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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20
  • 5. He cites the virtue of commercial AI to guide moral decisions.NET 53
  • 6. In recent years, he has referred to himself in capital letters as "This One".
  • 7. One of the members of this group is assigned "to invent a new religion". NET 96
  • 8. He has Machiventa stating in March 2020 the Covid virus "is a natural occurrence". NET 86


2022-07-25, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #36, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #36 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at: Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics:

Auspicious times—separation to integration Integration and the COVID-19 pandemic A bridge to the future All the pieces are in place An affinity group Working with your T.A. and the T.A.s of others Current sunspot cycle Finaliters on a decimal planet Ultimatons and electrons—dark energy and dark matter Overcoming challenges to loving yourself and others—unconditional love These meetings will continue Connecting with your Adjuster Grieving for a lost relationship Revisiting The Urantia Book considering recent developments Celestial efforts to advance Urantia at this time Be agents of Spirit

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Auspicious times—separation to integration

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure to be with you, once again. For us, these are auspicious times. They are denoted by many developments which are most unusual compared to our prior discussions. You should be aware, I am making you aware, that the first phase of the Correcting Time has been completed. This leaves open the beginning of the second phase. The work of the first phase was principally to prepare the way for the second phase as these preparations have made it possible for us to have a fairly large number of individuals around the world who are complemental in attitude and values to our own and to the welfare and the good of this world.

The first phase of the Correcting Time includes the 200,000-year duration of humanity's consciousness of separation. Separation was the thought pattern—the awareness of individuals, families, tribes, clans, and nations—to move ahead, to progress, to develop technologies, to develop their commonalities, their own cultures, their values, and their lifestyles, beliefs, and attitudes. This has created the world, the history that you know of. The progress of nations has been rapid as far as the physical technologies are concerned, and through these developments there has become the penchant for competition between individuals, groups of individuals, cultures, and even nations. This has brought about the world, the planet, becoming fully occupied such that now the competition—the consciousness of separation—now is inflicting more harm upon your world than good. The benefit of separation has expired. The product of separation has been the advancement of your nations and in the quality of life as concerns the physical quality of life that people experience. The one aspect that has been highly deficient is the non-physical sciences—the social sciences and the philosophies that are necessary to support new types of thought consciousness. Now, in order for humanity to move ahead, the second phase consciousness of integration must become dominant. And as you may realize and surmise on your own, a history of many, many tens of thousands of years of separation is so deeply ingrained in the epigenetic memory of humanity, that integration on all phases and all planes of social existences seems as though it would be a pipe dream, something that is desirable for all concerned, but impossible to reach.

Integration and the COVID-19 pandemic

The second phase of integration of consciousness could not have come into existence as quickly had the pandemic not come into existence. In the history of humanity, people have come together in their efforts, one family and another family, finding that they can live more easily when they integrated their efforts for hunting, gathering, and so on. This has continued throughout the history of humanity, yet competition between groups that were separated either by geographic separators—such as mountain ranges, oceans, and large lakes—have not yet learned to integrate their efforts. The only times that integration has occurred between ethnic groups, cultural groups, or nations has been when there was a mutual desire to do so in order to overcome challenges which neither one could do alone.

What has not dawned upon humanity is that the COVID-19 pandemic (which has now expanded to include economic, social, and political cataclysms) has brought your world, your civilization to the brink of destruction. As everyone here lives on only one planet, the benefits of separation have been exhausted. If you consider the world market as shared opportunities, as market share, there no longer exists the possibility of gaining market share without taking it away from someone else. And this involves, as you are seeing in the Ukraine, Russia's effort to acquire, to take over, the nation of Ukraine and its resources.

Without the pandemic bringing humanity to its knees, your world would be in for another 200 years of war, competition, and so on. The arrival of the global pandemic is very timely. It is very useful for humanity to retrench and to look about to see how it can prevent its own destruction. This concern has yet to become a global phenomenon of integration, though the invasion of Ukraine has caused many nations to unite in cooperation in order to meet the challenge that invasion presents.

As you well know the Correcting Time has been here for several decades. The first phase has been to introduce our presence and has ended with the pandemic. This pandemic, as a cataclysm, isn’t going to go away soon. It will soon encompass other viral pandemics as well. The second phase of the Correcting Time involves togetherness—integration of previously separated groups—whether that is of nations, whether that is of races, ethnic groups, cultures, and even of genders. It will require everyone working together to overcome the challenges of these pandemics and the civilization-crushing cataclysms that are now upon your world and which will become more explicit and more powerful.

