning already, so let us begin with your questions if you have any.

An appeal for intervention

Walt: Pleasant morning, Machiventa. It is exciting—the charge or perhaps mild suggestion or invitation that you've extended to us. Certainly, I hope to try and hope that many others will also be stimulated to try T/Ring as well. My first question is an appeal regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I make an appeal to your team to provide a war ending solution that's in alignment with Christ's will directly to one or more persons with the power to implement the solution. Could you please comment on this appeal?

MM: Certainly. That's your responsibility, not mine. You have been given enough instruction of the values and ethics and morality that we espouse for relationships, and you need to do the homework yourself. This creates an air of consciousness of peace and overcoming. I could answer your questions, but for me it is simply another curiosity question, and it is a forfeiture of your responsibility to participate in the process of peace on your planet. Thank you.

Walt: Actually, that is very informative and insightful. I believe that where a part of my question may not be fully understood is: while you can give us solutions, what I realize is that we here in this forum, and perhaps those who read would not have access [or] the power to actually implement such a specific or practical solution, and that those who would be in the position or have the power to implement solutions are not those who would be reading this type of material. And so, it was an appeal for those.

MM: Again, we have covered this a number of times. Your consciousness is powerful. You can implement solutions that are effective. You are, yes, powerless as you see yourself providing a plan of peace for all nations involved. However, we have said over and over again that it is your consciousness—your appeal through your consciousness and you're visioning a peace in your world and projecting that peace upon your world—that is most effective because it affects everyone who's involved. Thank you. Next question?

Walt: Yes, I get it. That helps me a lot. You have definitely addressed the power of our consciousness, and that is what….

MM: We’ve covered this before. You have it in your consciousness, you have heard these words from me before concerning this and other related problems. Now, put it to work.

Walt: Thank you. Thank you, Machiventa. My next question is: Can we anticipate during the worst of the cataclysm for some mortals to be rescued and transported to other suitable earth-like worlds to be later returned to Earth, or are such revelations fiction?

MM: This is Machiventa. I'm getting exasperated with your source of memory and your lack of diligence to do your own research. This question has been asked for the last 20 years by many people and it has been answered by many teachers, angels, and Melchizedeks in the same manner. Do your research man. There are tools for doing this. Please proceed.

None that are ready

Walt: Okay, thank you. This question is what is the nature of societies or nations that are currently ready, or nearly ready to accept the existence, influence, and assistance of a Planetary Prince and his team.

MM: This is Machiventa. A good question. And it goes back to some statistics that we provide. You mentioned nations. As nations, there are none that are ready to acknowledge and accept Christ Michael's return to this world either as Christ Michael whose eminence can be seen by people or by a representative who’d do the same. There are absolutely none who are ready. Thank you.

Walt: Oh, wow. Thank you. Thank you too for the answer. And is the Colombia mission to implement learning centers for sustainable families pre or post the apocalypse—the cataclysms?

MM: This does not compute for me, to put it in your colloquial language. We live in the “now” and this is “now.” We want to start those learning centers in the United States, Colombia, South Africa, in Canada, and wherever they would be most useful. It is not a pre or post cataclysms event.

Walt: Okay, thank you so very much. And my last question is: If you could please comment on how relevant is the book of Revelations to earth’s future?

MM: This too has been grappled with numerous times. I believe that Monjoronson had his say about that as did others. It is a difficult passage, and if you imagine that the author was in a transpersonal state of mind at the time of recording these, you’ll have a fairly good idea about how the revelations came into existence. How relevant are they? They're significant to the history of the Bible and the New Testament. Thank you.

Walt: Well, thank you so very much, Machiventa.

Stéphane: Good morning, Machiventa. How are you today?

MM: Grumpy.

Stéphane: Well, I'll try to cheer you up a bit.

MM: Thank you.

Increasing spiritual pressure in the Russian culture

Stéphane: Listen, you've mentioned that forces have been deployed to Russia, but renewing a new effort for more spiritual pressure in that culture. And I'm wondering what has changed, Machiventa. You know, I would have thought with my limited knowledge that the social, political environment would be such that a movement like the one we have privilege to here would be easily crushed in that culture. Have things changed there in the last decade or so where you think that a movement like the one we have access to could be successful in that culture?

MM: Yes, and thank you for your question. As you know, we are here in advance of the Days of Light and Life. So, we are always on the advance in other nations and other cultures to provide a nucleus—a seed bed and a seed of that which will become more evident and eminent in that culture when the times are ripe. Anyone who has followed the socio-economic developments in that culture knows that there is a very large element of (I’m striving for the word) disquieted individuals who are unhappy with the current circumstances of their nation, their culture, and its operation fully knowing that the adventurism of their president into an uninvited confrontation in Ukraine has and will set their nation back by decades culturally, socially, and economically. These are the minds that we want to be open to.

