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The textual record of oral instruction occurring as open ended dialogue in a classroom known as The Teaching Mission.

Content of The Teaching Mission: Dialogues is HERE.


A Description of The Teaching Mission

The curriculum is first, one of deep psychological probing. It is not designed to make you instantly feel good, that you might forget your problems for a while, you have your churches, you have your entertainment for all that. These sessions are meant to cause some psychological upheavals in the beginning, to make each one face squarely the realities of life and the realities of one’s inner psychological make-up.

You cannot paint over rotting wood, and expect it to be strong. You must replace the boards, one by one. You must build solidly your psychological foundations before there should be other types of action among Teaching Mission students.

This curriculum is designed to help you understand each other, and by extension, to understand all others. These groups touch many sensitive spots and many group interactions are painful and difficult and through this, you begin to broaden your minds. To just take the first steps in understanding others who are different from you, who think differently, who see the world very differently. And it is helpful for you each to know how different people can be.

You begin to see the various psychological subterfuges that each person employs to feel comfortable in group settings. It is all for your education, for your spiritual grounding that these lessons are difficult and are not always designed to simply make you feel good temporarily before you go back to your lives. These lessons are part of your lives, part of your growth experience in the world. Not separate.

This, then, necessarily, takes time. And you cannot begin to really gain spiritual balance, we estimate, in less than fifteen to twenty years. These classes will change you. They will change the way you look at the world, and the way you understand yourselves and others, and the universe itself. We try to do this in a balanced manner. To give you tools to use in your lives that will help your balance and your psychological foundation.

We do not speak of space ships landing to change the world and solve your human problems. We do not speak of new messiahs or even the Second Coming, which will intervene and solve your human problems. We are slowly and gradually beginning to equip a few mortals to help other mortals. Even as we speak, you are each being placed, given contacts, given assignments, so to speak, to broaden your awareness and also to broaden your education for what is necessary.

These groups are small and each person who is a loyal member, who absorbs these lessons, is watched by many angels. You are certainly being placed when you are ready to do the most good for the most people. Preparation then, is everything.

This is not a mass movement. We do not seek to gain many followers and become a religion. We simply want to help each person who comes to understand that they are absolutely essential for the success of the Mission as a whole. Each one of you here is in contact with many more, and you have more influence than you realize. As you speak, as you carry yourselves, as you bring truth to the world vastly in need of it. The Master said we will be none too ready when the Father calls. And so it is.

These schools are not meant to become massive influences in themselves. They are meant to transform the students. And it will be the students who become influential.

It is important that what little money accumulated by the groups is used for the groups and is used up. We do not want to see accumulation of money, or property. These groups are influential only so far as you remain free from political entanglements. We focus on the individual, not on a group, or a movement, or some kind of new "ism". Leave organized religion to those who would organize. Maintain freedom from these kinds of ensnarement.

We are setting up these small schools, these small lesson places all around this planet. We have many in Mexico, Latin America, and several in Europe, and beginning to have some even in Asia. All these schools are coordinated. All these schools have a set curriculum. It may seem quite random, at times, but I assure you, it is not.

Each lesson is important. And each week it is important for you to think upon the lesson and to widen your horizons by that tiny bit more. Each student is supremely important. We cherish each one of you who comes to these schools. You are each one surrounded by angelic influence. You are each moved in your lives. You are blocked from wrong paths and given right ones. Your preparation is all of your life. It is not simply being a minister who preaches. No. You are immersed in life; immersed in work; immersed in your world. And through these patient lessons, week upon week upon week, you are gradually being transformed. It is that spiritual growth and transformation, which will itself, allow the angels to place you where you need to be. Do not for a moment think that you are left dangling, or left without help, or without guidance, for this is not so. Each of you is given tasks, given opportunities; given problems to solve that is part of this training. These schools do not exist in a vacuum. You are never taken out of your lives. You are never asked to leave your families or your communities or your work. You are not asked for money, for volunteership, for property. You are not asked for anything except humble adherence to the teachings. That is all that is required.

(Original document from which the above is derived can be examined here.)


What is the Teaching Mission?

