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Medieval Latin ultimatus last, final, from Late Latin, past participle of ultimare to come to an end, be last, from Latin ultimus farthest, last, final, superl. of Latin *ulter situated beyond

  • Date: 1640


  • 1 a : most remote in space or time : farthest
b : last in a progression or series : final <their ultimate destination was Paris> :c : eventual 2 <they hoped for ultimate success>
d : the best or most extreme of its kind : utmost <the ultimate sacrifice>
  • 2 : arrived at as the last result <the ultimate question>
  • 3 a : basic, fundamental <the ultimate nature of things — A. N. Whitehead
b : original 1 <the ultimate source>
c : incapable of further analysis, division, or separation


  • last, final

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