You are correct in knowing that a group that came together as we do now in these moments would be easily identified, crushed, and perhaps eliminated or sent to some Gulag. It is important that like minds come to recognize each other, that they are people of one Spirit, and that they seek goals, objectives, a vision, and philosophy of life that is similar among themselves. This is an important development within a closed culture as that for the development of what is to come next, there must be individuals who will be ready to receive an invitation. It may be by telephone, it may be by cell phone, text, or some other means to know that there are individuals gathering, who wish to come together—not necessarily physically or geographically—but come together to share their like-mindedness for what they can contribute to the good and welfare of Russia as a culture. There are many hungry people there who hunger for the things that are taken for granted in other nations. Thank you.

Stéphane: I can acknowledge [that]. I have business associations with people and friends that live in this culture that I've been in contact with. And I can tell you that yes, that response has changed. I would say something that would have never been questioned 20 years ago, is now heavily being questioned and openly, you know, over telephone lines and amongst themselves. So, I can see that something has changed. I think there was a miscalculation from this president that things would operate as before, and I don't think that will be the case so much in the near future but, as you say, in the decades to come, the damage has been done for a long time.

MM: Yes. And may I comment further that this President is minded from the era of Stalin. His tactics are very similar to those of Stalin, even to sacrifice his own people for his own ideological goals. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you.

The question of “when” in the abortion debate

JT: I have some written questions from Recca. She's addressing the question of abortion. Following up on her previous questions, Recca asks: When does the physical system of a functioning brain and heart receive an individual mind?

MM: This is Machiventa. There we go again. There's a “when question.” When does this or when does that? It's all developmental dear heart. The “when question” is not answerable to you as your own mind mechanism would not understand what I would be telling you, in technical terms, of the work of the mind of spirit. Your question is far better addressed in private to your own guardian and to her supervisor as they are angels, and they are spirit. And mind is a gift of spirit. Begin there please. This is a learning lesson for you, and we hope that you will share what you find with us after you are informed. Thank you.

JT: Well, that addresses her other questions too which are also when questions.

More on becoming a T/R

Stéphane: Stéphane, again. I'm cheered by your requests to find new T/Rs, and I've thought about this along the way and never was successful. But I think these directives you've given us today could help quite a bit, and maybe it's easier than I think it is to do so. And giving up preset expectations could be the key to success. Would you agree?

MM: Wholeheartedly, yes. If you have expectations, they are the bedrock of disappointment. And you grow, as Melchizedeks have said in the past, by disappointment, disappointment, disappointment, like sincerity. Now, I would like to speak to you personally, Stéphane. You have an excellent mind. You have an impediment in your thinking due to how you were trained in the logic of business and so on. However, if you examine your own personal life, as a series of coincidences, happenstances, happenings, and divine order and divine development, when those incredible, auspicious, serendipitous occasions arise, you will find that you have been informed all along in your life, and that this is the area you can speak to with the One who is with you always who will receive your questions. Your expectations are a part of the success-by-objectives management style [that] does not serve individuals well in their spiritual and multi-dimensional growth in relationships with us, with their Thought Adjuster, and their guardian. You have much you can talk [about] and query your guide with from your own personal life, and you will have answers that you can relate to almost immediately which assures me and assures you that you can T/R. It is not a challenge; it is simply a suggestion for you that you might want to consider. Thank you.

Stéphane: Thank you for that. When getting started with this, is it advisable to ask questions about myself or ourselves first, or to ask questions about the greater goods? It wouldn’t be for personal gain, but just ask questions for personal development as a steppingstone to discussions around bigger things.

MM: Yes, and of course, the smallest environment is the realm you'd ask questions about is the budding relationship—the budding conscious relationship—that you want to have with the one who speaks with you. So, begin there. This is a matter of trust for you and not necessarily for your Thought Adjuster or your guardian to answer you, but it is a process of gaining trust; that you can trust yourself to receive answers accurately from the one who speaks to you. Do not concern yourself about the bigger issues of life and society in the world, even your community, or even your family at this time. You first of all want to have an accurate, capable, and competent one-on-one relationship with the one who loves you most. Is this understandable?

Stéphane: I think that will help. Yes, absolutely, as I would probably jump to trying to solve the world's problem immediately. I have a tendency to do that.

MM: As This One had so many years ago [chuckling].