As far as the Correcting Time is concerned, you first saw the Teaching Mission as the means to make people aware of our presence and to teach the basic syllabus—a two-year syllabus of courses on moral, ethical, and spiritual living. This new consciousness also requires us to present programs that bring about integration, oneness, cohesion, cooperation, and so on. This has been the work of our Melchizedek team, and particularly Avahlah working with This One to generate numerous documents that will support integration programs, the first of which would be the family. The document that was written is entitled Family Learning Centers for Sustainable Families. And it is backed up with the document of Seven Innate Human Values, and further backed up by the document entitled Making sense of Ethics—A Universally Applicable Theory of Ethics, Morality, and Values. These are the principal ones that will be used initially. A second set of documents are involved in the improvements in the evolution of democratic processes to help sustain the integration of families, communities, and later on, whole national societies. It is important that democratic systems get back to their origins, which originated as the discontent of the public. It was the discontent of the public that brought about the rebellions and eventually the American Revolution which predated the French Revolution and many other revolutions that occurred in the next 100 years. This is a continuing development. Only through integration, cooperation, and complemental relationships can your world ever be prepared for the Days of Light and Life.

Thus, you can see for the first time the breaking point between phase one and phase two would be the inflection point of your civilization of February and March 2020 when the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus became a global problem. This changed the pattern of relationships around the world between businesses, between nations, and so on. These times now are a continuation of the transition era, and this transition era will be noted for the stretching and the separation of those who were traditionalists and those who are natives or individuals of the new era consciousness of peace, integration, and so on. The Eastern philosophies are particularly receptive to this new consciousness as they have been carrying it forward for many hundreds of years.

If you wondered about what you can do in the future to assist us, this will become known to you before too long. As we do have a series of documents, concepts, and even procedural situations as the family learning centers that we have mentioned, there must be the means by which we can found those—make them real in communities, make them operational, and so on. In order to do that there must be a philosophy that supports this consciousness. This has been written in Avahlah’s document entitled Organic Philosophy. It speaks to the values and to the intentions of oneness, of sharedness, between groups that eventually become one group. The necessity to support your world, and its civilization will become far more intense as circumstances become more dire and the lives of millions of people are threatened. You are now aware of the tremendous heatwave that is occupying the northern hemisphere. And this has become generalized to all nations. There will be other means that will threaten humanity's numbers and those will be apparent to you with very little insightful thinking on your part—famine of course, decrease in agricultural production, droughts, and so on. These will generate the conditions of widespread famine, and death. These are topics that are certainly not new to your awareness, they will simply become front and center to you as these cataclysms approach your own situation, so they become personal crises.

I present this thread of thinking in a regular, matter of fact manner, as this has nothing to do with opinions, has nothing to do with political, religious, ideological differences, or separations at all. Whether you are Republican or Democrat in the United States or of some differing parties and other nations, you will be affected equally, and, in fact, the separation that occurs will only exacerbate the conditions of your crises. It will require all of you working together to survive. And naturally, and of course, many of you will not. Do not approach this with fear. Approach this as a moment of recognition of the relationship you have with the togetherness between yourself and your Thought Adjuster, between the guardians of this world, between the celestial teachers and yourselves, and the midwayers. You have much to assist you in making survival decisions when you call upon these agents of light and goodness to assist you.

A bridge to the future

With the inflection point at the beginning of the second phase of humanity's consciousness, we have provided the framework, the groundwork, for your spiritual development and for your social, ethical, and moral development. The relationships that you develop from these concepts, from these lessons of truth, can assist you in many ways in the days of great plight and difficulty. These are the building blocks. I'll give you a metaphor: imagine that you are in Roman times, and you are a builder of arches for aqueducts, for buildings, for highways, and so on. You, as an engineer of arches, know that stones have to be made a certain dimension and a certain proportion, and that you start on one bank of a river, creek, or ravine and you plant the first stone on one bank, then on the other, and so on. As you move forward, you have a scaffold underneath to hold the stones in proper alignment and arrangement.

And finally, you have one stone cut that will link both arches together so that the energy of the one arch falling down is pressed against the energy of the opposite arch falling down, and both arches are held in place by the keystone. The arch stones that we have constructed through the Correcting Time and the programs we have developed with you have been put in place. And now is the time when the keystone is to be put in place that will hold the two sides of consciousness—one of separation and one of integration together. These are the means by which humanity has survived and will survive. Separation as a global process is no longer tenable to produce positive results for everyone equally. Therefore, it is necessary that integration be developed which we have done through our lessons in morality, ethics, spirituality, love, and peace. The Keystone implementation that holds these together will be the change of consciousness, the inflection point, the conscious change from one side of consciousness to the other. Our actions of implementation will hold these together. And these are the boots-on-the-ground, tire-to-the-highway programs that will need to be made physical and operational in order to carry the consciousness of integration forward in time and to dominate all relationships from the international down to the intrapersonal relationship of the individual and between individuals as friends rather than enemies or adversaries.

