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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2022-06-13, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #33, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #33

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Celestial team operations Mortal intelligence Growth from mortal to finaliter Importance of mortals to the PMG team Mortal upgrades Aboriginal peoples and the 7 Core Values Something impending and the hindrance of disbelief Root of current man-made crises Affinity groups A widespread change of consciousness Thank you for your presence here

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Celestial team operations

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa. Welcome to a new day. We have been stepping you through the developments of our work, and we have finalized a number of plans. You see, we Melchizedeks do our research, we make plans, and we put many of those in place. And when it's called for that the plans are executed then the angels come and help us execute these plans and put them in place. You see it is typical of a celestial team which includes Midwayers, Melchizedeks, Angels, and so on to work as a team and everyone has a role. It provides the internal checks and balances—not of wrongdoing, but of missteps, incompletions, and so on. We all have the same attitude, the same values, the same determination to do God's will, yet we work together even though our intelligences are different. We see problems differently, we see solutions differently, and between the various orders we come to a unified conclusion about what must be done and how to adapt to changing circumstances. One of the reasons that you have difficulty understanding many nuances of The Urantia Book as you read it, you interpret it, and you make speculations, and so on, is that your intelligence is different than ours. It’s not that your intelligence is insufficient to come to reasonable answers, but you are unable to understand the information that comes through to you for your intelligence to use and interpret in ways that give you a full understanding.

Mortal intelligence

We have said that you would not understand this if we explained it to you. That's simply because your mind acts as a filter of what it can accept, understand, interpret, project, and what it can and can't do in that regard. It's not that you're stupid—certainly you aren't. You have a tremendous amount of intelligence, and when you are well informed, I mean really well informed, you can come to some wonderful, magnificent understandings and wisdom to guide you through life. Yet you know that somehow you are missing the point in many aspects of these discussions that we have, the answers that I give you, and what you read in The Urantia Book. It is not that you are less than anyone else, it’s that you have an intelligence that is sufficient for you as a mortal on the level of your spiritual ascension to help you cope with your life, learn those lessons, and move on. There are certain elevated aspects of the universe which are not understandable to you. It is very similar in many ways to the problem that Albert Einstein had working with his friend who was the originator of quantum theory. You realize how intelligent and smart Albert Einstein was, yet he never did figure out how to produce the same kinds of equations that his friends did. [Niels Bohr and Max Planck] And therefore, he would never, never get it. He was using the same intelligence that he had, whereas his friends had an intelligence which could also encompass the new concepts of quantum theory.

Growth from mortal to finaliter

It is the same for you and so on. There are some things which we do not understand as well. Those mortals who have become finaliters are able to transit backwards without the necessity of authorization to visit the places they have been. They are able to understand all that they have been through. Now you may think that the journey to paradise to Havona is a long one that takes many thousands, if not millions of years to complete, and you are correct. It does take that long, because what you're doing as you go from step to step is you're gaining the experiential wisdom in each step, and completing the necessary course of actions, decisions, and choice developments at that level. Once you complete that, then you have the intelligence to begin the next step. You realize and know already that The Urantia Book describes that there are 541 levels in the morontial realm. Each one of them represents a new intelligence. It doesn't say so, but it says that you receive an adjustment to your mind mechanism for you to proceed. And so it is that in the realm here with being a mortal, you have great difficulty simply because you haven't had all the experience, you haven't touched the higher early rounds of morontial life as a mortal. For many of you, you have accomplished a great deal already, and we salute you—we congratulate you on those achievements. And as we have also said, this will help prepare you for a higher entry level when you do make the transition from mortal being to a morontial being. I hope this explains some of the comments I've made in the past. It became apparent from my peers here that you needed this information to more easily accept what we're saying and that you would be still curious. Thank you.

Recca: Good morning, Machiventa. Good morning, everyone. I will be as brief as I can be. Given what you've just said about the capabilities of the mortal to see the big picture here on your Urantia, how much use to the planetary management team are we in this group? How much use are we as Urantia Book readers to the development of the approach to Light and Life in our lifetimes?