Each of us is likely to have a different description and emphasis as to the nature of this world-wide Teaching Mission. In general, it is an avenue of personal religious experience. Individuals, in their private devotions, may experience contact with supermortal guides, or "teachers." We believe that there are a host of intelligent, loving, celestial agencies ministering to our world. One such group of celestial beings who work together for humanity's spiritual progress call themselves teachers of the "Teaching Mission" or the "Correcting Time." The Correcting Time is said to encompass roughly the next millennium of human history, a time of correcting the consequences of certain calamities and deprivations of the past, and a time of fostering an era of heightened spiritual progress in the future--the era of "light and life" on Earth.

Who are the teachers?

Many contemporary people are discovering contact with spiritual guides. The tremendous upsurge in reported contact with angels and other heavenly beings is indicative of new openings for communion with angelic types of ministry to our world. The particular contacts from on High whom we call "teachers" are non-material spiritual beings, friends from heaven. They are advanced enough in their own spiritual growth and cosmic evolution to be a lofty inspiration to us; and yet, they remain greatly empathetic and supportive of our personal struggles with soul growth. These teachers present and amplify the revelations and truths discussed in The Urantia Book. This book teaches that each and every human mortal is a potentially immortal faith-son or faith-daughter of God. We are each an honored member of a well-nigh limitless cosmic family. We are spiritual brothers and sisters held in the infinite love of one Divine Cosmic Parent, Mother and Father combined.

Who are we?

We who participate on the human side of the Teaching Mission are ordinary human beings who simply aspire to bring more of truth, beauty, and goodness into our world. We hail from diverse walks of life and various locations in and out of the continental USA. We vary widely in our backgrounds and cultural, political, and philosophical views; but, we are united in our spiritual quest for more of God's love and more opportunities to share this love and friendship with our fellows. Many of us attend informal groups where teacher communications are shared and discussed.

Who is able to make contact with celestial teachers?

Anyone. Any adult or child who sincerely desires teacher contact will have that opportunity, regardless of race or gender, educational background, social or economic status, national origin, or religious beliefs. We are told that if every one of the over five billion inhabitants of our planet sought a personal teacher, one would certainly be provided for each seeker.

How do I receive the gift of a personal teacher?

This is a very intimate matter between you and your Deity. In your personal prayer time or meditation, simply ask your heavenly Father-Mother for a personal teacher, and trust that even though you may not readily sense a teacher's presence, one will surely be there for you. Many of us suffer, consciously or unconsciously, from a sense of perceived shame and unworthiness. In truth, there is no mortal on Earth who is unworthy of divine affection. Our teachers view us with great respect and see it as an honor to work with us. Some of us have to swallow hard to accept the enormity of this gift and not fear this loving contact. Time and daily "stillness practice," a term used by the teachers to refer to quiet meditation, provide the reconciliation between how we tend to value ourselves, and how the teachers value us, and hope we will eventually value ourselves also.

What do teachers do for humans?

Teachers provide spiritual guidance to individuals or groups who voluntarily seek their assistance. Most of us would agree that the paramount purpose of the teachers is to aid us in getting in touch with the Spark of Deity within each person, the "still small voice of God"[1] that indwells the human heart-mind. Teachers are also heavenly friends who love us dearly and often accompany us on our life adventures. They encourage us and inspire us. They remind us of spiritual truths we cherish; they help keep us spiritually focused. Teachers offer faith reassurances of the unswerving love of our divine Parent for each individual, regardless of his or her worldly status. Teachers elevate and accelerate our hopes for a better world and augment God-consciousness among all peoples.

What teachers do not do

While it would be presumptuous to delimit teacher action, most of us who have been receiving this contact for some years have drawn the following conclusions:

1. Teachers do not violate human free-will. They never violate the sanctity of our minds, our souls, our earthly opportunities, or our life choices. Their action in relation to any human is always subject to that human's informed consent.

2. While teachers are lovingly open to all of our questions, they do not encourage "curiosity questions," that is, questions that do not relate directly to our personal and individual spiritual growth. They rarely, if ever, engage in material predictions.