All the pieces are in place

This is, as I say, a momentous occasion, it is an auspicious time for us and for you. You will be seeing more of these developments as we go forward in the days and weeks ahead. The time has been appropriate for some period, but now that all the elements are together and we have approvals and authorizations for actions to be taken on the material plane from Christ Michael and Gabriel through Edentia, the Most Highs, and through the leadership of this planet, including myself. We now rely upon angels and archangels to implement and execute these plans and designs of which you will become our co-creative partners in doing. You have been taught many times how to be in conscious relationship with us, how to pray effectively, and how to make will commands that are effective, co-creatively. These will be parts of our previous lessons that you will want to revisit—perhaps someone, or probably several people, may wish to document in a more precise, accurate, and concise little lesson or two. I thank you for your time. If you have questions regarding any of these opening statements, you're most welcome to bring them forward. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you, JT. Good morning, Machiventa. It's good to be with you again as always.

MM: Thank you for your greeting. Please proceed.

An affinity group

Liz: Very interesting opening statement. It dovetails nicely with my statement and my question. As a result of the October event from last year that Daniel and Sondjah Melchizedek held here in Eugene, our topical table members (the seven of us) have kept in touch, and we've now officially formed an affinity group. These are our intentions for the group as we have discussed them so far: To establish a spiritual circuit with one another, magnifying our energy field and anchoring the light. We have issued one will command and intend to formulate additional ones in service to the Correcting Time. In light of the Thought Adjuster activation information that we received two weeks ago, we postulated that the time is right for the angelic corps to help form these groups and bring them together on some level, and that is exactly what you spoke to this morning. So, we are encouraged and excited by that idea, and I'm asking if you have advice or suggestions for us as to our mission or how we can be the most effective in our service endeavors as a small group.

MM: Yes, thank you. And hooray for your group for it's becoming an affinity group of connected consciousness. This is wonderful. The advice I would give is one that is general to everyone but particular to your group. In your connection of oneness, the lack of separation, and one of integration and cooperation requires you to have time set apart—your own separate times if you wish, or as a group; it's up to the group to decide—to have a time of quiet reflection. This time does not need to be a deep, wordless meditation but one of reflection, of contemplation, of receiving insights and asking very simple questions of your spiritual partners. Now that you have an affinity group, you know as well that you have your own guardian angels, your seven guardian angels, assisting you individually and as a group. Your questions may abound and include asking the primary questions of “What do I need to know?” and “What do we need to know as a group?” or specifically “What do I need to do personally to assist in our group becoming more effective?” You will find that the answers and the guidance you receive will be more specific. The answers may come to mind when you're reading a thoughtful book, whether it's spiritual or otherwise—something that lets your still mind become open to the presence of advice and insight from your guardians and from your Thought Adjuster while the other side of your mind is busy reading the words on the page. So, this is a means by which you can gain direction for your group. As our own plans become more specific and more materialized, you will gain more insights into how your group can proceed to be effective. I do not wish to be very specific past what I've already said, as I do not want to interfere in the free flow of communication between each of you, among yourselves, and among your guardians. Thank you.

Liz: Thank you for that answer. Yes. I understand what you're saying, and we shall take it to heart. Just so that you know, as we have said before, we're saying we stand ready, willing, and able to help out in any way possible. And as there is more power among the seven of us than there is in individuals, please feel free to make use of us.

MM: Certainly, and we do wish that you would meet physically as a team occasionally as you will find that there is much missing from email, telephone conversations (even with video) as your nonverbal communications are manifold, as you know, and will help you make your directions clear as a group. Thank you.

Working with your T.A. and the T.A.s of others

Jeff: Good morning Machiventa. I certainly have missed being part of the meetings. I had an opportunity to visit my grandchildren in person for the first time in some time, and it's probably going to be quite some time until I see them again.

