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Middle English, from Latin interceptus, past participle of intercipere, from inter- + capere to take, seize


  • 1obsolete : prevent, hinder
  • 2a : to stop, seize, or interrupt in progress or course or before arrival
b : to receive (a communication or signal directed elsewhere) usually secretly
  • 3obsolete : to interrupt communication or connection with
  • 4: to include (part of a curve, surface, or solid) between two points, curves, or surfaces <the part of a circumference intercepted between two radii>
  • 5a : to gain possession of (an opponent's pass)
b : to intercept a pass thrown by (an opponent)


An interception, intercept or pick is a move in many forms of football, including Canadian and American football, as well as rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules football and Gaelic football, which involves a pass, either by foot or hand, being caught by an opposition player, who usually gains possession for his team.[1]