MM: Your input is very important. You must see this as an advanced learning environment. As a member of this team and as a reader of the materials that we produce in each session, you provide instructions by your participation to those who are passive, who are not active participants, and so you make a contribution. Your contributions to us directly are your attitudes, your thinking, your preferences, opinions, choices, and so on. You give us—myself and my team—a carte blanche entry to your mind to measure where you are and how you're progressing. We use this in reference to the greater population of the planet, particularly of cultures which are similar to your own. Each of you has a genetic composition from many variations of the species coming from different sub-genetic groups around the world—you would call them ethnic groups, culture groups, nationalities, and so on—and we use this to assist us to adjust our message. The message, however, is compromised by the fact that I have to use the database of This One to convey the message to you. This is unfortunate, but it is what we have at the time until we reach a more advanced technology than simply the use of a clairaudient channel.

How this helps you is to think about your life, how you are living your life, the thoughts that you're thinking, and the choices you make. It is our hope that you would use this experience to make better choices to become of greater service to your soul and to the work [of] spiritual development of your mortal brothers and sisters.

One moment, I need to inform you that This One lives in an environment in a Ponderosa Pine Forest, and that if you were here to look across the Evergreen Lake, to the other side approximately a half mile away, you'd see a haze in the air. That Haze is a dull saffron color which is the pollen from pine trees, and, of course, it affects This One's voice box, larynx, the energy of his body mechanism, and so on. So, things are not quite processing as well as they should for the greatest clarity of thought to you. Such are the limitations of the mortals that we deal with.

Now, back to your question and answers. Yes, your attitude is very important. To have a positive attitude, to see this as useful, and that you, if you don't understand something or if something's not clear or seems mightily muddled, then you would want to ask for assistance for clarity of mind to come to a clearer understanding of what you're hearing. This is a learning environment—something is learned; your curiosity prompts you to ask questions, and when you don't understand something, you ask for clarification. Then you ask to proceed to the next step. And so it is that you progress little by little and you begin to see after 10 years or so of this work, you [can] look back in time and see how much you have progressed. Many of you will be amazed at how you become a better person over the years. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you.

Mortal upgrades

Liz: Good morning, Machiventa. Good morning, everyone. Do we as evolutionary mortals receive periodic upgrades in our spirit receptivity or our mindal acceptance in being able to communicate with our spirit associates?

MM: Yes, most definitely. Most of you are unaware of these upgrades. Some of you have experienced this as an ah-ha—that you come to a sudden place where you recognize something that you didn't understand before. And it is, yes. In all regards to your question the answer is yes. You are up stepped for receptivity which is a paramount issue for your Thought Adjuster even as it sits in your mind with you. There are still resistances within the mind of a mortal which impede the Thought Adjuster’s connection to you. It is very helpful to everyone's mission on this side that those impediments be removed when you are ready to have the up stepping; not necessarily an upgrade but up stepping—an improvement. Does this help?

Liz: Yes, it does. Thank you very much. Are there things that we can do to facilitate this?

MM: Yes, most definitely. And that is to tell Spirit aloud with yourself that you are open and receptive of the greatest good that you can imagine and receive and that you're open to the guidance and wisdom of Spirit in all forms from Christ Michael to you and [from] elsewhere that is good and of the light to improve your mind mechanism and your receptivity. It is totally in accord with your will to do God's will. When you say, “I will to do God's will,” you have really opened yourself to improvements where your receptivity to those improvements opens you to better service and receptivity to more exactly and more thoroughly do God's will. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you very much. That's all I have for today.

Aboriginal peoples and the 7 Core Values

JT: Walt asks via chat: Over the last 15 to 20,000 years how has the social progress of Aboriginal peoples as in Australia, fared in relation to the seven innate human values and social sustainability?

MM: This is Machiventa. Thank you for your question. How have they fared? As they are Homo sapiens as you are, they have fared well. These seven values, or rather call them urges because they act as urges to human motivation to make decisions and act (in that order), you can know that they have benefited as much as anyone if not more. Their culture allows them to be in much deeper contact with spirit, whatever name they may call it, and they are receptive to the inclinations of that which is good for them and for others, and they are more attuned in many ways, and far more ways than most Western people have been as well in the last 20,000 years. The only exception may be those people who knew Jesus personally, and who aspire to those tenents of Christ Michael as Jesus. Some people call this Christianity, but it is not the only God-centered religion to adhere to the principles of loving your neighbor as yourself.

There is much to learn by Western humanity from the Aborigines and their original sites of living, their migrations, and how they approach nature and each other. Thank you.