I have two questions; one is general, and one is specific. In general, after I read your comments in the last session about the Thought Adjusters and the change, it seems to me that there have been in our training segments or chapters that you have turned from time to time, lessons for us to learn both personally and in the group I guess. I am assuming from your comments today and last time that the lessons that we should be learning individually from this current segment that has just begun is working more spiritually with our Thought Adjusters and the Thought Adjusters of the people around us to become as effective as with this group. Am I on the right track with that?

MM: Most certainly. Your personal relationship with your Thought Adjuster is to meditate and listen; to be open to its spoken and unspoken directions and as you relate to those around you, you are in communication with the individual and at the same time you hold in consciousness the presence of their Thought Adjuster knowing that you are there with your Thought Adjuster and they are there with their Thought Adjuster. This makes it a foursome even though only two people are speaking out loud. This gives you the consciousness awareness of the extension of Thought Adjusters throughout the world; that they are all connected, and they have a unified communication system among them. And so, when you are working consciously with another person, and you hold in consciousness your Thought Adjuster and their Thought Adjuster, the outcomes can be profound. Thank you.

Current sunspot cycle

Jeff: Thank you very much for that. In an unrelated matter, I have watched over a period of years the sunspot cycle for various reasons. And it seems that something unusual has been happening. Since you have orbited our Sun several billion times on your current assignment, I thought you might know something about this or people on your team would know something about this. But we are in what is called cycle 25 of the sunspots and cycle 24 was not very strong as far as the number of sunspots during about an 11-year period. And the predictions of NASA and NOAA, the people who follow the telescopes that look at the sunspots, were predicting that the cycle over 25 that we're currently in would be about as weak as cycle number 24. But Surprise, surprise, it turns out that the sun is not behaving according to normal predictions. The number of sunspots has increased very dramatically in the last six or seven months, and we see the weather patterns and the heat on the face of the earth changing rather dramatically. The normal cycle would indicate that the sunspots and the heat energy from the sun could be rising dramatically into and through 2025 which is like three more years. Is there any truth to that? What is the feeling of those individuals on your team that follow this? Is there something that they can tell us?

MM: Yes, you are correct. The sunspots do increase the amount of radiation that comes from the sun to the earth and of course to the whole solar system as it is a glow that shines in all directions simultaneously—only a small amount of which comes to earth. Yet that small amount has increased due to the sunspots. And yes, they will increase to approximately 2025. We have also said among ourselves that we anticipate that your civilization’s difficulty will peak in 2024, 2025, or 2026 so it becomes essential that nations work together to express their willingness to survive together rather than become exterminated separately. These are times of great difficulty, and though your financial industry has done remarkably well to cope with the fluctuations in the market, there are yet other causes which will relate to more fluctuations. The two elements that hold your world together are politics and economies. The politics must become more unified, and you are seeing that this has become necessary due to the thrust of Russia into the Ukraine. This will become an ongoing cooperative association of nations which will become stronger, necessarily as your survival needs increase. What you stated is accurate. Thank you

Jeff: Thank you.

Rick: Well, good afternoon Machiventa. How are you today?

MM: Very well thank you, and yourself?

Rick: I'm doing well, thank you. I don't have a question, but I do have a statement that I'd like to share. I believe I speak for most of us if not all of us when I say that we are very grateful for your commitment to us and the love you share with us. I also believe that most of us, if not all of us, actively are in our prayers and meditations asking for God's will to be done in our lives. And I think we all look forward to your guidance and how we can each individually maximize doing God's will. That's it. Thank you.

MM: Thank you. As you have said, I'm here to teach you, and I'm here to make you aware. And as you have been told by your military, political, and economic strategists to be forewarned is to be prepared in advance. And so, my statements to you—lessons I've provided to you over the months and years—have been to augment your preparedness both in mind and spirit in your household, and in your world. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

JT: All right. That's all in the Q&A as we’ve been doing it. Daniel, Machiventa, we seem to be turning a page here. I want to try and clear some questions I've been holding on to from readers. And just so we can finish turning that page. Maybe we'll start a new chapter.

Finaliters on a decimal planet

This is from Sergio. He says: The Urantia Book has many documents written by finaliter authors embraced by the Trinity: Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those Without Name and Number. There are transcription messages from those beings as well, but I find it curious that we have no messages from ordinary finaliters who arrived at Paradise and returned to the universes to continue their experiential gain. Surely, there must be several finaliters here on Urantia, and my question is: why do we not hear from them very often?

