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Thought and thinking are mental forms and processes, respectively ("thought" is both.) Thinking allows beings to mode the world and to deal with it effectively according to their [objectives, plans, ends and desires. Words referring to similar concepts and processes include cognition, sentience, consciousness, idea, and imagination.

Thinking involves the mental manipulation of information, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and make decisions.

Thinking is a higher cognitive function and the analysis of thinking processes is part of cognitive psychology.

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In all concepts of selfhood, it should be recognized that the fact of life comes first, its evaluation or interpretation later. The human child first lives and subsequently thinks about his living. In the cosmic economy insight precedes foresight.[1]


  1. Just because we don’t know about it, does not mean it’s not there. Many geniuses (physics and mathematicians) have expressed their understanding and admiration of some bigger reality unperceived by our human minds.
  2. An overview of the seven laws or principles of the Universe that shine through many sciences and can unlock many mysteries if applied correctly.
  3. All our life we’ve been taught to think things through more thoroughly, be more analytical, reasonable, and logical. In other words use our brains more. I suggest that people allow themselves be more irrational, and here is why…

“Everything is determined by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust - we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” Albert Einstein

Mechanisms of the Universe

There are certain mechanisms by which we and everything around us was created and operates. Whether we know them or not, they apply to us just with the same certainty and exactness. A child may not know that he will get burned and have a blister after touching something hot; he, nevertheless, will.

The physical law applies to you whether you are aware of it or not. You cannot blame God or anyone for your lack of knowledge. While some physical laws are obvious and undeniable, (we can easily see and feel them) there are other things not so palpable or visible to the physical eye, such as magnetic fields and energies, lunar tides, and radio waves. Some of them have affected us long before physical science discovered the concept of them or was able to measure them; we are now aware of these occurrences, they are considered acceptable and comprehensible to a human mind; awareness gives us power or at least the understanding of how to deal with them. But if you told someone a few centuries ago that his heart related problem was associated with the magnetic waves, you would sure as hell be accused of heretics. But that was the short minded outlook at things based on the knowledge of those times.

What science is aware of today cannot be compared to what it was aware of as few as ten or even five years ago. What it will learn of in five years is also for us to guess. It is already scratching the surface of linking human perception of the world and his emotions to DNA structure and occurrence of certain physical diseases. Keeping that in mind, would it be safe to assume that there are things out there that have not been discovered or measured by science, but exist and apply to us nonetheless. Would knowing them help you in taking some precautions or at least have a luxury of conscious choice?

Say, you perform a scientific lab experiment, mixing certain chemical substances together. Chemical reactions are in no way affected by who is creating them; you are bound to receive the corresponding result. Certain elements combined with each other under specified conditions give consequent results. The only choice you have is to know or not to know about the chemical elements you are using and the chemical reaction that they produce. The chemical reaction will happen, whether you agree with it or not. You can learn through your broken nose or choose to learn about what you are doing in advance. You cannot blame anything but your ignorance for getting an undesirable result or getting hurt in the process. You simply chose not to learn about the science before practicing it and the discoveries made previously by the scientists in that area, disregarding its laws and not taking preparatory and precautionary steps. Same is in life: we live it, not having a clue about how it works. We practice it without knowing [learning of] the impact of our actions, which may not show as soon as the chemical reaction. We live this life without knowing about the science of life; it, nonetheless, does not change the way it works and applies to us. Moreover, we don’t even know that we have a choice. We look for the ways to make sense out of things, but never seem to be able to quench that thirst, for nothing seems to consistently give sensible answers to our questions. Life is like a chemical reaction; there are certain elements which, when compounded, are bound to give certain results. If you make a certain step in a certain direction with a certain viewpoint and attitude, it will give an outcome affected by all those factors. It may not be the outcome that you desire, and you may get hurt in the process, but just like in the case with chemical experiment, it is not God, general injustice, or bad people around you that are accountable. The one and only cause is your ignorance.

Seven Principles of the Universe

Formulated several thousands of years ago by Egyptian wise man Hermes Trismegist who achieved the highest degree of illumination, the seven laws of the Universe, are now confirmed by the modern science.

1. The first law is the principle of mentality. From Hermes’ point of view, Universe is something intellectual. Absolute is reality that decisively includes everything that was, is, and will be. This reality is eternal, infinite, and unchangeable. In other words, there is a certain truth or reality that it’s complete, finished, and perfect. It manifests as intellectual, energetical, and material forms. The Universal Intelligence has energy that is usually called the Holy Spirit. Material substance is looked upon as manifestation of Universal Intelligence. Laws of fundamental physics theoretically confirm the presence of Absolute Nothingness that gives birth to everything. The Universal Intelligence has energy; physical science says that there is absolute nothing, or a pregnant void, from which all is born.

2. The second principle is a principle of analogy or the correspondence of microcosm and macrocosm. It says that whatever is above is below; whatever is below is above. It shows the complete interconnection between microcosm and macrocosm.