Rick: Machiventa, this is Rick, and I would like to thank you. I’d like to thank you, and I think I'm speaking for all of us or most of us, for the beautiful blessing you have been in our lives and the light you've brought into our lives. Thank you.

MM: Thank you. Your appreciation is regarded deeply, and we are grateful for your presence here and for your rounded mindedness which allows you to see many aspects of what is occurring in the group and with the group. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

JT: I'll just leave the question-answer session open for a few more minutes to see if anybody has anything they want to ask. But we don't seem to have a lot of questions this morning Machiventa.

MM: Reflective of our times.

Something impending and the hindrance of disbelief

Jeff: Machiventa, this is Jeff. This is not a well thought out question, but it's been on my mind for several days. I have been listening to some podcasts of people who were in London for a conference. Most of the conference topics had to do with the mechanics of the pandemic and how governments are dealing with it, et cetera, et cetera. And several of the people, in their comments said they just had a feeling of something impending. I know very little about intuition or how humans really interact with signals that are invisible to them, but I do have some belief that people do get feelings of impending events. You have mentioned that there are impending events. Is there a way for us to upgrade ourselves so that we can pay more attention to the signals that are being sent out—vibrations by other humans or vibrations from the angelic corps—to just make us a little more in tune with the environment that we're in?

MM: Yes, you most definitely can. What we find is that the most resistant and undeveloped attribute of human mental and mindal consciousness is their unbelief of what they do receive. Many people are highly intuitive, many people are highly in tune with the environment and the rest of humanity just as the aboriginals of Australia have been and are. They have a sense of what is going on around them even without talking to their neighbors in the next family. This is the hindrance. The hindrance of disbelief is huge particularly for Western-thinking people. And if you insist upon analytical, empirical evidence to support what you're seeing, then you're way behind the curve, and not in front of it. If you are able to accept what is coming to you—call it a hunch, call it intuition, call it a minor insight, a little-bitty Ah-ha—then you will open yourself to greater and greater wisdom. It is very much like a water valve on a water truck that if you open in just a little way, there'll be a trickle. And most people are unable to accept what is behind the valve, either in part or in whole.

We're not talking about opening the valve completely as you would be inundated with more information and data from the universe than you could handle. If you were simply accepting of the insights you have, that would be the biggest leap that you could possibly have. Many of you do receive this information. Most of you keep it quiet—you don't share it with others as you may be sensitive to the criticism of others. The peer group deniers are a powerful group as they are very vocal, but those people who feel and sense and know what is impending are reluctant to say anything and particularly reluctant to share [it] with anybody else. That is why you have come together with us in this planetary manager’s group and the audience has come together to listen to and read these transcripts. So, you have found what we call, or what This One calls, an “affinity group.” You have an affinity for a way of thinking that is friendly to others, to yourself, and that you are safe to share this with others. If you found a half-dozen people—3, 5, 7, or 9 people of like thinking and openness to meet regularly, on a weekly basis, you discover that your ability to receive this information is enhanced tremendously. Thank you for your question.

Root of current man-made crises

JT: Walt says in chat: Since both the pandemic and the Eurasian conflict along with their accompanying shipping pressures, energy threats, and food shortages are man-made crises, I am unable to see them as inevitable. Please explain what principle of sustainability we have trampled upon that precipitates these man-made crises.

MM: It is not so much what you trampled on, but the willfulness of those individuals who are in positions of authority, control, power, and influence who are making decisions that other people must live out. If there was less willfulness and more flow—open to that global human consciousness that we just spoke of a moment ago—life would be much better. We always accentuate the positive, and we do not pay much attention to the negative or speak about it as we have no wish to reinforce the influence of the negative. Life is hard enough for you as it is without being minded and reminded of the negative aspects of your life and living. The willfulness begins at the individual level, is shared in groups and so on, and does affect many, many people. It is unfortunate that it has such influence, and this is another affect and effect of Western thinking, Western culture, and its predominant influence of empiricism. Thank you.

Affinity groups

Marthe: Thank you very much, Machiventa. I've really benefited so much from these sessions. Tonight, I found it interesting that you spoke about the small affinity groups, and the idea that we could meet with a small group of people like this on a weekly basis. And I wanted to link that to what you said last time about the need for more transmitter/receivers. I'm just wondering about the impact that is required, because obviously, we don't have the background of 28 years as Daniel has done yet as a clairaudient. What can we hope to achieve in this time when you have such a need for making this message more widely understood and learned? Is it useful to just continue for us to start more groups? Is that enough for us, through partners, that we just try to start with a small affinity group of nine people, seven to 11? How can we make the greatest impact at the time where we are placed? Thank you very much.