MM: Thank you, Sergio. The basic reason you do not hear from ordinary finalities is that this is an experimental world. It is a decimal world. It is one where we of the spiritual realms who wish to observe and measure and to take away the wisdoms of the growth, maturity, and evolution of civilization down to the level of the individual. The presence of “ordinary finaliters,” as you call them, are here. They are witnesses. They are hearing and seeing the truth, the spiritually pragmatic wisdoms that are being expressed here, and they do offer suggestions to the management so to speak. They are of one mind though they have individual purposes for being here. I hope this helps explain the quandary that you had. Thank you.

Ultimatons and electrons—dark energy and dark matter

JT: Alright, and this question I temporarily rejected as a curiosity question, but since we're turning the page, I’ll clear it from my docket. David says: I hope this doesn't get dropped as a curiosity question as I feel I'm on to something. Question is: what is the qualitative and quantitative difference between a photon and an ultimaton?

MM: Thank you David. And yes, it is a curiosity question, but one moment…. Interesting. This is Machiventa. I'm listening to my staff advise me. The photon is an element of the universe that becomes known to you as it is by photons that you are able to see what is around you. Photons make your world a bright place on one side, and, by their absence, dark on the other, yet photons do continue on into the infinity of space. Ultimatons are the essential building blocks that are far more elemental than photons. [Some] ultimatons can become manifest with mass and velocity, and some do not. [Some of] the dark energy fields that have been recognized by astrophysicists have gravity and some do not.

The presence of mass, the presence of gravity, are the products of volitional decision making on the part of the universe Architects as to the future formation of nebulae and galaxies. The dark energy that exists without mass and gravitational abilities exists as potential. They are in reserve, so to speak, on the outskirts of the physical universe in the outer bands of creation. Photons are far more familiar to you and have been studied greatly by your astrophysicists and particle physicists as well. I hope that this generalized information I'm giving you is sufficient to answer your question. I do not wish to go further into it as we do not want to lose the attention of our listeners and readers. Thank you.

Overcoming challenges to loving yourself and others—unconditional love

JT: Okay, and I have one more question. John asks: In studying best practices for parenting, I've become aware of deficiencies in my early childhood development that are detrimental to my ability to love myself and others. Are there best practices for healing these early traumatic, emotional experiences that, as adults, we can employ? How can I improve my emotional intelligence to be supportive of spiritual growth and progress?

MM: Thank you, John, so very much for your question. It is very earnest and heartfelt by millions of people.

There comes a time in human depression when you feel absolutely worthless, of no value, that life is hopeless, and has no meaning or purpose in its existence other than you are here. It is at this bottom, zero moment when you realize, and as a God-loving, God-knowing individual that God loves you. You have absolutely no worth to anyone, but to God, as a recipient of Its love. It loves you so much that it now occupies a part of your mind. You were brought into being to receive this love. And there are no things that you can do, no things that you can think or believe that would change that equation. You are truly lovable because you are loved by the eternal God, a fragment of which—the presence of God—resides in you. This is testament to the agreement between God and your soul that you are lovable and that your purpose in life is to radiate that love; to be a reflective agent of that love. You are both a generative mirror and literal mirror of this love. While you receive this love and you see within yourself there's absolutely no reason for God to love you, nonetheless you know that God does love you and in receiving this love you can multiply it and generate it more to radiate love to others. While you cannot love yourself, you are able to love others because of God's love within you. [With strong emotion] And so, you become a vicarious agent of God's love. Thank you.

These meetings will continue

JT: Thank you Machiventa. The specter was raised earlier in the week that this might be the last of these meetings. Is that still the case? I know that as things are heating up in our world, your schedule becomes busier and more tightly packed with maybe more important things to do than this. Is this going to be an ongoing meeting?

MM: Yes, it will be ongoing and continuing. However, there will need to be a time, a hiatus where This One needs time off to move physically to a new location in accord with his job reassignment. The necessity of these lessons continuing is paramount to us and particularly to me as it is my most direct means by which I can address personal questions and situations to each of you and simultaneously to the population of the world. These lessons, while we use you, as our audience, as the persona to receive our answers, you are representative of the world's population. This One has a lifetime commitment to continue my work and he and I have an arrangement to continue them continuously on a regular basis for the duration of his life. We are hopeful that someone will begin to receive me as conscientiously and dedicatedly as This One does for the future as a means by which he can be relieved when necessary. Much as you James have an alternate master of ceremonies. Does this answer the question?

JT: Certainly. Do you want to still try a less formal Q&A while we're finishing up?

MM: Yes, you are welcome to be as personal and jovial as you wish, thank you.

JT: Well, I'll open up the microphones and see how that goes. So, I'm going to start another Q&A session, just a little less formal, a little off-the-cuff and see what…

MM: This is Machiventa. JT, James, do you have questions? Let's begin that way.