Stéphane: But thank you, I have a renewed interest now in finding focus for this activity. Thank you.

MM: Thank you.

Imagining a society with a 7 Core Values statement

Jeff: Good morning, Machiventa. Thank you once again for being so kind to us. You're reminding us to do our homework. I have been trying to do two things at once. I'm sure they're reconcilable, and I'd like some help from you if you can give it. I'm trying to imagine what it would be like if I lived in a town where the mission and value statement was basically the mission statement that most communities have, but the value statement was to adopt the seven core values at every possible level of local government. I'm trying to think about how I would write about that, and how I would get help with that and if even imagining that is a good thing for me to do to get it in writing and somehow publish.

MM: Fortunately, your request and your plea have been heard, and Avahlah Melchizedek is now working with This One on a timeless, universal philosophy and all the basic elements that go into a universal, timeless philosophy. This will be available to you directly within the next 10 days to two weeks which will help you greatly. And yes, your work in doing that is very much appreciated. And the imagining that you have will go far to assist you in thinking that you were working with a sociological system where all parts relate to each other, and everyone is using the same elements to develop their own field of expertise.

If you were in education, for instance, you would be asking the question: Well, how does education in all its forms relate to the life of an individual? How does educating individuals relate to the performance of organizations of every type—every type—not just one type, but every type, all types. And so, you'd begin finding that all aspects of social institutions and the social sciences are related. And that only through the professional separation of these fields of interest is their separation in fact, operational. What we are striving to do is to help fields of expertise see the relatedness to all the members, all the participants in that circle of the social sciences, for instance, and [they] must move away from profit. Profit is a distracting measure of performance. To make a summation here for this section: you're on the right track, and you will have good news given to you soon. Thank you.

Moving past irreconcilable differences to values

Jeff: I really appreciate that. The second part of this is related to our discussions several weeks ago, on exactly when and where consciousness and the belief [about] the beginning of life. It seems to me we've talked about this many times, and culturally, around the world, there are large blocks of people who for religious reasons or philosophical reasons have irreconcilable differences about the exact when and where etcetera, etcetera. What I'm struggling with is, is there a means within the schematic of seven core values for people who are of various backgrounds to basically table that issue and agree to disagree about how many angels are on the head of a pin of this issue. And just get on with the respect of life, and then work on the three derivative core values.

MM: This is Machiventa. Hooray, hooray, hooray. As you found the “when question” is not important is it? What you are doing is, you are summating all those problems and getting to the generalization that those problems really are irreconcilable, and that answering them would make no difference at all! It is simply a means by which people can struggle with each other, or they can find commonality with each other. And the truth is that the understanding and clarity that individuals and groups need to understand this, “when and where” consciousness, mind, and so on, are not understandable by the human mind and is not something that we can discuss with them in a meaningful way, at least for the mortal to accept and understand our answers. For us here today, you and I, the others in this group, and those who read this, it is a wonderful fact that you do have a mind my friend. When you received it doesn't matter to you personally, does it?

Jeff: Well, it’s binary. You either have it or you don't.

MM: You either have it or you don't. That's exactly right. You know that you have a mind. And it doesn’t make any difference to you today, as you sit down to dinner when you had received that mind, or when you received your consciousness. What is most important in that scheme of questions and those components is that you have a mind that becomes aware of its own existence. And this is the beginning of consciousness. And in consciousness of self, in that proprioceptive configuration, you then begin to have the ability, the awareness, and the self-empowerment to change who you are, to change what you're thinking, why you think, and so on. You discover in this learning process that some things that you'd been thinking about, worrying about, for decades are not relevant, are unimportant, and make no difference if you have the answer to them or that you could do anything about them. So, the juncture of mind and consciousness comes alive when you become conscious of yourself having a mind that can think those thoughts.

Mind mastery

Now, we are totally differentiating from self-analysis—self-psychoanalysis—which is impossible, and is, in fact, irrational to even attempt. We want you to be a thinking individual, to have consciousness of the thinking, and consciously decide on the thoughts you want to have in your mind. You can do that. You do do that. If you have some thoughts that come across your conscious mind that you don't like, you say: “Mind, do not think those thoughts anymore. You do not have my permission to think those thoughts.” Think more about being a bird flying in the air, being free, being able to elevate yourself and twist and turn, and even do loop-de-loops if you wanted to. And so, you’re thinking good thoughts. And it is a matter of training your mind to think those good thoughts and to direct your mind not to be habituated when thinking negative thoughts. Does this help?

Jeff: It certainly does. And I'm looking forward with much anticipation to what will unfold in the next couple of weeks.