MM: Thank you and thank you for your question. We continue to reinforce the aspect of your work as a single individual. You can become your own channeling experience by accepting and believing that the still small voice that you hear in your mind is real, that it is good, it does not harm you, and it's not embarrassing to ask it questions. It usually develops by the mortal asking questions of that still small voice, whether it be your guardian angel, your Thought Adjuster, a Melchizedek, or some visiting astral individual from Uversa or elsewhere. The emphasis is on beginning and striving to do this alone, in the quietness of your house or your “closet of meditation” where you could practice this with confidence that it is you and spirit there only. It may take you several years of asking questions and receiving answers before this still small voice asks you a question voluntarily and initiates the dialogue. That is another level and step of your spiritual evolution that was asked about earlier. So, you can begin with yourself. What you don't want to do is to start a group and feel embarrassed by what you might say. If you have any hesitation or thoughts of being embarrassed, then you ought not to start a group or to participate as you will fail. Social resistance, as we would call that, is an incredibly powerful process that inhibits much spiritual growth and expression.

Now, if you have several people—3, 5, 7, 9, or 11—who acknowledge that they are doing this (and usually most individuals who are doing this are tentative), they feel confident in what they're doing, what they're hearing, and they want to reach out tentatively to another person to see if they're experiencing anything similar. And if they are, you'd want to join with that person to begin your small group. And of course, when you find one person, you will probably find another and another and another. What you do not want to do is invite someone to your group who is adversely inclined towards what you're doing. Deniers are highly voluble—they speak loudly, they speak strongly, and they will wither anyone who was even hesitant to join the group. So how you develop the group is a process in itself. You then want to go into a team, group, or affinity group bonding process of getting to know each other and how this started with each other. And so, you find a commonality, a common base for everyone. And that's what you're really looking for; you have a commonality of one by yourself in your meditation closet, and you want to expand that to a group of like-thinking individuals with the same attitude and appreciation for direct spiritual contact and spiritual dialogue. Thank you for your question.

Marthe: Thank you so much Machiventa. I have a big smile on my face. Thanks so much. That was really beautiful.

MM: You're most welcome.

JT: I have another question from Walt. He says: The recovery manifesto seems to assert there will be a coincidental change in the consciousness of hundreds of millions of people which will drive a culture change required for recovered and enhanced societies. Will this consciousness shift be a gift of our universe parents or a natural result of the extreme pressures we would have faced?

A widespread change of consciousness

MM: In reality it is neither one. It is generated by the individual inclination to expand what they think is right to serve the best good for all humanity. And this is the most powerful element of this new era that you have begun; there will be an awakening of consciousness in the individual that they know exactly what is not right, but they have not fully conceptualized what is right or how to achieve what is right in the larger society and larger civilization. They know and are confident in their consciousness of what they're thinking, because they know it is ethical, it is moral, it has a social conscience to it, and that it means no harm to anyone. And so, this is how this begins to expand. What is the congealing factor or the organizing factor? It is much like loose ions in a vacuum exposed to an anode and diode which have not been energized and once the anode or diode has been energized, then the flow of charged ions will flow to one or the other. So it is in this situation. There must be a charging element, something that excites the consciousness of millions of individuals to come to the awareness that there is a necessity that they take the dominant role in directing the course of their culture, their society, and all of civilization in order to save humanity and civilization from its own destruction. Do you follow this description?

Walt: That was very surprising and insightful. I think that is the way it should be. I just did not expect that that was possible, but that's also encouraging. So yeah, I'm really happy about that. Thank you.

MM: You are most welcome.

JT: That’s all we have for today, Machiventa. Do you have a closing for us?

Thank you for your presence here

MM: Yes. This is Machiventa. Again, I thank you for your presence here. In your presence, your input, and even your silence we are able to assess many things from you. We appreciate your open-mindedness to be here and your acceptance. You are not embarrassed to be here with us or to be seen with us, but that you revel in the possibility of knowing us personally and in a dialogue of your own, on your own, in your own setting at home or wherever. We support any efforts that you would want to start an affinity group of consciousness. We wish you a good day.