JT: I don't think I do. I feel like I'm ready for whatever comes. I know what's going on, and it's not going to be pleasant around here for the next few decades. We're just going to have to take it as it comes, I think.

MM: Thank you.

JT: Doug has his hand up.

Connecting with your Adjuster

Doug: Good morning. Thanks for taking my question. I understand my, my number one occupation should be to connect with my Adjuster, and I do try my best to reflect God's love through me and to other people around me, but that being my occupation, my struggle is the preoccupation of all the other things that can take me away from that one occupation. Do you have any advice on that?

MM: Certainly. The presence of God is always with you, even on the job. There is no absenteeism on the part of your Thought Adjuster to be with you and to accompany you wherever you go. Every thought that you have has a space between it and the next thought, and that is where you can find the presence of your Thought Adjuster and it can find you. So realize, dear friend, that you have your Thought Adjuster with you at all times. And the basic ingredient that you need for your relationship with your Thought Adjuster is your intention. Thank you.

Grieving for a lost relationship

Doug: Thank you very much. I just recently lost a close girlfriend, and I just am hurting a little bit over her loss.

MM: I understand. I have seen this often and during my mortal career. It is not a rejection of you, but a preference of the one who left you. Thank you.

Doug: Thank you very much.

Revisiting The Urantia Book considering recent developments

Recca: Good morning Machiventa. Your announcement of the opening of phase two of Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission is wonderful. And I wonder how we can profitably reread papers in The Urantia Book that will now give us an insight into the enormity of the Planetary Prince vicegerent’s work and the planetary management group in light of what we have read in The Urantia Book and what we're seeing now. So, it's profitable to reread with the knowledge of phase two.

MM: Most certainly. You have word search, and what you would want to do is write down some keywords that may help you. You're very bright enough to write down a list almost as competently as I can to guide your search and during your search you will find that you have more insights. As you do your search you are giving time to your Thoughts Adjuster and to those around you to assist your mind to continue your query to answer your concerns. This is an open-ended search, yet it is guided during the quiet moments of your mind between your thoughtfulness concerning it to guide you to places, thoughts, and more words that will assist you in your search. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you.

Celestial efforts to advance Urantia at this time

MM: This is Machiventa. I wish to continue my response to Recca. Recca, you are totally correct that the enormity of the work of the planetary manager and the Melchizedek team and all of Nebadonia’s corps here is profound. We have said in weeks past that there are now billions upon billions of spiritual beings assisting this world during this most difficult time. It is truly an adventure in the work of the spiritual realm, on an experimental planet guiding those individuals who are totally unaware of their presence to do good, that benefits the whole world through even their most minor options and decision making. The work that we are doing for Christ Michael is of immense importance, as we see this time as only this time that we have available to assist your world to advance itself spiritually, morally, and ethically by many leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. As they say, this is once in a planet's existence that we have this opportunity. It is not that it is impossible for other opportunities to develop in the centuries ahead, but this is not a process we wish to linger on nor to prolong. Thank you.

Recca: Thank you. Thank you for that statement, Machiventa. The paper on planetary mortal epochs I think says that the greatest awakening for Urantia in the post bestowal ages is a spiritual awakening from the top down, and this reaching up by us mortals here in our work, in our daily lives, and in our affinity groups will be reaching upward for your downward spiritual administration to connect with us, and I appreciate you explaining this to us. Thank you.

MM: You're most welcome and thank you very much for your insight.

Be agents of Spirit

MM: My friends, as you go forward and the days and weeks ahead, you are even more so than ever actual agents of the Spirit working on the material plane. Your openness to receive guidance is vital to what becomes for you and for your whole world. Each of you is the recipient of guidance when you open yourself to this. With the opening of millions upon millions of individuals metaphorically reaching up to connect with God, with spirit as we reach down to you, will make that connection more real in material ways. You see the co-creative participation and partnership that we have is vital to the success of the implementation of the plans and designs that have been made on Edentia for this world. We appreciate your conscious intentions to participate with us on all planes of your existence. There are many which you are unaware of, but which you can affect by your intention during your daily life. We thank you for the love that you do share and the friendship that you extend to others. We bless you for giving kindness to strangers, and to the gentle attitudes you have to those who seem dissimilar. We wish you a good day always.

JT: Thank you Machiventa, and thank you, Daniel. Daniel, we will just wait for you to give us notice about when you need to take a break.

Daniel: Yes. Otherwise, we will continue every two weeks.