3. Nothing in Nature is still; everything vibrates and illuminates. Seven layers of a person are the seven levels of vibrations, and each level interacts with the corresponding level of the Universe.

4. Principle of polarity; polarity is manifested in every field of life and nature: man and woman, light and dark, heat and cold. A man has a feminine beginning; a woman has masculine beginning; the modern science has confirmed that a woman has male sex hormones; and men have female sex hormones.

5. Fifth principle is a principle of rhythm; everything conforms to rhythmical influences: your mood, emotions, periods of intensity of mental work and rest. In science there is a direction: biorhythmology.

6. Principle of causality; called cause and effect. Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause. This principle of causality can be used in finding the in depth causes of diseases that are usually located in subtle bodies. Any sickness has its profound cause.

7. Principle of duality. In your organism it manifests in the existence of the two energies: yang the male and yin the female. The energies of yang and yin are present in your food; the whole theory of eastern macrobiotics–the science of nutrition--is based on that energy.

Dual thinking or why we should be more irrational

Our thinking is dual. It consists of linear and non linear minds. There is a rational linear mind/thinking and irrational non-linear one. The linear rational mind in its actions uses methods and rules; in other words, it uses the old and tried standard patterns of behavior. When we make decisions using our rational thinking, we first go through the limited scope of options, comparing them. And then out of that selection, we choose what we think of as the best option. The rational thinking does not have access to future; and so, it makes its choices based on careful calculations and what it logically knows as of this moment. How does linear rational mind work? It needs to somehow settle in its environment; so it makes up certain concepts and assigns names and definitions to things. After that the rational mind effectively utilizes the above at its convenience. In that sense the rational mind lives in the world of illusions of nonexistent things. Linear mind also divides and organizes everything neatly into one line; that is why the time flow of the linear mind is chronological.

Irrational mind has no methods, rules, patterns or standards. It does not need to go over all the options, comparing one with another. It is because when a person is using his irrational mind, a person and a goal become one. In other words, your actions and result unite into one whole. You can observe it all in a so called successful chain of actions, leading to immediate desirable result. When you are in a state of irrational mind, you only see your goal; you don’t see the actions. They are potentially there and are activated regardless of your logical thinking when the time comes. You are one with the goal; moving toward it is like dancing; you don’t think about every step; it just flows when the music is turned on.

Rational or linear mind is flat thinking based on yes and no answer; it works within the limited scope of better or worse, closer and further, warmer of colder understanding. When you drive around the street, trying to reach a certain destination, the rational linear mind governs your actions. At that moment you are not able to see the destination; it only exists in your mind. Irrational non-linear mind is when you clearly see your goal; but your actions at that moment are deactivated, only existing in the potential of your mind; the mind itself is preoccupied completely with the goal.

When you make a decision to reach the destination, you release the linear rational mind. And the irrational mind at that moment steps off. That is when the actions start to fill your mind and the goal starts extinguishing (steps into second background). For example, animals only have non-linear thinking; their linear rational thinking cannot be an obstacle in their life. And that is why they can find their way in space with ease. We can see it on examples of cats and dogs that easily find their way home and birds that come to their old nests. They don’t think about every step they need to make to get somewhere. Animals don’t have rational mind to deafen their instincts; that is why they are in perfect tune with their nature.

How does our regular rational mind work? The mind that we use to function in our everyday lives is used in the linear manner. It is very important for our rational mind to build the logically explainable chains. In this chain our rational mind has to easily see what goes after what. The cause and effect strictly follow one after another. How does your inner voice work? It works in non linear manner. In non linear mind we cannot see logical understandable to us connection between cause and effect. Have you noticed that immediately after your inner voice tells you to do something, the questions asked by your logical rational mind follows: Why? Why do I have to do that? So, this questioning gives us a sense of illogicality or absurdity of the advice given by inner voice. It is absolutely correct that the advices of the inner voice are ALWAYS ILLOGICAL because they are located beyond the linear thinking, outside the logic of linear thinking. All the people are governed by their rational minds. That is why we start doubting; we are accustomed [used] to using our rational mind. That is why it is so hard for us to accept the advice given by our inner voice. Rational mind mentality is always accompanied by the questions starting with “WHY? And how do you know it’s better that way?

We often fail to understand that we as humans have our own logic based on the restricted scope of knowledge; this is what we call human logic. And the Universe, God or Nature also has its own logic; that logic is based on the laws of creation and is all inclusive, i.e. has no limits. We are very far from embracing the whole Universe and all the knowledge that there is. But being a part of it, we still have privilege of having admittance to that knowledge; we can tap into it. And since this knowledge is not within our logical rational thinking, we cannot grasp it with our conscious linear logical mind. Hence this information can only come to us via our intuition, our non linear irrational thinking.[2]