MM: Well, the next couple of months will certainly make a difference in life for many people. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much. Good evening, Machiventa, and thank you so much for your message tonight. It has been very heartening to hear you urging us to become better and more competent T/Rs. I have two questions that are somehow related. The first one: Is that which wells up inside of us as the work that we feel compelled to do as part of the Teaching Mission, which for me is to try and help with others coordinate cradle-to-grave teaching courses from, as you say, three years before the child is even conceived how to help people create good relationships to issues of bereavement, autism, disability, parenting, and engaged fathering—all those things bringing together different cultures in South Africa and their wisdoms on those issues. That's something I feel deeply called to do, but all new things are coming to me. That's the first part of the question: (I also have a daily work that takes a lot of my time.) How do we know where to put all our efforts seeing that so much depends on other people?

Your life’s work

MM: This is Machiventa. Well, thank you for your statement and your roundabout question. This feeling that you have that is welling up at you—this is your life's work. This is who you are, this is what you are. This is your means of service, of ascension. You have principally overcome the first two stages of your personality growth as a mortal, and you are now in the service phase. And you feel an impatience. You've seen that even your daily work is an impetuous activity that is unnecessary but required of you at this time under your family circumstances and so on. You will be guided in the answers to your situation, and you will not be denied your effort to fulfill on your own, with your guardian, your life's mission, and you have available to you untold resources to accomplish what needs to be done. We ask you to simply let this unfold in time and in circumstances. You are in your present employment situation, as it is a necessary development and step in your life's work. You are deeply needed in your nation, you are deeply needed by humanity, and your work, your thought, and your consciousness are deeply needed by families around the world. Your placement in South Africa was no accident. It was intentional. Now your second question, please.

Marthe: Thank you so much for that Machiventa. My second question is: How does the call to work with a Trinity teacher, like Uteah, relate to the work of the Melchizedek teachers that we are currently working with? Thank you.

MM: This is a question that is unfathomable to you. And we ask you not to obsess about it or to overly focus on it. This is a consistent question of yours that you have asked, and it is diverting your attention from the real work that you have ahead of you. It takes you out of realm, so to speak, and your realm is immediate, it is personal, it is spiritual, and it is also in many ways professional. Your spiritual growth does not depend upon the answers to your questions, and that is my answer to you for that at this time and will remain so. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much Machiventa.

JT: That's all we have today Machiventa. Do you have a closing for us?

Be about your life’s work

MM: This is Machiventa, most certainly. I and my team and the angels with us have no question about your earnestness, your sincerity, and your diligence to do the very best that you are capable of, and that it is simply a matter of awareness and proper preparation to serve the answers to your questions. You are in the process of growing. Many of you feel that time is running out. That is not so. There is much time in your lifetime even as a mortal to accomplish many things. You are much as you observe ants under a magnifying glass in the sun. You are at the focal point of much energy, and that you are dancing around trying to find a meaningful way to make your steps count in your lifetime and in service to others. We have no doubts about your abilities and your capabilities. It is your openness that we do not question, but we reserve that you may want to open yourself more to other possibilities in your lifetime. You are on [the] exploratory mission of your life. What is your life's mission, your life's goals, your life's course, and the work that you have to do?

Some of you know what that is, and some of you are now accomplishing it. Some of you wonder what we may be talking about. But if you feel this inner urge within you as was suggested a moment ago, then you are feeling that which is before you. The circumstances of life may hold you back, but only to the extent that you let them. Yes, we do know that you have obligations, but if you do not begin serving them in this lifetime, it is not we who will arrange for your discomfort to take you out of your lodgment, out of your set place in life to explore your other avenues, but you yourself—your unconscious mind which is powerful to project that which you need to come into in the rest of your life in relationship with others. You will understand these esoteric meanings when you study and read these statements over and over again in the future. I thank you for your presence here, and for your own diligence in attending these meetings. Your questions are important to us as they represent the hidden 90% of all questions and meaning of most mortals. You are icebergs ready to melt and join the fray of great spiritual adventure. Amen. Thank you.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.


Daniel: You're welcome. If I may speak freely, what I don't think some of you realize is that time is getting short for Machiventa and his team. And his impatience with you is a sign of the need to be on point to attend to things immediately, and not be deflected by our intellectualism and so on. I've known Machiventa long enough to know when he's irritated. Melchizedeks are unemotional (or so they say they are), but nonetheless Machiventa has been a mortal before, and I do think he takes some of this personally and becomes irritable with us. I say these things to help you understand where he's coming from and what's going on, okay? God bless you.