3. Teachers are not in the business of miracle-working, empirical proofs, power-brokering, sparking fads, encouraging extraordinary sensory experiences, dictating how we should live, shaming us, or otherwise acting or communicating in a manner that would in any way deprive any human being of the step-by-step faith adventure each of us must freely choose to climb the mountains of spiritual attainment.

4. Teachers are not intermediaries to God. We do not pray to our teachers nor do we worship them. They are not our rulers or overlords. They do not judge us. They help us to avoid many distractions from our goals of wisely loving and selflessly serving. They keep us on track to pursue stillness and small kindnesses each day. They are our friends, our near-of-kin. We love and respect them enormously.

5. Teachers do not charge fees for their spiritual services. Love and inspiration are freely given. Most of us feel that this is a good model for humans involved in this Mission as well.

How do I know I am having teacher contact and understand messages correctly?

We are told that teacher contact is best accomplished by way of regular, daily, stillness meditation--quieting the mind for up to twenty minutes of silent communion once or twice each day.

There is an experience of "otherness," subtle for some, more pronounced for others, that distinguishes teacher communication from one's own thoughts and projections. Some teachers suggest that we ask these questions about a supposed teacher communication or transmission to assess its veracity and sharpen our powers of discernment:

a) Does the communication come with respect for my free-will dignity?
b) Is it compatible with the teachings of The Urantia Book?
c) Will heeding a message result in my bearing "spiritual fruit"?
d) Does the transmission come with God's love?
e) Does it have the ring of truth?

How do teachers communicate with humans?

For a consenting human, a teacher makes mind-to-mind contact in a gentle and utterly respectful manner. The teachers' respect for our free-will dignity is awe-inspiring. Since we do not really know the mechanism of communication, we can hypothesize a kind of celestial internet of minds. Imagine our World Wide Web carried to the utmost limits of virtual advancement and refinement on a universal and cosmic scale. Teachers seem to be able to project their presences and communications from nearby or over astronomic distances without delay or glitches. They know when we do and do not desire contact.

What is transmitting/receiving?

Certain constitutionally-favored individuals may, by luck of the draw, have a natural capacity to discern and communicate teacher messages. Typically, a human transmitter (T/R) speaks the teacher's message more or less concurrently with its reception in the transmitter's mind. There are many ways a transmitter might receive a message--as words, concepts, images, feelings, or something quite beyond words. Receiving and transmitting seems also to be a learnable skill. We are all encouraged to practice transmitting, not worrying about errors, and having faith in our seemingly muddy efforts. Growing spiritual awareness and regular stillness meditation counterpoised by service-motivated small kindnesses are the hallmarks of the human side of the teacher connection.

Are teacher transmissions infallible?

Definitely not. Teachers are fallible, but less so than humans. Although teachers are no doubt able to communicate more directly or unequivocally, they prefer to employ the ever-so-flawed human conduit, a partnership in communication and faith. This leaves the understanding, interpretation, and veracity of any transmission entirely up to the faith discernment of each human involved. It is the responsibility of each person to decide if a communication resonates with the spirit of truth in one's own heart. Teachers may even allow themselves to be misquoted by a fallible T/R rather than interfere with the vital faith-grasp each of us must acquire in our struggles to be confident in our apprehension of truth.

Are teachers involved in healing?

We believe so. The teachers ask us to view "healing" as it applies to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. They tell us that God's spiritual healing energy is available to anyone sincerely searching and receptive. To limit the modalities (e.g., touch, music, nature, substances, visualizations, etc.) of this healing would be presumptuous. Again, it is up to the individual's discernment on a very personal level. Teachers convey that, as with transmitting, the innate capacity to be a conduit, for say, laying-on-of-hands healing, varies from person to person. As with prayer, sincerity and clear intent help. However, being healed or not should not be interpreted as teacher approval or disapproval; they love us all, regardless of our limitations. Healing in association with teachers is rarely of the sudden or miraculous kind. The process is often slow, subtle, and empowers faith and patience. Nevertheless, there is discussion and experimentation with many aspects of healing in the Teaching Mission. "Seek and you surely shall receive[2][3]; joy is your abiding destiny."

