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On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 10:10 PM, Gerdean O'Dell <> wrote:

PamElla is not Pam Sanderson.

PamElla is the spiritual name of Nancy Kelly.

In August 1994, Pam Sanderson was in Maryland, not Pocatello.

Rob wrote:Tuesday, April 10, 2012 9:41 PM

Thanks Gerdean! At present I have two separate categories for these names, but further clarification is needed. I have made a notation of PamElla being the spiritual name for Nancy Kelly with some of the SE Idaho lessons attributed to her. Many others are anonymous.

Now that we know Pam (Sanderson) is the TR for the Seabrook TeaM, I will be working to sort out this confusion. but it will take some time. Perhaps one of the first things is to credit all Iruka lessons to Pam some of which are currently attributed to PamElla.

My question is I thought you said she had moved from Maryland to SE Idaho? It appears I misunderstood. Did Pam Sanderson ever TR in the SE Idaho group that you know of? Do you think all Iruka lessons could be attributed to Pam?--rdavis 04:16, 11 April 2012 (UTC)

(1) As I said, Pam Sanderson was with the SE Idaho group before she moved back east and before I became part of the SE Idaho TeaM. She was back there for many years -- I believe it was related to her husband's employment. But eventually she came back to Pocatello. I have seen her transcripts emanating from SE Idaho upon her return. Iruka is almost certainly entirely Pam Sanderson's.

I have an original 3-ring binder here, two inches thick, labeled: "Iruka. Pam Sanderson. Maryland." It covers "12/17/92 with the Kaplan group" (don't know that one) and goes through 2/20/94.

(2) PamElla eventually became a strong T/R for the SE Idaho group, significantly, serving as T/R for Teacher Daniel and Minearsia, especially after Debbie Roberts ("Rutha") died and then later when her dad (Bill Kelly aka "Isaac") died. PamElla is one of the unsung heroes of the Mission. She was at the conference Jim, Allene and I referenced ... all with differing designations. It was outside of Spokane in the little town of Cheney, home of East Washington University ... that same gathering where Michael Palmer got us all excited talking about the Melchizedek University. That same gathering where many of us got to meet the first T/R for the Arcadia group, Douglas, a black man who was a whiz with numbers. That same gathering where Eric the Wook sang "the hug song" that got us on our feet.