1993-11-03-Breaking the Circle

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Topic: Breaking the Circle

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Alista

TR: Unknown



The Teachers and other personalities find it most enjoyable to draw near to you, to contribute [to] your efforts, to share these moments that you have set aside from your busy schedule, efforts to put aside the material and accentuate the spiritual.

We are pleased to note the progress that we have reserved in your efforts to follow the lessons given by Mantutia last week. Although some of you found this week real busy than those in times past, we noted your efforts to spend your days as if the Master was at your side.

We noted your attempts to be more service oriented and detected much progress in certain members of your group and our suggestion that you halt the thinking process and the reacting to your brothers and sisters allowing a moment for your Thought Adjusters to intercept your responses and mold them more closely to the will of the Father.

I hope you will all recall our suggestion that often mortals react instinctively to outside stimulus and that when reacting on the part or with your brothers and sisters that it is advantageous to break the circle of instinctive reaction and pause for a brief moment allowing the Thought Adjusters to suggest the response, more in tune with the Father's will.

It is this breaking of the instinctive cycle of response that will do much over time to reorient your ways more in alignment with the Father. One must be patient, it will take time even with a fully consecrated, oriented morontial mind to break the patterns formulated for many years of your mortal lives.

[We] would also ask that you continue especially, press forward with your plans in reaching out for thirsty souls seeking out truth. Do not become disappointed that your efforts in contacting those conducive to messages within the Urantia book are not poured forth such as water from a pump.

Your messages in local periodicals are quite suitable as a means of communicating to those searching for more spiritual satisfaction although it is true it will be a difficulty in overcoming a resonance on the part of souls who have been trapped by others who are in similar means, whose reason has been to enslave others instead of to free them.