What of caution and skepticism?

We generally regard respectful skepticism as a healthy approach to becoming familiar with the Teaching Mission. We aspire to unity, not uniformity. We do not all think alike. Each of us may hold a different, even opposite, opinion regarding this Mission in the whole or in any particular. Experiential religion means that truth is individually and personally discovered via a process of inner-seeking. Many of us have surmounted hills of doubt and continue to climb out of valleys of uncertainty and skepticism. We respect the individual's right to his or her own boundaries of belief and acceptance. Certainly our teachers do likewise. The issue is not whether or not you are doubtful or cautious; rather, do you persevere in your search, do you continue to seek with an open mind and heart? If there is truth here, sooner or later you will know. As one of our great teachers has said, "In the stillness reside the answers to all questions."

Personal Experience

Dear Reader,

I was asked to write a letter to the reader of these transcripts on anything I believe helpful. OK, here goes...

First, a little background. I have been a Urantia book reader since 1983. I was brought up a Southern Baptist, and my education was in Physics and Mathematics. I have worked all my adult life in research and development, in both university and private enterprise environments. From my early teens till my mid 30s I would characterize myself an atheist. My deity was rational thought, science, and the human mind. Certain experiences in my late 30's and early 40's convinced me that there was more to reality than the physical world. I began to seek, I knew not what.

One day my wife brought a thick blue book home from work. A coworker had loaned the book to her saying " Here is a book I think F. should read." I read the book for a couple of weeks, skipping here and there, sampling its flavor. My initial reaction was one of skepticism and disbelief. I rejected the book for its unconventional science (an ultimaton???), and its unfamiliar nomenclature. After returning the book to its owner, I mentioned it to my business partner, and gave it no more thought.

On my next birthday, my 47th, I received a copy of the book as a gift from my partner and his wife, who both are interested in spiritual matters. With the book now readily at hand, I undertook to read it, mostly out of curiosity. As I read, I began to perceive the spiritual fragrance of Truth. I began to understand that the book contained a conceptual framework of reality which united the material world and science, with a spiritual world and religion. Even more, I realized that I was a beloved son of a loving Universal Father. I began to see the way home.

In 1985 an invitation arrived to meet with a group of readers to form a Urantia book study group. Here I met A. and J. who can be found in these transcripts. A., in particular, encouraged me in a wide-ranging study of spiritual teachings, including channeled material from A. J. Davis, S. Moses, B. Bond, E. Cayce to mention a few. Here and there in these readings I seemed to detect a familiar fragrance...

In 1992 I began hearing about a "Teaching Mission," where individuals in Urantia Book study groups had begun to channel various "Teachers." A member of our study group, S., became very interested in this phenomenon, and began collecting transcripts from these groups and talking with their transmitter/receivers (TRs). She loaned me these transcripts to read, and my initial impressions were ambivalent. Surely these works contained no epochal revelations, no grand concepts, no supernal wisdom. I questioned whether these works were merely figments of the human imagination.

One day, on a business trip, I took along another transcript, and at night proceeded to read it. During my study of this text I perceived a familiar fragrance. Then the realization came to me that these works were not intended as another epochal revelation; we already had that. These works were for individual, not public, instruction. Yes, they may contain lessons of benefit to many people, but the intention here is to tailor and adapt the instruction to the individual, . provide the services of a loving mentor, rather than a professor, . provide basic spiritual education where needed, rather than graduate school education. This particular transcript gave a simple 3-step approach which will lead to spiritual progress.

The fragrance I experienced was that spiritual fragrance of love, rather than hate, . ..reassurance, rather than fear, . ..acceptance, rather than judgment, . ..patience, rather than intolerance, and encouragement, rather than criticism. This is the familiar fragrance of the works of our loving Creator, Michael, and our infinite source of love, our Universal Father. My dear reader, I ask you to look for this fragrance and seek it out in all that you read, and be assured that following its trail, you will not be led astray.

To me, these transcripts are not something you have to absolutely believe or disbelieve, but something from which the sieve of the Spirit of Truth will sift that which is useful and beneficial to you.

In brotherly love,